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Life Needs a Track!






Many talented people living among us appear to be mediocre, not because they are of low intelligence or are not gifted, but because they have either not found their own tracks or they have taken the wrong ones.


Everyone has unlimited potential, but the main reason for not having given play to their potential is not because they are born stupid or have insufficient mental skills, but because they have never found their best life track from start to finish.

No matter how excellent an aircraft is, it will never fly if there is no runway, for an aircraft with no runway will never be more than a pile of metal.


No matter how much potential an excellent sprinter or long distance runner has, his or her talents would remain buried without a racetrack, knowing not whether they are a "mediocre horse" or a "swift horse” until death.


Life needs a track, and battlefields, business markets, officialdom, farms, and social realms all have lots of them. We must choose the track that best suits us, because it is only with the right track that we can give full play to our talents.


Generals Eisenhower and Patton demonstrated their outstanding military talents because they had the track of war, but if there had been no tracks of war, who would even know their names? Zhu Jun, Yang Lan, Ni Ping, and others have become the focus of millions of people, sparkling with brilliance, simply because they shared the track of television. Who would they otherwise be? Jet Li and Andy Lau rose to fame far and wide simply because of the track of movies.


Throughout the history of Communist Party of China, many outstanding politicians, strategists, and diplomatic talents have emerged and many commoners  became generals. It was because they took the track of the Communist Movement that they had brilliant lives, but without this track, their talents would have been drowned in life’s ocean.


Many people turned onto this track and formed the backbone of the state and many others became millionaires or even billionaires because they took the business track after China's reform, when it opened up, and they gained much wealth, but what would their lives be like today without this track? Nobody knows! Many eminent Buddhist monks showed their superior wisdom because they followed the track of Buddhism.


If you want to make something out of Life, you must choose a track that suits your personality because you cannot give play to your talents without the right track. Without the correct track, you will drown in the crowd.


The internet is a track and many people are shining with brilliance upon it, creating their own blogs and gathering their own social connections. A large number of authors, writers, critics, and practitioners are emerging on this track and are demonstrating their talents.


You have to find your track, but if you do not see the proper one, you should build your own. Why? Because you will play better, be better at the game of Life, and make your Life more colourful. Do not pretend to be aloof and say that you are too good to engage in this because that would be finding excuses for your incompetence and failures. "A soldier who does not want to be a general is never a good soldier.” A Life that does not want to have a glorious course is never a good Life.


If you want to make big money, be the boss, for being the boss is the track to making the most money and if you want to be an official, build your social connections, for building social connections is the track to being an official.

There are numerous tracks and they are everywhere, but if you want to play your talents to the maximum, you will have to choose a track with infinite prospect.  


If you choose a good track, you can have a good Life, but if you choose a bad track, you can only have a bad Life.


Zhang Guotao abandoned the track of the Communist Party and eventually, unknowingly froze to death. On the other hand, Deng Xiaoping stuck with the track of the Communist Party and eventually had his wishes fulfilled.


If you choose polishing shoes, then you will unconsciously be on the track of polishing shoes. If you choose to steal, then you will unconsciously be on the track of crime. If you choose to reap without sowing, then you will, over time, get on a greedy, selfish, and parasite track. If you choose a mass movement, you will be on the track of confronting the government. If you choose Lifechanyuan, then you are naturally taking on the track of trekking and climbing to the highest realm of Life and LIFE.


Which is the best track? It depends on you. You must choose your track completely on your own.


The best track is one that you can follow for a lifetime. Tracks can be regularly replaced if they are not good because some tracks have no futures and lead to dead ends with steep precipices. You will have to sharpen your eyes to think and judge.


Some tracks seem narrow and bumpy at first, but the more you walk on them, the broader, brighter, and more brilliant they become, while others look broad, densely populated, and big, yet the more you walk on them, the more your feet hurt, you become confused and frustrated, and the narrower and darker they become.


If you have the ability to rule a country, the ambition to ride on top of the world, and have both super intelligence and indomitable willpower, then you had better build your own track. If you do not, then you can borrow others’ ready-made tracks.


For example, instead of creating your own blogs with few hits, you might want to promote your ideas and display your talents on another’s website or bulletin board. Instead of creating your own website with painstaking care and precision, yet having no visitors, you might as well demonstrate your skills on someone else’s websites.


Once you have chosen your track, you must not give it up too easily, forgiving up means failure. Remember, "A thousand sails pass by the shipwreck and ten thousand saplings thrive beyond the withered tree”.


No one will sympathize with you if you fail, at most they will express regrets and pity.


Once you find that your track has no future, you must give it up as soon as possible and try to blend onto the track with the most brilliant prospects at once, because if you bite the bullet and play hard, you will only miss your opportunity and then grieve it for a Lifetime.


Remember, the earth will rotate the same, with or without you.


A Life needs a track.

"As long as the route is right, you can stride ahead."

I hope you follow your splendid Life track!





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