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V. Current Crises Faced by Humanity


The crises faced by humanity have been long-standing. There had been warnings in Bible, Koran and ‘the Book of Earth Mother’ (地母经) of Buddhism.??In the recent twenty years, many scientists, ideologists, and spiritual leaders have all sensed the crises faced by humanity are getting more and more serious. They can be summarized as follows:

Water resource shortages, food shortages, rapid population growth, air pollution, widespread of strong virus, leakage of nuclear facilities, water pollution, desertification, endangered species, ecological imbalance, energy failure, sharp decreasing of green barriers, refuse disaster, greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, robots taking over the world, floods of nano robots, competition of nuclear weapons, biological weapons destroying a race, genetic bioengineering destroying humanity, particle experiments devouring the earth, super volcano eruptions, earthquake causing world economic crisis, asteroids colliding with Earth, outer space super planetary explosion and etc.

There are also some people have foreseen the culture crisis, ethic crisis and belief crisis.

Many of the above crises are potential crises, and the viewpoints of those experts are very insightful. However, all the above crises are only the crises on surface; they are not the core crisis. The most severe crisis is the crisis of soul, and it is the source of all other crises. If we only focus on the superficial but ignore the core, it is not only impossible to resolve them, they will become even more severe, which end up with humanity extinction and earth destruction.

Only very few enlightened people can sense some other crises like race extinction and religious virus.

Others like the crisis of disappearance of a city in one night, and a beam of wave causing the death of billions of people in a few minutes will definitely not be understood and conceivable by ordinary people.

The core crisis of humanity is the crisis of the soul.

Humans can hear, listen, smell, taste and sense spiritually because they have eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and consciousness.

The results of failing to have spiritual sense are:

1.Not able to feel the existence of the Greatest Creator
2.Not able to feel the existence of gods, buddhas or celestials.
3.Not able to feel the existence of thirty six dimensional spaces
4.Not able to feel the existence of “the nonmaterial” and “negative universe”.
5.Do not understand the concept of “horizontal time”
6.Too much trust on scientific findings, and atheism becomes popular
7.Do not believe law of cause and effect
8.Do not realize the magic of consciousness
9.Do not??believe reincarnation
10.Self-centered and arrogant

If a man loses the spiritual sense, he loses spirituality. And as a result he will not be able to have a perfect human nature:

1.His thoughts are prisoned in three-dimensional space.
He believes that earth is the only habitat for human beings, and completely denies the existence of other spaces; and regards any other doctrines or theories he is not able to understand as superstitions or fallacies, and blocks the way for human beings to pursue other higher dimensional spaces.

2.Does not acknowledge the regularity and certainties.
He sees many phenomena as accidents, and doesn’t realize that all natural disasters are caused by ill consciousness.

3.Does not believe the law of cause and effect
He attaches too much weight on win and loss, uses any means to achieve the goal, and ignores the effects that will cause in later lifetimes.

4.Does not believe reincarnation of LIFE
He thinks that death is the end of life; so does anything as he/she pleases without conscience; and regards fame, wealth and power as the symbols of a successful life.

5.Apply the theory of evolution in human society; believe “law of jungle”, “survival of the fittest”.
He stops nothing to achieve his goal, which may include making miseries to other people, polluting rivers, bullying the kind, lying and deceiving.

6.Only value short term interests, and ignore long-term consequences.
Use competition as primary means to promote social development, therefore, making nuclear and biological weapons, frantically developing heavy industries that damage environment, predatory exploitation of resources, and treating all people as potential rivals or enemies.

7.Rotten morals and falling humanity
He does not respect god, buddha, saints and sages, and does not respect his teacher, father and brother.??He is violent, use to cheat and not shameful of his behaviours.

Lying, bullying the weak, abusing women, killing people….. He does all evils. Just like what described in the ancient Chinese book "Tractate of the Most High One on Actions and Consequences"(太上感应篇):

The crimes of the wicked-
sometimes there is someone who behaves without righteousness, and moves against rationality, who deceives the unknowing, and bears false witness against his fellow students, who lies, calumniates, deceives, and practices deceit, who exposes the failings of clan elders, who exercises power but not compassion, who is cruel, irrational, and self-willed, who oppresses those below him and claims their merit for himself, but cringes before those above him to win their favor, who has no feeling for favors received, but is tireless in remembering resentment, who rewards those without righteousness, but punishes the innocent, who slays people to take their wealth, and overthrows people to occupy their positions, who slays captives and slaughters those who surrender, who denigrates the righteous and expels the wise, who wrongs orphans and coerces widows, who ignores the law and receives bribes, who takes the straight as crooked and the crooked as straight, who knowing his faults does not correct them, and knowing the good does not do it and etc.

A moral person with spiritual sense knows he should revere the Greatest Creator and walk on the Greatest Creator’s way, and is aware of his weakness as a human, so he will not be arrogant. He realizes he should cultivate himself, and knows he needs to take care of, cherish, respect and love mother nature, its resources and all life beings.

He will never leave the wastewater of factories, mines, hospitals and cities to rivers, streams and lands.

He will never hunt and eat the meat of wild animals.

He will never destroy forests, mountains and grasslands.

He will never indulge in power, money, beauty, and let his greed expand, not even use any means to satisfy his desires.

He will never use his power to serve his own or his family’s interests. Nor bully or suppress others.

He will never sell fake or shoddy goods

He will never steal other person’s research findings to gain fame for himself.

He will never make life-threating nuclear weapons and biological weapons.

He will never provoke conflicts among people, creating hatred and making others to hurt each other.

He will never make mischief among people for his own interest.

He will never suppress any new ideas, new cultures or new values.

8.Lack of gratitude
In his heart, there is no place for the Greatest Creator, gods, parents, elders, the society, other people;??he only demands and does not willing to give.

Even a plant bears fruits as long as we water and fertilize it.
A chicken produces eggs as long as we feed it.
A dog will be a good safeguard of our home as long as it is been taken good care.

But, what about a person lack of spiritual sense?

He will be just like a black hole, only absorb stuff in but never contribute; moreover, he is like a virus, which only does destruction to the surrounding environment.

The above statements have shown that the core crisis of human being is the crisis of soul, and it is the root cause of all other crises, and the root cause of why one can’t have a happy and free life.

If we look earth from a height of 1000 meters, and focus on the cities of the world, we will find the survival situation of human beings is just like a group of ants on a hot pot, running around hastily. You don’t know where these “ants” are going to; they just follow their senses with no purposes. They move quickly all together once they see an animal corpse or a drop of oil; they follow where the trend is. If you ask one of the “ants”: Why are you so busy everyday? Where do you rush for? His answer will be: I’m looking for something to eat, drink and a place to live. As for where to go, I will go wherever I can find food, drinks and a place to live.

The secular world is just like an animal world. Some people stand themselves out, but where do they go after they get out? They go to religions.

All religions, whether it is good or evil, they are made of people who have spiritual pursuit. A real disciple of any religion is superior, in spiritual aspect, to any kings or great men.

So we can say, all people in secular world are sleeping and people in religion are awake. The formers do not have spiritual direction as the latters do.

However, with the development of science and the growth of human wisdom, many people in religions start to confuse and are not able to tell the direction. Many disciples are like gamblers; they stake all their energy and wisdom on the religion they belong to, although they know that they can’t win back what they have lost, they want to keep “gambling”; they even want to persuade others to gamble with them to feel psychologically balanced. Just like the fox that has lost his frozen tail on the ice, he has lost the tail, he has been laughed at and left alone by other foxes, he also knows that he doesn’t look good without a tail, but in order to comfort himself, he tries to persuade others that a fox without a tail is the most beautiful fox, and others are all fools if they don’t cut their tails.

People always have an illusion; they think truth lies where the crowds are, otherwise, why so many people go there?

People always have an illusion; they think those religions or organizations that are strong and powerful can point to a place with real happiness, otherwise, how it can grow so big?

People always have an illusion; they think wherever celebrities or intellectuals go must have a promising future, because these smart men will not go for and praise something blindly.

However, when they are out, they want to get in, once they get in, except bewilderment, blindly following, and some shackles they put on themselves, the only thing left they can do is waiting and hoping with a fluke mind.

What are they hoping for?


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