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Eight Criteria for Individual Freedom




An advancing Life ascends from the realm of necessity toward that of freedom, while a regressive one retreats in the opposite direction. If we want to climb to a higher-level space of LIFE, we must strive to move toward the free kingdom. What are the criteria for complete freedom of the individual? In other words, what criteria do individuals need to achieve the realm of freedom?


1. Sexual Freedom

2. Lack of Responsibilities and Obligations

3. Lack of Cares

4. Lack of Close Personal Relationships

5. No one to Answer for You

6. No Answering for Anyone Else

7. Doing as You Wish Without Overstepping Basic Law

8. Managing and Governing Yourself


We will examine each in detail:


1) Sexual freedom: As long as an individual and their partner are willing, when and how they make love should be their unrestricted decision. Only common sense manners should dictate the proper time and place.


2) Lack of responsibilities and obligations: Just as flowers grow, bloom, and pollinate, everything is natural and voluntary, not forced by responsibilities or obligations. Once there are even the least amount of responsibilities and obligations, freedom is lost. A newborn baby lives on milk and its mother gives her breast, but this is natural and voluntary, brings pleasure to both, and is not done out of responsibility.


3) Lack of cares: “Own nothing, own everything!” Act freely and have no cares. Once you care for something, your freedom is lost.


4) Lack of close personal relationships: Once you have close familial relationships, you have obligations and responsibilities, and once you have friends and lovers, you have to care for them. Therefore, friends, relatives and lovers are obstacles to freedom.


5) No one to answer for you: You need to solve your own problems and expect no one to solve them for you. Deal with your own necessities of life, such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, old-age, illness, and death naturally and with neither regrets nor complaints.


6) Do not answer for anyone: Answer to the Greatest Creator and for yourself, but not to anyone else.


7) Doing as you wish without overstepping basic law: Do as you wish but never overstep the basic law. You can do as you wish, but always revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature, and never harm LIFE or nature.


8) Managing and governing yourself: As long as one is managed, supervised, governed, or controlled by others, they have no freedom. This means that individuals who have reached the highest level of quality and accomplishment will have achieved the highest realm of civilization, so they will not need to be managed, supervised, governed or controlled by others because they will naturally interact with others, both harmoniously and efficiently.



September 18, 2008


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