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Where Is Heaven?


March 25, 2007


Heaven, or the Kingdom of Heaven, is the general term for the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent.


Heaven is where those LIVES’ nonmaterial structures are more perfect than human ones. The greatest characteristic of heaven is the amount of freedom of LIFE: freedom from the issues of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, disease, war, and sudden disaster.


The Thousand-year World is a celestial body nine hundred and sixty(960) light years away from the Earth. Ten times the size of the Earth, it is currently inhabited by approximately two hundred million people. As the basic lifespans of Celestial beings on this planet are about a thousand earth years, it is called the Thousand-year World. (more details are available in chapter fourteen of ”The Thousand-year World”, ”The Nonmaterial World”.)


The Ten-thousand-year World is a beautiful celestial body located three thousand, four hundred and eighty(3480) light years from the Earth. It is sixteen times bigger than the Earth and is equidistant from sixteen suns which surround it. About a hundred million Celestial beings live there with similar basic characteristics as the Land Celestial beings described in Taoism. They enjoy life spans of about thirty-five thousand earth years and it is thusly called the Ten-thousand-year World. (more details are available in chapter fourteen of “The Ten-thousand-year World”, “The Nonmaterlal World”.)


The Elysium World is the general term for the Paradise universe (we inhabit a small place that is called the Earth universe). The Paradise universe is called this in relation to other universes. The structure of the Paradise universe is a Taiji ellipsoid which is called a Law-Rotary Galaxy. Law-Rotary Galaxies contain three thousand Rotary-River Galaxies which each contain three thousand Milky-Way type Galaxies and each Milky Way type system contains three thousand Solar systems. In other words, the Elysium World is composed of three thousand macro worlds, nine million medium worlds, and twenty-seven billion small worlds like the earth.


The Elysium World is a non-material existence. If the world on which we live were the front side of a sheet of paper, then the Elysium World would be the reverse side and we would NEVER have access to it unless we could pass through it and enter the back.


The place where humans live is also where the Elysium World exists, for the Earth is within the realm of the Elysium World.


The Elysium World has ten continents:

1. The Lotus Continent

2. The Borneo Continent

3. The Kasyapa Continent

4. The Yingwu Continent

5. The Amita-Buddha Continent

6. The Celestial Islands Continent

7. The Three Worlds, the Two-way Continent

8. The Moon Temple Continent

9. The Gods Continent

10. The Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent.

The Celestial Islands Continent is one of the continents of the Elysium World.


These 10 continents are also called the pure land or the Buddha land.

(refer to “The Elysium Word” within “The Nonmaterial World”).


The place to which Lifechanyuan guides Chanyuan celestials toward is the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent. It has eighty billion islands; apart from the thirty billion islands that have been homesteaded by Celestial beings, the remaining fifty billion islands are currently uninhabited. The celestial beings in the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent are called Super Celestial Beings, or Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.


When people are asked where Heaven and Hell are, many of them answer that “Heaven and Hell are in people's hearts". This is only half true because the ideas that "The whole of the universe depends on the mind and all rules depend on cognition", “the environment is created and generated by the mind”, and “Everyone's closest friends and dearest relatives are in their minds”, are only half true. Heaven and Hell would still exist if people did not think about them just as people’s relatives who live far away would not disappear if they did, and they would still exist even if they were not thought about or even forgotten. Absolute idealism can confuse people!


Actually it is easy to go to heaven but it is extremely difficult to break our obsession.

Many secrets seem very mysterious, but once they are pierced, they become clear and simple.

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