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Ⅰ. The psalm of life



Life is a stream. Coming from snow-mountains or underground springs, it wanders through mountains, prairie and gorge, and finally joyfully runs into the blue ocean

Life is an ivy vine. It enjoys the nourish from the earth, light from the sun and moisture from the rain and dew, quietly unfolds its green leaves and branches on hills and grasslands, cliffs and precipices.

Life is a bunch of flowing light. It burns itself abandonedly and fierily, decorates the firmament, and finally mixes itself into other objects in forms of energy.

Life is an endless cave. It is full of strange rocks, winding paths, reduplicative roads and waters. It is an amazing new world, forever attracting yet complicated and confusing.

Life is a narrow meandering footpath. It bypasses brambles among grass and weeds, bypasses pitfalls among gravels and steep hills, twists and turns among the green hills and clear waters.

Life is a mystery, an inextricable mystery for human society.

The most lofty and greatest thing in one’s life is to explore life!

The most significant thing in one’s life is to study the life!

The most joyful thing in one’s life is to reverent life!

The most peaceful thing in one’s life is to follow the path of life!


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