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II. The Purpose of Humanity


Is the purpose of humanity only for survival? Are humans the most intellectual animals in the universe? Does the existence or the disappearance of humankind have any influence on the universe?

We know from the chapter “the Greatest Creator” that there is purpose for any life beings in the universe, nothing exist for no purpose. Solar system and everything included are to serve humanity, while humanity is to serve the Greatest Creator, and indirectly to serve gods.

The Greatest Creator created the universe, gods, buddhas and celestials. Gods sent celestials to create humans under the authorization of the Greates tCreator; therefore, the meaning of humanity is to live for its creator, gods and the Greatest Creator.

The Greatest Creator created numerous gods assist him manage the universe to ensure it is running in order. God is the assemblage of high energy; god only has godhood, but doesn’t have playful and naughty character. They can’t bring joy to the Greatest Creator, so he created many angels (celestials and buddhas), let them travel freely in the universe to brighten up the atmosphere of the universe.

Although Celestials and Buddhas were created by the Greatest Creator, they are on a lower energy level, and are dominated and influenced by the god in its respective universe. The celestials coming to earth 250 million years ago and the buddhas coming to earth 200 million years ago were the result of the influence.
There are three origins for the human on earth: the black men in Africa, American Indian, Egyptian, white men in north Africa and Europe were made by one god; Israelite, Palestinian, Iranian, Afghans, Iraqi, Turk, Syrian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Saudi Arabian and most Indian were created by another god, Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, Korean and the people in Southeast Asia are the descendants of dinosaur.

No matter where we come from, we are equal in the sight of the Greatest Creator, but in the sight of gods, there is big difference. The antagonism among gods is reflected evidently on humans, we can see that from rivalries among Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, and Buddhism.

The people of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are originally from the same source,however, because the Israelite can’t get along with their fellow, and instead made good friends with the people from other origins, which had caused their god to create Islam. Muhammad created Islam based on the revelation of his god in opposition to the Israelite and other people. The Israelite should stand together with Muslims, but they betrayed their god and went to join the men created by another god. In the end, they were not only not accepted but also persecuted by those men, while their brothers, Muslims, refused to accept them either; this is the root cause why the Israelite were persecuted in World War II, and still fight with Palestinian till today.

The ideology of Buddhism is completely different from that of Christianity and Islam. To survive, Christianity and Islam have to compete; however, Buddhism advocates not fighting; even die without descendants to leave this world of disputes and go back “home” to enjoy free life.

The reason why Japanese disturbed Asia in World War II, even fought with USA is not the problem of buddhas, but the punishment by god to buddhas. We know that East and Southeast Asian are the offspring of dinosaur (dragon); they are the embodiments of buddha. They used to be the followers of god Satan, but because of that great plague, they realized that no matter which god they follow, they could be faced another calamity one day, so the best choice for them is to self-cultivate and go back to the “Elysium world”. This thought and behaviour had provoked the discontentment of their god, so he punished the descendants of dinosaur at the same time he punished the Israelite.

Moreover, Taoism, a category of Buddhism pursuing only “skill” not “way”, emerged in the process of propagation of Buddhism. Taoism is a school of religion which looks peaceful from the surface: “close the door for the world outside, and form its own system”. But deep inside, Taoists are very competitive, when they are at a weak position, they pretend to be humble, but when opportunity comes, they will stand out to show off their power. Japanese Shintoism also has the similar character.

Human beings on earth come from three completely different origins, and the ideological polarity was a historical issue. However, this was not what the Greatest Creator wanted to see; Jesus came down in form of human body with a mission given by the Greatest Creator. He was born in the Satan-made Israelite; when he criticized the Pharisees and religious leaders, by showing his miraculous power, he also taught people to love each other, and said all nations should be united; he asked people put their hope on the GreatestCreator, and make the earth a paradise as the Greatest Creator wishes – the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator. Saint Paul is a very good example transformed by Jesus’s teaching. Today, all people around the world gradually come to surrender to Jesus; they are in fact walking on the way guided by Jesus.

Now we know that the purpose of humanity is to serve the Greatest Creator, we are not alone in the universe, except human beings, there are angels (celestials and buddhas), and there are gods above angels, and the Greatest Creator above gods. Humanity have been through hardships since its birth, today’s world is not an easy gain. We need to be grateful to the Greatest Creator, and live in accordance with the teachings of gods, any arrogant behaviour will lead to more sufferings and even the destruction of human beings.

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