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VI. The Future of Humanity



We all look forward to an era where everyone will have a happy and worry-free life.

Let’s suppose the Greatest Creator and gods do not exist, are we able to realize this dream only by relying on the wisdom of humanity?

The answer is no. Without the guide of the Greatest Creator and the power of Gods and buddhas, human beings is not possible to realize this beautiful dream.

How many authorities will step aside for others?

How many rich men will contribute all their wealth to society?

How many poor people will work hard except having more children as long as they don’t need to worry about food?

Let’s imagine if the future of humanity is ruled by one religion, what will happen?

It would be terrible.(Please think of the reason yourself).

If the world is ruled by one secular government, what will happen?

Same, autocracy and incompetency will soak up the blood of the underprivileged.
If we keep current situation: different religions exist; countries act on their own will, everything is decided by the country itself, what will happen?

The world is going to collapse.
So, what will be the best living situation of humanity?

The core in short is : walk on the way of the Greatest Creator.

Build a “noninterference” government, promoting freedom in politics, economy,culture, thinking and spiritual pursuit.

Then, the future of humanity will be like the following:

1. All religions will gradually disappear; humans revere the same and the only Greatest Creator.

2. Wars between nations will no longer take place; no country will have a military force.

3. The leaders of each country are elected by its people; election is no longer manipulated by the minority.??Each leader serves no longer than two terms.

4. The population will no longer be increasing unlimitedly; the growthof population will be controlled.

5. Power and wealth are no longer the most important life goals of humans.

6.People will not talk about how to fight with nature and men; the earth will become a place where all life beings coexist harmoniously.

7.Terrorist activities are going to disappear.

8. Crimes will be decreasing year by year.

9. The care of elders and the education of the youth will become the responsibilities of the whole society, which are no longer the??private affairs individuals or families.

10. Family life is going to dissolve; relationship of men and women is going to show diverse forms.

11. Scientists and artists will be respected by the general.

12. Manual labour is not regarded as a less decent job.

13. A common Bill of Rights will be made; journalists will have greater freedom, the force of darkness in some regions will be curbed.

14. A lazy person will be regarded as miserable and incompetent; a parasite-like lifestyle will be seen as a pity.

15. Humans will be able to make new form of Life; intelligent robots will come into being, Sahara will be returning to green again.

16. A large number of supermen will appear: they discover the secret of brain,and find the channel to communicate with the Greatest Creator, and therefore they know the secret of time and space, the cause and effect relationship of lives transiting in different time and space, the secret of thinking, the power of mind, and the road towards higher level life space.These supermen will bring the material and spiritual life of humanity to a brand new level.

17. There will not be nature disasters any more, earthquakes, floods, diseases will all vanish.

18. Earth becomes a blessed paradise, which will be serene and harmonious, prosperous and vibrant; cranes are flying in the sky. People are healthy and have a long life; everyone live in peace and enjoy their job.

In conclusion, human beings will enter an unprecedented, highly developed and civilized era, an era with happiness, abundance and freedom. Everyone will transform to a celestial at the end. We will understand all secrets by that time, each moment of our life will be extremely joyful, we will meet our family and friends who have passed away, a brilliant new life will start to unfold.

However, there is a prerequisite, which is we must walk on the way of the Greatest Creator, if we ignore it, everything will be developing in the opposite direction.


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