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The Symbol of a Perfect Soul (Non-material Structure of LIFE)





There is no absolute perfection, only the relative perfection. There are different perfection symbols for the non-material structure of each level of LIFE. Different life beings have different standards of perfection. What I’m saying here is referring to the symbol of “Thousand-year World” celestials. If you reach the standard below, you are eligible to live in Thousand Year World.


Your nature is fully exhibited, and you have no shame

Adam and Eve were nude and shameless in the beginning, but they later had shame and were dismissed from Eden to live on earth. If they had wanted to go back to Eden, they woud have needed to return to their nature and eliminate the feeling of shame. Jesus once said, I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”   Do children have shame? No, they just follow their nature and they are not fettered.


Nature is the state of Buddhahood, without shame and letting one’s nature be displayed entirely so that they can return to the kingdom of heaven.


All creatures, even a blade of grass or a piece of wood are your friends and you never hurt any insects or birds

You are one with heaven and earth, you coexist harmoniously with everything. You are friends with plants and even insects and birds are your friends, and you never hurt any LIFE.


You are innocent and artless as a child and good at playing and entertainment

The Thousand Year World is a place of happiness and joy. If you cannot reach the state of innocent and artlessness, you will not be able to live in the Thousand Year World.


You are worryfree and carefree when going anywhere and you treat people you meet as your family

You are absolutely selfless and nothing can bother you. You sees every place as your home. Everyone likes you and you like everyone you meet. You do not have the idea of differentiation and you treat everybody equally.


You own nothing, possess no one,  are never be jealous, and never compare yourself with others

You are well integrated into nature and the community, you own nothing, nor do you possess those whom you love. You are not jealous of your fellows, you only praise and love them. You never compare yourself with others.


You are healthy, positive and optimistic, and never have negative feelings

You are mentally and emotionally healthy, positive, optimistic, and you never have negative feelings. You always bring happiness and fun to the people around you, you never hesitate or worry, and you are not even on your guard against anything.


You are ordinary and keep a low profile and you never hate anyone or try to feel superior

You do not have the concept of lowliness or nobleness, ordinary or great, superiority or inferiority. You only react when you feel the call in yourheart; you are able to adapt yourself to any circumstance. You never act out of bravado or pick on anybody. You never have the desire to manage or control others and you do not know hatred, discontentment, or what outstanding and superior are.


You do what you like, but within boundries. You are free and unrestrained but even-tempered.

You revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE and nature and you maintain these values. You love life and all creatures. You are always grateful and get along well with the group. You have neither bad habits or a bad temper. You never complain or get angry and you never make mischief among people, but you never swallow insult and humiliation silently or allow your will to be abused. You are free and unfettered.

If anybody has cultivated to the above eight standards, he has reached the first milestone, and has stepped into the group of celestials. He can further self-cultivate on this base to qualify to live in the “Ten Thousand Year World” and  “Elysium World”.


April 14, 2010


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