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IV. 8 Relationships Between the Greatest Creator and Humans



Human beings have direct or indirect relationships with all other matters and things in the Universe, of which the relationship with the Greatest Creator is the most important. These relationships directly determine the extinction or survival of human beings, and the prospect of each individual. This chapter will discuss the 8 relationships between the Greatest Creator and humans.


1.The relationship in physical appearance

The Greatest Creator is amorphous and thus can be in any form. The form of human beings is designed based on the form of the Heaven God. That is to say, the appearance of humans resembles that of the God rather the Greatest Creator.


2.The relationship in wisdom

The Gods in the Heaven are created by the Greatest Creator. The humans are not produced by the Greatest Creator directly. The African blacks and American Indians are the first batch of humans created by the Gods. The Egyptians and European whites are the second batch of humans created by the Gods. The Asian yellows centered on the Chinese come from the Elysium World. They are the third batch of humans on the Earth and the mutations from the Dragon, which is the follower of the God of Evil. So the ancestors of the yellow race are not humans. Adam and Eve are the ancestors of Israelis and most of the people in the Middle East, created by another God in the Garden of Eden.

Humans can never reach the wisdom of the Greatest Creator. Only the God can understand the wisdom of the Greatest Creator. The blacks and whites, when refined to a certain senior level, can understand the wisdom of the God. With the genes of Celestial Being and Buddha, the yellow race, if can recognize the mind of nature, can possess the wisdom of the Celestial Being and Buddha. And the Israelis and the most of the people in the Middle East lie in between.


3.The relationship of affiliation

The humans are not directly administered by the Greatest Creator. Instead, they are governed by the Gods in the Heaven.

Humans are administered by one God. However, the relationship is often intervened and damaged by another God. Because the God World also follows the principle of unity of the opposites, these two Gods are equal in power and strength, unable to beat the other side. So the Mortal World can never reach the perfect state or maintain peace. The human heart is always seeking balance between good and evil, and beauty and ugly.

For example, one God has created Adam and Eve and the opposing God has planted a so-called Wisdom Tree in the Garden of Eden, alluring Adam and Eve to eat the fruit, which changed the genetic model of the thought of Adam and Eve. The God who created Adam and Eve knew about the evil intention of the other God and repeatedly told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit on the Wisdom Tree. However, Adam and Eve failed to resist the temptation and were trapped by the other God. The God got angry and expelled Adam and Eve out of Eden.

We call the God who genuinely cares for the human beings as the God of Light, and the other God as the God of Darkness. Jesus is the representative of the God of Light and Satan is that of the God of the Darkness. The God of Light is concerned about the future and destiny of the human beings. It cares about the life perfection of each individual person, hoping the humans can reach the freedom and happiness in their mind, and the freedom and pleasure in their flesh by pursuing the truth, good and beauty. Fully aware of the position of the human beings in the competition between the God of Light and the God of Darkness, Sakyamuni has taught his followers to forsake the human life and seek surmounting to break away from the God of Light and God of Darkness and get into the Elysium World directly out of the Samsara world. In surface, the God of Darkness cares for the humans very much. He teaches people to pursue possessions, wealth, power, position, beauty, fame, success, ownership and luxury life. In every means, the God of Darkness keeps the people busy with the immediate interest so that they don’t have enough time to have deep thinking. His purpose is to fail the plan of the God of Light. In essence, the God of Darkness doesn’t care for the human beings at all. He is just distracting the people from the real life purpose.


4.The cause-effect relationship

Though not governing the human beings directly, the Greatest Creator knows the present and future of them clearly. He is also fully aware of the rivalry between the God of Light and the God of Darkness. The God of Light hopes to bring everlasting light to the Mortal World while the God of Darkness hopes to sink the Mortal World into the perpetual darkness. However, either the everlasting light or the perpetual darkness will damage the unity of the opposites in the Universe. So they will have to keep the balance.

The Greatest Creator cares for the human beings by setting up the cause-effect relationship (order and procedure).

First, the Greatest Creator gives the humans beings certain degree of free will, allowing them to select on their own between light and darkness. What the Greatest Creator has given is just what we have pursued. We deserve the current situation. The Greatest Creator has neither deprived nor added anything. We are simply following the “path” made by the Greatest Creator.

For instance, Adam and Eve could make their own decisions whether or not to eat the fruit on the Wisdom Tree. If they didn’t eat it, they could continue to enjoy their life in the Eden forever. If they ate it, they would be driven out of the Eden and work hard to survive.

I will give another example. We find an injured rabbit on the way and make our own decisions as to how to treat it. We can just let it go, not helping or hurting it, and continue our journey. The result of such selection is that, one day when we are injured and need the help of other people, no one will offer their help or do harm to us. If we take the injured rabbit, give it bandage and food, we have protected a life and get rewarded by the life-span extension and upgrading. If we take the opportunity to seize it and cook it, we will suffer from the shortened life span and degradation.

We will be treated the same way we treat the others. The God will treat us in the same way we treat the God. We will receive what we have paid. The more we have paid, the more we will be rewarded. What we have paid and what we will receive will always be equal.

In general, people will get what they have been aspiring for. If you dream for wealth persistently, you will have the wealth. Such is the case if you long for power, you will have power; if you seek for prostitute, prostitute will find you. And if you think of the devil, the devil will come. If you pursue Buddha, Buddha will guide you. If we persevere and focus on our dream, we will get what we want.

Many people may have aspired for something but have failed to get it. This is not the problem with the order and procedure set up by the Greatest Creator. It is because we have been hesitant, not perseverant, or have made too much haste.

If a person wants to become a writer but can’t endure the poverty or seclusion on the way to the writer, intervened by the wish to run a company, official position or study of the “function of horse tails”, it will put the Greatest Creator, the God or the Evil into confusion as to what should they do. Whether to help you become a writer or make you a company owner? As a result, you can neither become a writer nor a company owner.

In the primary school textbooks there is a fable telling the story of a fishing cat. A kitten and an elderly cat went fishing on the lake. The elderly one was concentrating on fishing and got a lot of fish. The kitten just kept looking around for butterflies or dragonflies. When the dark came, it didn’t get fish, nor butterflies or dragonflies.

It is not because the Greatest Creator is impartial. It is because we don’t know clearly what we want.

The cheats do not have good will, the bandits do not have mercy, the Buddha doesn’t kill life, the celestial being doesn’t pursue fame or wealth, the money seeker are not sentimental, the politician must curry favor with the public, the philanthropist doesn’t pursue interest, the scholars must tolerate seclusion, the power lover does not consider principle or friendship, the bootlicker is shameless and does not worry about losing face, the military general is not scared by the sacrifice of his soldiers. To remain healthy, one must nourish one’s life. To upgrade the life quality, one must learn to refine or improve himself. To keep away from the prison, one must stay away from the crimes. To avoid becoming the animal in the next cycle of life, one must have the human nature and stop doing evil things. To enter the Thousand Year World after death, one must pursue the perfect human nature in the limited life. To enter the Ten Thousand Year World in the next cycle of life, one must understand, pursue and gain the Tao. To enter the Elysium World, one must respect the Buddha and get out of the Desire World, Lust World and Lust-free World. To keep out of the Hell, one must do more good deeds than bad deeds. To remain out of the frozen world, one should not cheat others or inflict on the good people. To keep out of the Fire World, one should not kill life on a groundless basis.

“As you sow, so will you reap”. Plant sesames and you can’t get watermelons, sow grass seeds and you can’t get crops. What Goes Around Comes Around; Such a life, such a death. The Greatest Creator is just and impartial and reward us in accordance what we have done.

The past of us is the present of us. And the present of us is our future. Such is the cause-effect relationship between us and the Greatest Creator.


5.The Relationship in Emotions

Though we were not created by the Greatest Creator directly, the source of life came from the Greatest Creator. Nothing would have existed without it.

If there was no Greatest Creator, there would be no God or Evil. If there was no God or Evil, there would be no human beings. That is to say, there would be no human beings without the Greatest Creator.

As far as “the blood relationship” is concerned, the Greatest Creator is the father of the God and Evil. The God is the father of the human beings and the Evil is the uncle, which means the Greatest Creator is the grandfather of human beings.

Jesus called the Greatest Creator as the Father because he was created by the Greatest Creator. However, if human beings also call the Greatest Creator as the Father, we would put us in the equal position as Jesus, which has violated the relational ethics. Because Jesus and other God created us as required by the Greatest Creator, the Father of human beings is the God, instead of the Greatest Creator.

From the perspective of relationships, the Greatest Creator is our grandfather while Jesus and other Gods are our fathers, and Satan and other Evils are our uncles. The celestial being is the senior life form of human beings and the Buddha is the highest life form of human beings.

The grandfather always loves the grandson. Also the father always loves his son. If we respect the grandfather and do not anger him, we will have a bright future. Even when father and uncle punish us, if we get the love and favor from our grandfather, the father or uncle would have to let us go because they respect the Greatest Creator.


6.The Relationship in Distance

The concept of the distance between the Greatest Creator and us can be explained from two aspects From the physical world’s perspective, the distance between us is immeasurable and extremely large. At present, the farthest galaxy we can detect is 27 billion light-years away from us. Quark, the smallest particle we know, is over 30 billion light-years from the Earth in the negative direction. And the Consciousness energy cluster of the Universe is not in the center of the Universe, just like the human brain is not in the middle of the human body. If we see this issue from the perspective of the 36-dimensional space, the essence of the Greatest Creator is in the Zero World while the human beings are in the Mortal World. Between these two Worlds, there is an insurmountable gap. So as far as the spiritual body is concerned, the Greatest Creator stays together with the human beings and there is no distance between us. All things in the Universe are the reflections of the Greatest Creator. The distance between the Greatest and the human beings, if shown in an improper metaphor, is just like that between the finger and the body. There is some distance between the finger and the head, but as a part of the body, we can also say there is no difference between them. Any movement and feeling of the finger is related to the brain.


7.The Relationship in Telepathy

Though the Greatest Creator seems far from us, it will react instantly when we do something and give us orders, just like the finger and the brain. As a result, the Greatest Creator actually stays with us and knows all of movements and behaviors, either physical, mental or psychological. And all the directives from the Greatest Creator can reach our body and soul instantly without the slightest errors.

The Greatest Creator is amorphous and that’s why the human beings cannot see the existence of the Greatest Creator. But it does not mean the Greatest Creator does not exist or his existence has nothing to do with the human beings. As a matter of fact, each of us is living under the care of the Greatest Creator. There is a mutual-response and cause-effect relationship between the Greatest Creator and us.

If we compare the Greatest Creator as the sea, the human beings are the fish swimming in the sea. The Holy Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son of the God in the Bible refer to the Greatest Creator, the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator and Jesus, who executes the directives of the Greatest Creator. The psychic energy of the Greatest Creator permeates the Universe and we just live in the spirit like the fish living in the water. Lao Tzu, in his Tao Te Ching, talked about Tao, which is actually the Holy Spirit. The “Tao awareness”, “reaching the Tao” and “practicing the Tao” actually mean awareness of the existence, operation and function of the Greatest Creator and combination with the spirit of the Greatest Creator through thinking, understanding and logical reasoning. When you have been integrated with the spirit (Tao) of the Greatest Creator, you have “reached the supreme wisdom” stated in the Buddhist Scripture. At this time, you will definitely become a celestial being and not far from the Buddha.

You might say, “What you have said sounds reasonable. But I still can’t sense the existence of the Greatest Creator’s psychic energy and its influence on me.”

This has something to do with the levels of wisdom. The Einstein’s theories of “E=MC2”, “Gravity bends light passing a massive object” and “Spacetime curvature changes with enengy and mass” may puzzle the ordinary people because the levels of their wisdom haven’t reached the height to understand his theories. However, Einstein himself was puzzled by the “quantum mechanics” and “uncertainty principle”. He thought that because the Greatest Creator looks after everything, it has created the physics laws. As a result, the Universe is in order, which means knowing the current situation of the Universe would lead to understanding of its development and changes. However, according to the “quantum mechanics” and “uncertainty principle”, the future is unpredictable and there might be multiple results. For instance, the more accurate we measure the position of the small particle, the more inaccurate we will measure its speed, and vice versa.

The more profound and abstract a certain theory is, the more difficult it is to understand. For the ordinary people, the theory has become metaphysics. But if we have a open mind and think deep enough, there is nothing we cannot reach.

There are three levels of life achievements. The first level is the Presidents or billionaires. To have some knowledge about this level, you have to read The Law of Success written by Napoleon Hill known as the creator of millionaires.

The second level is the breakout of the worldly pursuit. Before becoming the Presidents or billionaires, you can imagine the splendor and brilliance it can bring you. But when you find becoming the Presidents or billionaires is not able to bring you the genuine happiness and pleasure, you will feel it a burden and redundancy. You believe there is upgraded life. The worldly things can’t satisfy you. However, you can’t get out of the influence from the worldly society. At this time, your thought will definitely develop into the eternal region to gain the maximum freedom and life. Your wisdom has been upgraded into a new level and you can understand the negative side of too much perseverance and too great success in the world. Thus you can reach the level of “freedom, both physically and psychologically, out of the worldly desires”.

The third level is the understanding of the Universe mysteries and life meaning. At this time, you can feel “the sky is high and the sea is deep for the free movement of birds and fish”. You have reached the state of “forsaking the worldly desires and pursuing what your heart guides you”. You have known that the life itself has no birth or death. Then you have entered the Elysium World. You look back at the Presidents and billionaires, you feel that they are simply much too na?ve as the children’s games..

Now let’s continue to discuss why we can’t sense the existence of the Greatest Creator and the influence of the Greatest Creator’s psychic energy.

Just now I said it related to the levels of the wisdom. If our perception only stays in the first level, we are just like a frog in the well and can’t sense the brilliant outside world. Even if other frogs come to tell us how rich the outside world is, we still can’t believe them and will think they are simply exaggerating. If our perception is limited within the second level, we are just like a frog in the pond and can’t imagine the splendor of the rivers, lakes and seas.

The Greatest Creator is being with us in our body. We sense each other. Whether or not you can sense the existence of the Greatest Creator depends on the sensibility of your soul. A poor-quality TV set can hardly receive the audio and video signals from the TV station. Even if it can, the image is not clear or it is too noisy to hear clearly what the broadcaster is talking about. A black-and-white TV set can’t receive the colorful image. Even if the quality of the TV set is good, it can’t receive the signal if it is tuned to the wrong frequency.

“Only if we have the same mind can we sense each other.” If we have the same frequency and resonance, we can sense each other.


8.The Corresponding Relationship (Way of Contact)

All things are the Greatest Creator, who is not all the things. The finger is human, who is not a finger. The embassies represent their countries, which are not embassies. The scientists are the science, which is not the scientist. The religions exist for the God, who doesn’t exist for the religions. If we can understand this, we would understand the corresponding relationship between the Greatest Creator and human beings.

The Greatest Creator and all things in the Universe sense each other. The same frequency is key to the mutual frequency. If we know this, we have found the way to correspond with the Greatest Creator (the way of communication). If we want to listen to a certain program, we have to turn on the radio and tune to the corresponding channel. If we want to talk with someone, we have to dial his or her number. If we want to communicate, or talk with the Greatest Creator, we have to connect our souls to the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator.

The Greatest Creator actually does not have a name. Human beings have given some names to the Greatest Creator for him to be easily identified. The Christians call him Jehovah. The Muslims call him Allah. The Buddhists call him the Ancestor of Buddha. The Taoists call him the Original Heaven Ancestor. Some people also call him the Creator, Imperial Heaven, Heaven, Emperor Heaven, Indian Heaven, etc. Some even call him the Elderly Heaven Lord. In fact, these names are all right. Only if we have the sole and only, amorphous, neutral, mysterious, supremely powerful, wise, impartial and merciful Greatest Creator in our heart, it is acceptable no matter what name we give him.

Life Chanyuan has summarized the features of the 3 major religions and called the Greatest Creator as the Allah, Ancestor of Buddha and Jehovah.

Here I would like to state solemnly that some people call Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, as the Ancestor of Buddha, which is completely wrong. Sakyamuni is just a representative sent by the Ancestor of Buddha to the Mortal World. If the people called the ministers of the Chinese Emperors in the past as the Emperor himself, we would be sentenced to death. If some schools of the Christianity, because of the Holy Trinity, call the Jesus as the Greatest Creator, they are completely wrong. The reason is simple. We don’t call our father as the grandfather.

We have understood the corresponding relationship between us and the Greatest Creator. Then how do we communicate with the Greatest Creator?

To be specific, we communicate with the Greatest Creator through meditation and pray.

Meditation means getting into the deep thinking and imagination by forsaking the psychological activities aroused by “the sound, fragrance, taste, touch and law” in the mind. It is a state of mind inaction giving up fame, wealth, life and death, thinking about the Universe mysteries and life meaning. After a long period of meditation, our consciousness will integrate with that of the Greatest Creator and our wisdom will be upgraded in quality. When our state of mind reaches the indescribable happiness and pleasure, we have been closely connected with the Greatest Creator. This is the most direct, effective and difficult way of communicating with the Greatest Creator. The “Zen Method Getting Out of the Earthly Mind” in the chapter of “Nourishing Of Life” is a way of meditation.

The second way is pray. We must first understand that human beings exist to serve the Greatest Creator. The main purpose of our pray is to please the Greatest Creator.

Jesus has told us very clearly about how to pray and what to pray. We just follow his instructions. In general, the pray must be done in piety and should never be performed in a perfunctory manner. The content of the pray must be the gratitude to the Greatest Creator for its favor, mercy and support, praise of the Greatest Creator’s wisdom, supreme power and greatness, followed by your expression of the will to behave in the Greatest Creator’s will without caring about your own success, failure, gain or loss. Then you have to confess, earnestly, your sins and mistake, and ask for the forgiveness of the Greatest Creator. Finally, you should ask the Greatest Creator to steer you onto the right path so that your life can enter the higher life space in the next cycle of life. The pray is concluded by saying that our pray is done in the capacity of Jesus, the father of human being in the Heaven.

The pray is an individual, not a social activity. The loud pray intended to be heard by others is hypocritical and useless. The pray must be done quietly without being voiced. Because our psychological activities will become a kind of thought wave and emit our wish and mind to the Universe, just like EEG and ECG. The Greatest Creator will receive the wave and respond to us. Besides, because human beings are also part of the Greatest Creator, we hear our pray represents that the Greatest Creator hears too.

When praying, never have the evil thought and pray for someone’s bad luck, for promotions or wealth, for the family splendor, or complain about the Greatest Creator’s impartiality because all these will be heard by the Devil and you will really have trouble. The evil thought is not in the same frequency with the Greatest Creator. Instead, it has the same frequency with the Devil. Why do we have to communicate with the Greatest Creator?. I will answer this question in the chapter of “Life”. 

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