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III. The Role of Humanity



The Greatest Creator loves humans, because we were designed by him. Among all life beings, celestials are his most favourite, and the next is human. Therefore,we have three responsibilities:

1.To please the Greatest Creator

2.To maintain unity of opposites of the god world

Gods are also the children of the Greatest Creator, there is no good or bad god, each god has its own role to play. It is up to the Greatest Creator to judge their merits and demerits.

3.To build and beautiful earth

Building and beautifying earth is the responsibility and the indispensable obligation of humanity. Maintaining ecological balance, purifying air, rivers and land are the jobs must be shouldered by humans. We must not shirk our responsibilities just because we are taken care by the Greatest Creator. It is just like kids must learn to be independent and help themselves; they must no rely on the parents for everything.

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