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Photos of Oversea Visitors from 15 Countries
in the Second Home
(Oct 2011-- Nov 2013)


Between October 2011 and November 2013, nearly thirty visitors from fifteen mostly overseas countries came to visit the Second Home of Lifechanyuan to observe, investigate, and experience our life. They came from the United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, from Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Switizerland in Europe, and from our Asian neighbors of India, Japan, and Malaysia. They learned through diverse channels that there exists in Yunnan Province, China, a community called the New Oasis for Life--the Second Home, with a unique set of values and a life mode which drew them to visit, in many cases from many thousands of miles away. The overwhelming majority of these guests were impressed with our community. They praised the people, the beautiful and natural environment, and they appreciated the friendly, diligent, kind, and sincere qualities they witnessed. They told us how they enjoyed our simple, natural, happy, free, and pleasant life. On a different level, they told us that they hope to visit the Second Home again but to stay longer, that they would like there to be more branches of the Second Home outside China, and that they would love to recommend more people to come, to visit, and to experience the beauty here.
We believe the Second Home will continue to receive greater attention from more overseas friends as international communication continues to expand, and that people who are pursuing a place with our unique new values and life mode will soon blossom like the grasses after spring rains. Traditional values and lifestyles will fade away, communal life will become a global trend, and many more people from different cultures, countries, and backgrounds will come to the Second Home to visit, investigate, and experience. We believe this new life mode will surely be accepted and loved by all diligent, sincere, kind, honest, and trustworthy people who have sought and longed for a happy, peaceful, colorful, and free life. These beautiful new life values and the new life mode will gradually but surely spread and the world will usher in a sunny, splendid, and beautiful new age!
Please enjoy some lovely and beautiful moments from these international friends and visitors to our home.
Oct 2011 France Community life seeker: Lyes and Jeff
the 1st branch, dates of stay: 8 days


August 2012, Switzerland Pshcologist JY
the 3rd branch, dates for stay: 3 days
Oct 2012, Germany  Martin ( PhD candidate of anthropology) and his wife Qiuxue
visited three branches of the Second Home, and made a deep communication with founder Xuefeng  Dates of stay: 1 week
Jan 2013  India  Venkatesh
Permaculture Promoter and Practitioner
1st, 3rd and 4th branch
Dates of stay: 20 days


March 2013, Permaculture experts
(Belgium) Brecht & (US) Nick
from Thailand Panya Project
1st, 3rd and 4th branch, dates of stay: 10 days
                                   July 2013, Sweden Allen                                    

Postgraduate of Ecological Engineering
the 4th branch dates of stay: 5 days
August 2013, France Baptiste
the 3rd branch  dates of stay: 11 days
August 2013, France Agnes
the 3rd & 4th branch, dates of stay: near 3 weeks
August 2013, Italy Mr Moore and his wife Ouyang
the 1st & 3rd branch  dates of stay: 1 day
September 2013, US Richelle
the 4th branch, dates of stay: 2 weeks

Oct 2013, New Zealand  dairy farm Owner Sylvia
Canada  couple Eloise & Dennis,
Australia  couple Serrin & Tim,
Spain  Oscar,
US couple  English teacher Stu & Nico(Chinese)
the 4th branch  dates of stay: one-two weeks
Oct 2013, US Taxi driver Joel
1st, 3rd & 4th branch, dates of stay: 3 weeks
Malaysia community life seeker Alex and his family
the 1st branch, dates of stay: 5 days
Nov 2011, England Oliver
graduator of enviorment science
the 4th branch, dates of stay: 9 days
Nov 2013, US Rikki
Trainer of natural building
the 4th branch, dates of stay: 1-2 weeks
Japan Michiyo
GEN board member, GENOA president,
(GEN:Global Ecovillage Network,  GENOA: Global Ecovillage Network Oceania & Asia)
representative of Konohana Family, Japan
the 1st & 4th branch, dates of stay: 2 weeks