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To the Pioneers of the New Era: Please Come Close to Lifechanyuan!

Deiform Buddha


"There are a lot of people in present society- teachers and messengers, masters and farsighted people-they are showing the prospect in front of human beings and are creating instruments for this prospect. These messengers and farsighted people are pioneers of a new era."__ quoted from Seek For

We have been aware of the fact that a new era is brewing; the old order will disappear. A new human world will come into being on earth. It the period of time full of joy, a time when the frequency of life is transforming rapidly to high frequency wave, a golden time of elegance and talent blooming which is hard to meet in the past thousands of years, and also a period of time for every people to choose his ascending life or descending life.

Those people who do not have any notion of the great leap in human awareness remain in the dark about the situation and still follow the old order in their struggling for power and benefits as well as breeding resentment and evil. Some people with slight wisdom are dazzling at the atmosphere of the new era and unable to absorb so much sudden information. They are not able to make transition in their mind and still cherish those antiquated philosophy in order to obtain a piece of worn boat deck of the old times for surviving the oncoming billows of the new era.

The awareness of human beings is experiencing significant changes now. The total amount of knowledge and wisdom accumulated in the past five thousand years is nothing compared with the amount of knowledge and wisdom over the next five years and now, because it is a qualitative leap, a result of impacting energy of new photons in the universe. It is a rapid sublimation of life rather than long and gradual changes.

We are pioneers of a new era, shouldering a great and honorable mission with joyful and happy mood. We are open and willing to accept the oncoming new era. We are farsighted masters and angels of the new era. A completely new era will come into being in our effort.

Any souls which sense the atmosphere of the new era and have made good preparation in spirit should break their old concept out of traditional constrains and take part in the construction of the new era with all his strength. We are not the kind of human being in ordinary sense, because we are shouldering a sacred mission. Our future life decides how much we will contribute for the construction of the new era

Please keep in mind, Lifechanyuan is the core area for leading the new era. Everyone who is willing to devote his talent and spiritual wisdom to the new era should get into Lifechanyuan. It would be a great pity for those who watch the golden chance slip by out of hesitation.

This would be a great era engraved in human being's memory, and we are standing now on the eve of it. A great era needs great figures and great figures need great thinking. Any conservative or indifferent idea would be mocked and cast aside mercilessly.

The new era will break the boundary existing now in different countries, religions, regions, and cultures, and it will bring about a great shock to the traditional idea of family. It will sweep away all of the old concepts, moralities, ideas, and traditional habits, reshaping the world in unparalleled, colorful, quickly changing and spectacular images. It will emerge in an entirely new gesture on the stage of universal life.

I hope you could abandon prejudice and turn to Lifechanyuan. Any kind of thinking aiming at guiding the era by means of individual power is unpractical and will obstruct people from making progress. Except in Lifechanyuan, nobody is powerful and intelligent enough to deal with so complicated event in future, and there will be no organization in the world have the ability for overall grasp and foresight for the oncoming new era or be capable of unifying all religions and political parties all over the world.

I hope everybody getting into Lifechanyuan become Chanyuan Celestial and obtain visa of life. When you devote yourself entirely into this trend of times which is unlike anyone in history before or since, you will find that you are embracing by the love of the Greatest Creator, brothers, sisters and lovers, and you will live in hourly happiness and excitement which you have never experienced before. The value of your life will take on a completely new meaning and your wisdom and knowledge will enhance rapidly in geometric series.

We do not have much time to improve the incomplete consciousness of human beings. What we should do now is to destroy the old order completely and rebuild a paradise of Haven on the ruins.

Angels, masters, and all far-sighted pioneers of the new era, let's take the wing with non-form thinking, Taiji-thinking, heart-image thinking and move forward for the direction of holographic order thinking. Let's devote our youth and talents to human world as well as the upcoming new era. During those difficult days in future when there will be no light coming from the sun and the moon and the earth will be shrouded in darkness, we will serve as the light of hope for human beings and we will bring the kind, honest and hard-working people into a new era.

Today, we are working at the time of the transition from the old to the new; tomorrow, we will meet in a sunny and prosperous fairyland where all under heaven are of one family and all love each other devotedly. Every effort we make today will pay off sooner or later. Our beautiful and pure mind will be blooming gorgeously in the new future. And then, we will say: "we feel no qualms about the times, lifetime, mountains, rivers, and the world; we feel no qualms about the Greatest of Creator. Every effort we do, we do it for the new era. It is worthwhile!"


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