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Ⅶ. The track of life



All things in the world have their own moving tracks. The Galaxy, the solar system, the earth, the moon, and the satellite have their tracks respectively; trains, automobiles, atoms, electrons, all kinds of rays and electromagnetic waves, have their tracks respectively.

Clouds in the sky seem to float in the sky freely with the air current, but they also have their own moving tracks. Meteorologists are capable of making weather forecast several weeks ahead, just because they know the law of clouds’ floating tracks. If clouds did not have their own moving tracks, meteorologists could not make weather forecast. Also, if clouds did not have their own moving tracks, there would always be clouds appearing over Sahara Desert, and would always be rainfall there. If so, deserts could not be called deserts.

Life has tracks, too. Various life forms are different from each other in respect of life spans, survival circumstances, sizes of figure, external characteristics, and types of food. Each life form has its own track.

Human beings have their own tracks of life. Each time when a man looks back at his past, he will see his track of life, because he has known that “Man proposes, God disposes,” “Man manages smalls things, big events are in the hands of the Greatest Creator”. Why? For every person has his own track of life.

Whether a person was born male or female, black or white, noble or humble, royal or common, it has been determined by the track of life; even the time of birth and death has been determined by the track of life as well

Many people do not believe in the existence of track of life. Then, try and see if you will be badly battered.

Can you become a president, a scientist, a singer, or a robber? Can you become a billionaire through hard work? Can you have three husbands? Can you be as handsome and elegant as 007? Can you be another Jet Li or Madonna?

If you think you can, try it please!

But if you can’t, ask yourself why?

Many people want to learn from the celebrities be as famous as them after reading their biographies; Some people want to be successful after reading books like The Knowledge Succeed Complete Works. Some people idolize or envy those stars and silently vow to be a star too. Some want to follow the examples of those people making a fortune overnight. Some people can not accept the fact that his friends or classmates get promotions as a section chief. So on and so forth.

But, no matter how hard you think or how hard you learn. You will never be the same as another man. Why? For everyone has his own track of life.

If you don’t believe it, just try!

Present situation had been preconditioned by the efforts of yesterday, and today’s effort is just for tomorrow.

Track of this lifetime had been preconditioned by the karma of previous life, and effort of this lifetime is just for the future world.

What is the good of jealousy? What is the good of dissatisfaction? And what is the good of wondering?

The life of wisdom should be passed like this: “take things as they come, dispose things as they go, acting follow nature, achieving follow chances”

Life has its track. Then who design the track of life and who formulate the track of life?

It’s not the Greatest Creator! Not Deity Celestial Being! Not the emperors! Not our parents! Not anybody else but ourselves!

In order to understand it, let’s take a look at karma.




What is Karma?

To maintain the sum of positive and negative energy in the universe as zero is called Karma.

In simple words, the law of conservation of energy is called Karma

In a more popular way, “As we sow, so shall we reap” is called Karma.

It is impossible to describe the mechanism of Karma in detail unless we possess the thinking of the Greatest Creator.

I will list several well-known examples to show you whether there is Karma or not.

1. The president of Iraq Saddam Hussein was ousted and arrested by the American and the British government. Might there be any connection between this event and his invasion and occupation of Kuwait? If we regard this event as a result, then can we say that his invasion and occupation of Kuwait was the cause (surly it is not the only cause)? If there was not the cause of occupation of Kuwait, then will there be the effect now?

2. Is there any connection between the bombing of World Trade Center of the United States and the hard-line policy in foreign affairs of its government? If the bombing could be seen as an effect, then can the hard-line policy of the United States be seen as the cause? (Of course, it’s not the only cause)

3. Why must Hitler kill the Israelites? Why did the Japanese invade China? Why did the Crusades happen? Aren’t there any causes for these?

4. Why did sandstorms occur in the north of China? Why did the SARS virus and Bird Flu emerge? Why did rivers overflow? Aren’t there any causes for these?

5. Why is the United States so prosperous in spite of two hundred year short history since its founding? While China remains so poor and backward in spite of its long history of five thousand years? Why is Europe so developed while Africa is so underdeveloped?

6. If somebody is admitted to be a doctoral student, does it occur overnight? Isn’t it related to his natural endowments, family environments, social environments, and his hard working?

7. If a man has got heart attack, does it come from nowhere? Isn’t it related to his medical history, mental state, and psychological state?

8. If somebody got a sudden headache, stomachache, or angina, is it possible without any reasons? If somebody is caught in a car crash, or was stabbed by someone suddenly, or becomes unconsciousness, aren’t there any causes for these?

9. Some people are able to stay in five-star hotels, while others can only lodge in cheap inns, and only sleep on the street. Is it possible without any reasons? Some people were born in rich families and some were born in poor families, aren’t there any reasons for these?


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