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The Values and Meanings of Life and LIFE



Life and LIFE are two different concepts.

They are interrelated, but fundamentally different.

Life is that part of LIFE which exists during its journey through the mortal world. Life is temporary, but LIFE is eternal. Life is a chapter in the long river of LIFE. LIFE is a series extending outward from the origin of the universe to infinite time and space.

Life can come to an end at any time, but LIFE can never end, even with the ending of Life. The Life of LIFE is over, but LIFE itself will always continue to exist in other forms.

Therefore,the values and the meanings of Life are different from those of LIFE. If you confuse the values and meanings of Life with the value and meaning of LIFE, then you are likely to have a confused Life.

The values of Life are to serve for LIFE, to pay off debts, to improve your LIFE structure, to make Life happy, joyous, free, and blessed, and to make it extend to higher space.

The meanings of Life are to create wealth and joy, to serve oneself, others, and the community.

The values of LIFE are to serve the Greatest Creator, to serve nature, and to maintain the dynamic balance of the LIFE of the universe.

The meaning of LIFE is that the universe exists for LIFE. LIFE lives for the universe. Without the universe, there would be no LIFE and without LIFE, there would be no universe.

So, what are the values and meanings of Life and of LIFE?

If your Life is happy, joyous, free, and blessed, and if you can orient your Life structure toward perfection, then your Life has value. If your Life can create wealth and joy for yourself, for others, and for your community, then your Life has meaning.

If your LIFE serves the Greatest Creator, serves nature, and serves other LIFE, then your LIFE has both value and meaning.


February 17th 2008

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