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Global Coronavirus Cases Approach Nine Million As Death Toll Crosses 460,000

June 20,2020

The official global cases of Coronavirus is approaching the nine million mark as Brazil continues to record a high number of confirmed cases.

The global case recorded an addition of over 300,000 cases in two days, according to data from Worldometers, an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers.

The global cases stands at 8,734,092 as more deaths are being recorded globally.

The US is 90 to contain the spread of the virus.

Russia, India and the United Kingdom make the top five countries hit with the virus with 569,063, 395,812, and 301,815 cases respectively.

Global death toll crosses the 460,000 mark on Friday as 4,733 deaths were recorded globally.

The pandemic Coronavirus has claimed the lives of 461,487 persons globally.

The USA also tops the chart of countries with most deaths followed by Brazil, UK, Italy and France with 121,359, 48,954, 42,461, 34,561 and 29,617 deaths respectively.

On the African continent, 288,048 cases with 7,699 deaths, a figure that has made many to hail the continent for taking proactive steps to curb the explosion of the virus.

Other countries mostly hit on the continent are Egypt with 52,211 cases, Nigeria with 18,480 cases, Ghana with 13,203 cases and Algeria with 11,504 cases.


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