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LIFE Is A Nonmaterial Structure with Spiritualism



The connotation and denotation of life is the core problem of the sustainable development of human kind. It is impossible for us to determine whether the value of humanity nowadays is right or wrong without figuring out this problem.

1. A difficult journey

I am an ordinary man. Each time I got hit by life, I would ask myself this question: What's the reason for these? What should I live for? What is the meaning of my life? An obscure living all days is no better than to die.

However, the statement that there is heaven and hell makes one feel a little bit stupid to die like this. Maybe it is more appropriate to make the meaning of life clear before making decision for how to die.

But how can I figure out the nature of life? Where could I find out the meaning of life?

I started looking for the source of life and life's destination. I read several Buddhist scriptures first, then The Bible, The Qur'an, and Tao Te Ching, and skim through Seth's discussion about life. But the reading only makes me remain confused.

It seems that I had to look for scientific books. So I made some exploration on Newtonian mechanics, Einstein's special and general relativity theory, Quantum Mechanics, Superstring Theory, Cosmic Holygraphy, Unified Field Theory, and Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time. But I was still in a confusion state.

What left for me then was nothing but to make exploration lonely.

What occurred in my mind first were these questions: Why is the human body so symmetrical? What is the force creating this symmetry? The reason must lies in the original structure of life factors. Then what kind of structure is the life factor?

Matter is composed of molecules and molecules are composed of atoms. Atoms in turn, are composed of protons, neutrons and the extra nuclear electrons, and the next after which are the elementary particles and the space of sub- particles, and one of the later was named by Murray Gell-Mann of California Institute of Technology as quarks (also called straton by some Chinese physicist).

But what kind of structure is quark? According to professor Tsung-Dao Lee's saying, who won the Nobel Prize, even the existence of quarks was still a riddle to be solved.

However, although I'm not sure that if it is possible for the microscopic matter being infinitely divisible, I do believe the existence of quarks, since the structure of nuclei and extra nuclear electrons isn't that kind of symmetrical structure which will lead to the appearance of life.

Let's make an assumption that quarks do exist, is it the life factor? What are the elementary particles composing quarks again?

It is likely that it is impossible to make infinite division on particles, because neither a particle accelerator, synchrotron radiation appliance nor the neutron source can make it possible for us to "see" a very microscopic material world. So, we had to take elementary particles as the object for our study.

From the Wave-Particle Duality, we have known that each particle spins; quantum mechanics tells us that it seems that particles do not spin around the axis, because some of the particles are the same when observing from each direction, some are not the same until they turn a full circle, some are the same after half a circle, and sill some particles need two full circles before being obvious the same in our observation. Thus, the particles fall into two groups according to their spin: one is 1 / 2 and the other is 0, 1 and 2. According to Pauli Exclusion Principle and Uncertainty Principle, it is impossible for two similar particles to have the same position and velocity simultaneously. Dirac-Theory indicates that each electron must have its partner: antielectron, or positron, which means that each particle parallelizes with an antiparticle with which the particle annihilate itself quickly. On the bases of this, Stephen Hawking believed that it may also exist anti-world and anti-human consists of antiparticles. It seems that the particle annihilation theory comes close to the boundary of the symmetrical structure of life, but it is not the true sense of "real human".

The super-string theory is established for the purpose of combining quantum gravity field theory and general relativity together. Superstring theory suggests that elementary particles are not point particles, but a dimensional string; different particles in nature are different vibrational modes of one-dimensional strings. In this way, the micro structure of matter become a super-string, rather than in the form of particles, and it is just like the melody from a heptachlor.

But there is still a problem here: the M Theory which unify the five superstring theories and eleven-dimensional supergravity, as well as the Matrix theory, can not solve the problem of the unifications of the four interactions (gravitation, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force and strong )

Some people tried to explain this with the cosmic holography theory. The three holographic states are: physical state, motion state and thinking state. It means that in addition to mass and energy, there is a cosmic phenomenon- thinking, also known asenergy of thinking. In this way, the shackle of just concentrating on matter is broken because consciousness and thinking are also included. Hence, human knowledge made a big step in this aspect.

On the base of holography, scientists came to establish the Unified Field Theory.

During the 1920s, Einstein had proposed Unified Field Theory, hoping to unify the gravitational field and electromagnetic field together, but he failed in spite of spending all the rest of his later life in this work.

Where did the First Cause come from then? Newton had said that it came from God since the law of universal gravitation can not solve the problem.

It is believed that the Unified Field Theory provide a solution to the First Cause and the spin of celestial bodies. Namely, the role of one component of uniform gravitational field which is at the tangential direction makes the celestial body curve spatially together with another component of the same uniform gravitational field on the one hand; and on the other hand, this tangential force leads to a rotating torque which will make the body spin around its axis at the same time.

The resent Unified Field Theory realized that, in addition to mass and energy, energy of thinking ( energy generated from thinking) is a kind of existence of super time and space, which is capable of connecting the outside world; the Unified Field Theory also states that the amount of space, time and psychology can be interchangeable one and another; the composition of the black hole is neither mass nor energy but a huge sense of body; the center of the particle is core of energy of thinking (consciousness and thought) and the universe as a whole is a holographic continuum.

This is a very great wisdom indeed.

But, We are still at a loss about how life first came into being, what life originate from, and why have moral good and evil in human beings. These problems are unable to have a satisfactory solution by Unified Field Theory.

After exploring G?del's Incompleteness Theorem, Stephen, Hawking recognized it is impossible for the final realization of Unified Field Theory, because according to G?del's Incompleteness Theorem, within any system, there is a pair of improvable contradictory propositions which consist of a true proposition, and which in turn is improvable either. Simply speaking, there is no shield which is capable of blocking everything, and there is no sphere which is capable of pricking through everything. Doesn't it belong to paradox if there is a pair of invincible sphere and shield at the same time?

Hawking believed that it is also applicable in physics for G?del's Incompleteness Theorem, and he gave up the Unified Field Theory in the end.

And by now, the development of physics was in a dilemma.

1.Suddenly enlightened

I was unwilling to give up the exploration after so much study.

French scientists Laplace imagined: "We may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its past and the cause of its future. An intellect which at a certain moment would know all forces that set nature in motion, and all positions of all items of which nature is composed, if this intellect were also vast enough to submit these data to analysis, it would embrace in a single formula the movements of the greatest bodies of the universe and those of the tiniest atom; for such an intellect nothing would be uncertain and the future just like the past would be present before its eyes. (-Laplace, Pierre Simon, A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities, translated from the 6th French edition by Frederick Wilson Truscott and Frederick Lincoln Emory, Dover Publications (New York, 1951) pp.4)

Is it possible for me to be such an intellect?

Religious classics can not answer my question; all the scientific results can not answer my question either. Where should I find the answer then?

Since the Unified Field Theory states that the universe is a holographic continuum, and energy of thinking is a kind of super space-time which is capable of connecting the outside world why don't I practice it for a prove?.

So I began self-refinement. I gathered all the energy of my thinking and sent it to the universe to see if there is any effect.

That night, when I finished my self-refinement and lied down on the bed for meditation and gnosis, it occurred to me several sentences of Jesus the Christ, Lao Tze and Buddha Sakyamuni. Jesus the Christ said that it is possible to plant a tree into the sea if owning the pure faith; Lao Tze said: "Infinity is the intangible potential of all things; intangible yet manifesting all images, intangible yet manifesting all substance. Within the Infinite void resides the infinite potential of all things. All tangible things are a manifestation of the infinite essence. From the present, forever into the past, forever into the future, infinity is the homogenous essence. The potential of all things forever manifest." The last was Buddha Sakyamuni's words: "Everything with form is unreal。"

Aha, here is the secret! I laughed, rolling over in the bed; till I covered myself in the quilt, I was still laughing.

Can you figure out what I found in the end?

I found out Holographic order. All secrets lie in Holographic order (not Chaos).

Let's take a look at the mortal world again: it is so obvious for the secret of religion and human ignorance; it is so simple for what scientists have pursued all the time, and their work is almost the same as the kids are playing with mud.

You cursed the other guy yesterday, and a birdie is crapping on your head today, what lies behind this? You will not know until you get into the Holographic order.

1. Life is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality.

How to describe life accurately? I had read about Dr Christopher Langton's description on life, who comes from Los Chris Almos National Laboratory of the U.S. "life made by Man rather by Nature.". Inspired by his words, I got the following findings:

Life is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality.

Life is 1 +1 = 1.

The Greatest Creator does not dominate our lives.

The occurrence of transmigration is instantaneous, without intermediate procedures.

The view on Doomsday in various religions is wrong.

There is no doomsday for life.

Death is not life's destination

The process of life is the process of writing a fax,

Life can be "faxed".

The nature of transmigration of life is "What goes around comes around". As a man sow, so he shall ripe

For more information, please turn to the part of Chinese Soul: Life of Lifechanyuan


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