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Home for the Soul ; Kingdom of Freedom



When I think of the life in the thousand-year world and then I compare it with the living conditions of current people, I really understand what is called the immeasurably vast difference. This feeling just like a man who has been changed into a dog, lived among dogs and then he speaks of the human living conditions with dogs. It is hard to avoid feeling sadness as one faces such situations. Due to the flaw of thinking coupled with the lacking of life knowledge, people can not understand 36-dimensional space, can not know the Greatest Creator and can not listen to the teachings of Jesus and Sakyamuni. They run about madly on the wrong paths and become farther and farther from Tao. Facing such situation, I am anxious to leave early. However, I firm my belief each time when I remind that I can go to the Elysium world and enjoy the better life than that of the thousand-year world. I will give a focused explanation on the Anti-material World after I finish the 100 chapters of the Revelation; and my mission will also be almost finished when I accomplish the Anti-material World. And then It's time for me to leave.

In fact, the principle of life is very easy, and the difference is that the thinking ability of people can not reach that high. Once you have completely understood it, any profound things will be as simple as 1+1=2.

I hope everyone should not regard Lifechanyuan as a religious or political organization but as a home for soul or kingdom for freedom, neither should regard Xue Feng as a king; Yaoling-celestial elect me as the king of the Seeking Knowledge Kingdom; I can understand the mood, but that would destroy me; you should never treat me as a hierarch either; you can compare as brothers, friends, celestial friends, lovers, the small pig or old dog, but I am just me, just a tour guide.

I have written a lot of articles, and many articles are nonsense for Chanyuan Celestials, who should not be constrained by my nonsense. My articles are just written for the people outside Lifechanyuan; and I just try my best to find the proper people and guide them to Lifechanyuan; without these articles-footsteps, they can not find this life palace-Lifechanyuan; and once they have entered into Lifechanyuan, these articles-footsteps become no use.

All the people being granted by me as Chanyuan-celestial and start the new life course, you are the ones I am looking for. It is the grace of the Greatest Creator, the blessing and guidance of God and Buddha, the good fortune made in the former life by you that we gather in Lifechanyuan from so many different places. For me, I just act under orders and come to look for you, to tell you the secret and exit of life; I don't have any merits or virtues for you, and it is not Xue Feng but the Greatest Creator that you should remember forever.

About Satan, what I talked about may be different from that of others; but what I want tosay is that Satan shares the same importance as Jesus; without Jesus, many people can not go to Heaven; without Satan, the inferno will be empty; as a result, the symmetry of whole life structure will lose balance, so Satan has to guide a large quantity of life into the under-world; in this way, there are only a small amount of life go to the upper-world; Jesus said that the door of life is very narrow, only few people can find and enter into it. For example, among 1.3 billion Chinese people only about tens thousands of people can find the life door; and whether they can enter into it is still a problem; such as Kunlun-celestial, Celestial Mountain-Celestial, Celestial Island-Celestial, Heaven River-Celestial, Brook-Celestial and Crane-Celestial etc. approach to the gate of life door but then retreat back; this is their sadness and also is Satan's function. Now I have completely abandoned them and withdraw the name granted; Lifechanyuan will not have those people anymore. Wish the Greatest Creator pity them; wish they have a good life; wish they can catch the next life boat and enter into the supreme life space.

Before everyone leaves the Mortal World, Lifechanyuan is regarded as the home of the soul and kingdom of freedom; and please don't compare Lifechanyuan with the worldly society or religious situations; without any rights or obligations, herein Lifechanyuan everybody acts according to his/her mind voice and emotional reaction. In Lifechanyuan, one need not do the things that one is unwilling to do and it is unnecessary to compel oneself, certainly, nor to compel others either. At this point, I hope everyone to communicate, discuss frequently with others and to help each other but not to argue and disparage others, and the most important thing is to keep harmony.

Everyone has to learn to face the Greatest Creator alone; namely even without the guidance of Xue Feng in the future, everyone will be able to breakthrough the constraint of space-time and go to the supreme life space.

Although you are already very different, but strictly speaking you are still in confusion currently. It is very difficult to accept everything such as the thousand-year world, ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and life channels etc. in our mind; so I will try my best to explain it in Anti-material World in simple and plain words. However, the key secret can only be explained separately to you because the nature's mystery can not be revealed easily. You should not be anxious as we know haste makes waste, and things only can be easily settled when conditions are ready.


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