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The transmigration of life



Essentially, there is nothing else in the universe except energy and life.

Life would have manifestations when energy is absorbed by the nonmaterial structure

with spiritual nature. And millions and millions substances will have manifestations when life possesses consciousness.

All matter originates from energy, and returns to energy in the end.

All life originates from structure, and returns to structure in the end.

When there is energy, there is life.

The total amount of energy in the universe does not increase nor decrease.

The total number of life in the universe does not increase nor decrease.

The total amount of energy and the numbers of life is proportional. The ratio between them is a constant.

Although new life can be re-created, it has saturation. After reaching the saturation, new life can not be recreated.

Once being created, life will not be extinguished, because the nature of life is a kind of nonmaterial structure with spiritual nature and this nonmaterial structure can not be exterminated. It can only transform from one form to another form and from one space to another space.

If the number of people on earth increases, the number of animals and plants will decrease accordingly; if the number of Human Celestial Being in the thousand-year world increases, the number of people in man’s world will decrease accordingly. So on and so forth.

Transmigration of life happens in the following ten spaces:

Elysium world, the ten-thousand-year world, the thousand-year world, Mortal World, the Livestock World, Animal World, Plant World, Hell World, Frozen Layer and Inflamed Layer


Holographic order World refers only to the space of energy aggregation. While the Zero World is the place for the Greatest Creator, the Heaven World is the place for gods. The Cathode Black Hole Body is the prison for the senior life—Devils in the universe. The Anode Black Hole Body is just a place for temporary transformation of life (reincarnation).The Dream world is a demonstrating place of past and future for life of all spaces. The Insect World and the Bacteria World, including the herbs of the plant world, are the transmigration and transformation places of another nature of life.

Is life really immortal? Is life really a form of transmigration and transformation?

Yes, life is immortal, and what is mortal is just the form of life expression.

When we see somebody is dead, it does not mean that his life is dead, rather the death of his carrier. It is just like that, we moved from an old house to another new house; the previous house is thus empty and “died”. We can not say that we are died because we moved out and the previous house became empty.

What should we do if we want to go across the river and to the other side? What we should do is to build a boat or rent a boat. Once the boat pulled in to the shore, we would abandon it and the boat’s mission is accomplished there after. And then we would go ashore and continue our way.

We are the life, while the boat is our flesh. Our life is that river, and we enter into this river by means of our body and paddle toward the other side of the river. As soon as we are ashore, we would abandon the boat of body and go on with our journey.

If a candle is burnt out to its end, shall we say it is “dead”?

The external form of the candle is “dead” indeed, and does not exist any longer; but the nature of the candle—energy of the candle is converted and enters into the atmosphere or into the body of other objects. It does not “die”.

When we eat an apple, we chew it up one bite after another, and swallow it into our stomach and at last, only the nut is left. Where is the apple? Is it “dead”?

Yes, the external form of the apple does not exist any longer; it is “dead” indeed. But the nature of that apple—its energy is converted and transformed into the nutrition of our body.

We placed a cup of water under the sunshine. After several hours, the water disappeared. Where is the water? Is it “dead”?

Surely the water does not “die”. What is “dead” is just the form of water, but the nature of water itself turns into vapor and rise into the sky. As soon as it meets cold air, it will drop down to the earth in the form of rain or snow. Therefore, water is constantly cycling (transmigrating). If water would “die”, the water storage would have been exhausted along time ago.

In the book of Lifechanyuan, in the second section of Abnormal thinking --Life and death is a representation, life is of no birth and death”, I demonstrated the principle of life is of no birth and death from the philosophical point of view, and listed some examples like “regeneration of a girl”, the witness of the reincarnation of Living Buddha of Tibet and some of the research results in ‘International Near-death Research Institute You may as well reread this part.

Actually, it may have occurred to you suddenly that something or somewhere is so familiar as if you have met before when your mental is at peace. But that feeling may disappear instantly. Why does this kind of feeling arise? It is because that this phenomenon is a reflection of the instant memory of the past environments in your previous life which exists in your subconscious.

When some people come to a strange place he has never been there before, he may also have a sudden feeling that the scene is very familiar to him, and this feeling is a proof that he has lived or worked here in his previous life.

Generally speaking, everyone will have this feeling if he was a human in his previous life and is a human again after transmigration. If he was not a human in his previous life and was transmigrated from other forms of life, he usually does not have this kind of feeling.

With the rapid development of human society and the great changes of environmental in the present era, it is relatively difficult for people to relive this memory of the previous environment.

There are a few people who often have mirages in their consciousness and they are very sensitive to the “illusory” space, which may mean that the environment of their previous life is not in the man’s world of the earth but the thousand-year world or the ten-thousand-year world, even Elysium world.

The higher one’s spiritual nature, the stronger his feelings for the nature of life are. The more Boeotian the spiritual nature, the weaker his feelings for the nature of life are.

Death is just one phenomenon of life, and eternality is the essence of life. Actually, there is no birth or death for the essence of life in any sense, but a matter of transmigration of transformation. And this is an indisputable fact.


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