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Albania Earthquake Dead Toll Hits 40

November 29,2019

The latest reported number of people who died in the recent earthquake in Albania has risen to 40, according to the recent report.

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the port city of Durres, about 36 kilometers from the country's capital Tirana, on Tuesday morning.

Prime Minister Edi Rama of Albania put the most affected areas, Durres and the inland town of Thumane, under a state of emergency to grant more funds and security. Most deaths also occurred in those areas.

Among the confirmed death is Kristi Reçi, the fiancee of the son of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. The report said that she was "found under the rubble" along with her parents and brother.

One person in Thumane was pulled out alive but later died from his injuries. Another one died through a vehicular vehicle after the road cracked open. There is also a man who did not survive after he jumped from the balcony in panic.

Prime Minister Rama promised that the rescue mission will continue to "search patiently and thoroughly to the end". Affected residents were also provided accommodation in hotels until new homes provided by the government can be given to them.

Flags were flown below the summit of its pole on public buildings all over the country as a sign of mourning for all of those who perished.

Live from Albania now.

The Rescue Mission

Aside from local military officers, troops from Serbia, Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey and Croatia were deployed to assist in the rescue mission.

The largest deployment came from the security forces of Kosovo, a territory in the Balkans region of Europe that gains its independence from Serbia in 2008. The troops are trained to help with natural disasters. They also assisted in keeping the peace and order in the areas.

Dogs were also deployed to assist the rescue team on looking for people trapped beneath the rubble.

At least 45 people have been rescued from various locations. Medical attention was provided at the hospitals immediately.

On Wednesday, Italian rescuers tried dug through the four-story house owned by the Lala family. They were able to save a 17-year old boy and recovered the bodies of an elderly woman and a young girl. Other family members, including twin toddlers and a disabled man, were still trapped.

The weather forecast warned for a possible downpour that could hamper the rescue mission.

The Deadliest Earthquake

The country of Albania is located along the Adriatic Fault making it prone to earthquake activity. But the last region never experienced earthquakes as deadly and destructive since the 1979 Earthquake which killed 40 people.

Aftershocks up to 5.0 magnitude were reported on Thursday morning, according to Albana Agastra, spokesperson of Albanian Ministry of Defense.

The Greek island of Crete also experienced a 6.0 magnitude on Wednesday but no damage or injuries were reported.


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