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Check if You are Following the Road of Devils




Have you ever experienced afflictions, vexation, anxiety, sadness, and fear? Have you been cheated, bullied, blackmailed, oppressed and humiliated by others? Have you felt frustrated and desperate at life and LIFE? Do you know why all this should happen? Let me tell you, all this is the work of the devil’s programme, all this happens because many people are walking on the road of devils.


The programme of the devil tempts people with money, wealth, fame, position, power, beautiful women, and ease and comfort to enter marriage and family, nation and state, political party and religion, businesses, cultivation groups, and various organizations. As a result, these people are kept busy rushing about for all these matters. They would rack their brains and take great risks to achieve these purposes. For these purposes they would shout their support, cause harm to others, and do damage to other life forms and the nature. People are walking on the road of devils when they struggle for the their own interest, for their family’s interest, for their nation’s interest, for their country’s interest, for their political party’s interest, for their religion’s interest, for their company’s interest, and for their organization’s interest, and when they each try to cheat the other by sheer cunning and falsehood and grab at each other’s throat.


Why should things fare like this? Why does not the Greatest Creator stop us?


The principle goes like this: unity of opposites is a law of the universe—superior and inferior, up and down, bright and dark, leader and the masses, hell and heaven, higher order of LIFE and lower order of LIFE, man and ghost, man and other animals and plants, carnivores and herbivores. Otherwise, LIFE cannot go on, and the great drama of the universe cannot be staged. It is just like the case of a man for whom eating and drinking form opposites with defecations. The opposites can be united and complement each other. In addition, there is a principle of the universe, namely the sum of positive energy and negative energy is zero. Therefore, everything must be symmetrical, and there must be balance between yin and yang, and loss and gain. What one gets in and what one pays out should be orderly, and the power of angel should hold the power of devil in check.


To be more specific, in order to survive, man should have animals and plants to provide for his existence. The LIFE at the lower order must serve the LIFE at higher order. Then who will be the man, and who will be the animals and plants? Some people will go to heaven, but who will go to hell to maintain a balance? There are leaders, but there must also be the masses.


Thus, the devil’s programme is necessary. Without it, the universe will lose its balance. The survival of LIFE cannot be guaranteed, and the whole universe will be listless  and pale.


Actually, the devil Satan is a deity, an arch angel, and chief angel, who is toiling to maintain the zero sum of positive energy and negative energy. Burdened with notoriety and bad name, he is serving the LIFE of the whole universe. He must deliver many LIFE forms to the lower order of LIFE and lead many LIFE forms to hell.


Thus, when a person is walking on the road of devil, he is making his way to the lower order of LIFE and the hell. The devil will not show any appreciation for this but will say instead, “what an ignorant fool you are!”


Now let’s see whether you have taken the road of the devil. If you have one of the following eighteen items, then be careful, you are walking on the road of the devil.


1, You are in marriage and family, rushing about for your own family.

2, You are striving and struggling for your own country, nation, religion, political party, organization, or group.

3, You are concentrating yourself on making money and worrying and rushing about to amass your wealth.

4, You are racking your brain and sparing no effort to win a good fame or secure a high position for yourself.

5, You are stealing, contending, or robbing, mugging, or killing, pilfering, cheating, corrupting, bribing, or accepting bribes, or requiting kindness with enmity.

6, You are doing something in the secret, which you are afraid of being discovered.

7, You are bullying, oppressing, blackmailing, exploiting, maltreating, humiliating, or trampling on others.

8, You break your word and do not keep your promise, always trying to find an excuse or reason to  exculpate yourself from your fault or crime.

9, You are eating things you are not supposed to eat, using things you have no right to use, and doing things you are not entitled to do.

10, You are affronting or desecrating the Greatest Creator, or affronting or desecrating God and Buddha, or affronting or desecrating sages and saints, or affronting or desecrating ancestors, or affronting or desecrating president of the country, or affronting or desecrating your own parents, or affronting or desecrating others.

11, You are threatening, abducting, or controlling others and restricting their freedom in the name of love or other excuses.

12, You are propagating and publicizing incorrect outlooks on life, value, LIFE, and the world.

13, You are inciting or abetting others to plot a rebellion.

14, You are spreading gossips and rumors to ruin the close and harmonious relations between others.

15, You are jealous of other’s joy and happiness, and you feel resentment at other’s freedom and blessing.

16, You are always envying, or complaining, or reprimanding, or hating, or detesting, or attacking, or hurting others.

17, You are always making comparison with others, or prompting others to make comparisons.

18, You are polluting the rivers, the land and the air with chemical materials, waste water, and waste gases, or polluting others’ spirit and soul with negative, passive and pessimistic mood.


If you have any one of the above eighteen items, then you are walking on the road of devil. You should wake up and realize your mistakes and rein in at the brink of precipice, before it is too late to repent.  


Where should I go after turning back from the cliff?


Answer: walk on the road to heaven and follow the way of the Greatest Creator!



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