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201.There is nothing wrong with the world; the faults all lie within us.

202.Only God can distinguish between right and wrong; our merits and demerits are judged by Tao.

203. If you are sincere and genuine, then you will get what you want; if you have an unpeaceful frame of mind, then you will get what you do not want.

204.Let nature take its course, do not hold inordinate ambitions; everything has merits and demerits, do not pursue perfection; when surrounded by a thousand rivers, drink only enough to quench your thirst.

205. Difficulties are overcome by easy things; great things are accomplished by the details.

206.Examine yourself in silence, but never accuse others’ of having faults during chats; it is good to be benevolent but much more important to not be evil.

207. Tiny differences in the beginning lead to great differences in the end.

208. Man will not conquer nature, but will respond to it; man will not resist nature, but will follow it.

209. Everything in nature is inherent; a blade of grass is happy as it is and does not strive to be a peony.

210.To follow the old routine and stick to tradition is useless and painful; it is better to open one’s mind and embrace new methods.

211. A whisper in the mortal world is as loud as a rumble of thunder in heaven; evil done secretly is as recognizable to God as a flash of lightning in his eyes.

212.Teaching to fish is better than giving fish; offering work is better than giving things.

213. Indulge your wildest fantasies! Only unconventional thinking will lead to the bright way and bring peace to the world and happiness to people.

214. Who is freer and happier, a king or a beggar?
The one who knows and understands themself better will be both.

215. The value of persons’ existence is proportional to the number of people they can serve, the more people they can serve, the greater their value will be.

216.If you have a good nature, then you are good even if you seem evil; if you have an evil nature, then you are evil even if you seem good.

217.The acme of good writing is nothing special: it is only being just right; the acme of good character is nothing unusual: it is only being one’s natural self.

218.Follow the creator instead of rules; future generations must follow the rules that were laid down by prophets and not new leaders.

219. Do not try to change or transform others, that is to disparage yourself and burn your fingers; change yourself if you can not tolerate them.

220. Those who love most, spend most; those who hoard much, lose much.

221. Without noble thoughts, we are animals.

222.If your surroundings depress you, then escape; escaping is the best solution to unpleasant surroundings.

223. Ask yourself whether you want to survive or to live; life is worthless if it is only for survival.

224. Beware of the devil sneaking into your mind.

225. Even an excellent person who is inharmonious with the whole will be eliminated; excellent people should always remain vigilant.

226. Do not expect too much from people; they change.

227. “Trust yourself” is the opinion of ignorant fools.

228. Sneaky hearsay is not good news; messages concerned with spirits, deities, fortunes, and disasters are bad ones.

229. Beware! Weeds grow wildly on free land. Remember, never overstep.

230. Habits, knowledge, and history are the three main hindrances to creation.

231. Rigid thinking is the biggest obstacle to civilization’s progress.

232. Be alert to reality trying to destroy you.

233. In joy, a person can achieve the best state of mind and the most beautiful soul.

234. If you inspire the qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty in your inner world, then a warm and harmonious world will be created.

235. The vastest ocean can accept the most rivers; the most open minds will generate the greatest thoughts.

236. Find and think more about others’ strengths and advantages than about their weaknesses and shortcomings; think more about your own weaknesses and shortcomings while not flaunting your strengths and advantages.

237. Reality is the projection of one’s own consciousness; transform yourself rather than complaining about perceived reality.

238. One’s consciousness will determine their life; one’s life will determine their existence.

239. All human contradictions and conflicts arise from energy contentions; even quarrels between married couples are essentially energy contentions.

240. The more love you release, the more energy you will have; the less you release, the less you will have.

241. Those who grow the fastest have the shortest lifespans; therefore, do not pursue speed in anything and do not take shortcuts.

242.  A person’s quality lies in their details; not only in their words, but also in how they implement their deeds.

243. First impressions are the most real; future meetings rarely uncover more.

244. What is real is unreal; what is unreal is actually real.

245. The more administrators a collective has, the more complicated things will become and the more oppressed and exploited the frontline workers will be.

246. The more you possess, the more trouble you will have; something superfluous might cost your life.

247. Some books, some people, and some environments can transform corrupt lives into magical, wonderful ones; some thinking, some consciousness, and some words can enhance the realms of people and make sages quickly acquire the qualities of celestial beings; an event or a meeting can change one’s trajectory of life completely.

248. All cognition and experience acquired without personal consideration and comprehension is knowledge; wisdom is the ability to interpret that knowledge to solve problems.

249. Everything has its limit, and when that limit is exceeded, it will be transformed into something else; therefore, know the limits.

250. With psychic energy, mountains will flourish with trees, water will brim with fish and turtles, the sky will produce good weather, the earth will abound with a wide variety of LIFE forms, and people will show endless charm.

251. Without a good program (system) as the guarantor, good will and dedication will vanish like soap bubbles. This is why having the right life mode is of great importance; moral preaching alone does not work.

252. Avoid those who idle about and have nothing to do; they will weave colorful tales, but come up with no constructive ideas.

253. Beauty dwells in symmetry and proportion; it also dwells in simple and unsophisticated minds.

254. Every knack is deeper than the sea, so admire craftsmanship.

255. The more that people look up to you, the more important it is to keep yourself humble and sober-minded; the higher the position you have, the more important it is to remain modest and cautious. Otherwise, you encourage disaster.

256.Only as the lowest people have dignity, and a nation has dignity.

257. Those who help others, help themselves; those who harm others, harm themselves; those who cheat others, cheat themselves. This principle is only understood by people with great wisdom; if you cannot understand this principle, then you are an ignorant person with a blind soul.

258. The energy level of food is related to the consciousness of the eater; gratitude will maximize it.

259. To be truly noble, you must be humble; the bright road sometimes looks dark and the road leading forward sometimes curves backward.

260. The more you concentrate on something, the more you will understand it and find something invisible to others.

261.For the same goal, the way to achieve the goal is different, the result will be different.

262. The more you contribute, the more you will be paid; your contributions will always be rewarded justly.

263. Never do anything that is not worth doing.

264. Attach more importance to values than to fellowship; in this way, relationships will not cheat you.

265. Meet when a predestined relationship begins and separate when it ends; do not mourn or regret the beginnings and endings of predestined relationships.

266. Say “yes” when the answer is “yes”, and “no” when the answer is “no”; do not say “yes” when it is “no”, or “no” when it is “yes”.

267. Frank and honest relationships expend the least effort to maintain.

268. Ordinary people live ordinary lives; the ordinary life is plain; everything begins with the ordinary; plain is true.

269. To damage, snatch, steal, occupy, or defraud anyone’s property in any way and for any reason is a crime, plain and simple.

270. Labor and creation are the sources of happiness; true happiness comes from unselfish labor and creation.

271. Everything follows the path of least resistance.

272. A clean person will not be spurned. The cleaner a place is, the less garbage will be added; the dirtier a place is, the more garbage will be added.

273. If you are stubborn in your prejudices and hang on to your miserable existence, then you are like a rotten piece of wood that is incapable of being carved into a great statue; the greatest obstacle to overcome is clinging to one’s own opinions relentlessly. Afflictions and dread come from unbending consciousnesses.

274. Lack of enthusiasm and passion, one will never taste the delicious world.

275. Those who maintain excellence in everything they do will eventually be rewarded generously; those who slack off will never free themselves.

276. Good players innovate more enjoyable games with their consciousnesses, and play them, while those who are not good at playing will be played by illusion.

277. Those who do not play are only machines for eating, tools for working and moving objects, and walking corpses.

278. Everything is an illusion; only sensations are real.

279. Collectives are the best monasteries in which to dwell and self-cultivate.

280.Sincerity needs to exchange for sincerity; never swap sincerity for dung and dirt.

281 If we never look back, we will never “hear” the secular noise.

282. Flirtation is beneficial to physical and mental health, to harmony, and to the sublimation of LIFE quality.

283. Never degrade from the noble way in order to satisfy temporary desires.

284. Excessive punishment is injurious to the harmony and stability of society.

285. Open your heart, and joy will flow in.

286. Unless a LIFE serves the Greatest Creator, nature, and other LIVES, it has no value.

287. A gossiper must lead the role of gossiping; one who follows it is an absolute troublemaker.

288. It is your own fault when you are misunderstood.

289. Those who pry into or compromise other people’s privacy are not good people.

290. Cut down the futility, superfluous words, and useless acts, but inlay the jewels to the crown.

291. Wallowing in the past is tantamount to chronic suicide.

292. The crisis of being eliminated always lurks in passivity.

293. The mortal world is deep and endless, just as layers of cobwebs; only those who are able to jump off of it do not end up as spider goblins.

294. A pitiful man must have something to be hated.

295. It is a man’s shame to be pitied and sympathised by others.

296. Never stop advancing forward until your goal is reached.

297. One must play this game of life with great panache! Life is but a dream and all space-directions are void; to feel and experience life fully will leave one with no regrets.

298. Decadent consciousnesses weaken one’s power and are searches for death.

299. The longest distance between two points is a straight line, the shortest distance is a curved arc; therefore, never fear mistakes and setbacks.

300. Examine yourself often: “Have I gone the wrong way?”

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