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The Evolution of Life



Life is a nonmaterial structure with spiritual nature, and its evolution is based on the change of the life body’s material structure which is invisible material flesh, but the microscopic material structure of the flesh.

We can not see much difference among different persons on their human bodies and shapes, so we thought that everyone is the same. Actually, there are a lot of differences among different persons on the microscopic structure of human body; the Buddha’s relics of some eminent monks are the obvious evidences.

We can not see the tiny change of the microscopic material structure because the motion and change of the microscopic world can not be shown in the direct and clear motion mode. If we judge the microscopic change of the life structure according to the experience and cognition from the daily life, we can never understand the evolution of life.

The evolution of life is a gradual changing process, the motion and change of material can not exist without gradual change. Everything in the universe is changing at every moment, and as far as the change is going on, the microscopic structure of the material is bound to evolve; the gain and loss of the electrons in atoms are bound to generate the disintegration and recombination of the molecule.

All the changes of the material microscopic structure need an effect from a force, this force maybe internal force or external force. If this law applied to human, the internal force refers to the mental activities or the thinking and consciousness activities, such as the psychological activity caused by the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures of joy, anger, grief, depression, etc.; the external force refers to the sunshine, interference of sound waves, the passing of magnetic force, the hit of coldness and melting heat wave, etc..

There is specific correspondent motion state between two different molecules: some molecules may have violent combination reaction, such as the limestone molecules meet the water molecules; some other molecules are not reactive with each other, such is the case of water molecules and oil molecules. This means all the motions and changes of the matter have to observe the law of the motion of matter.

A love thirsty man certainly will be blood surge, heartbeat accelerating, palm sweating and speech out of sequence when he sees a sexy girl; however, when he sees a pig, his body will not produce such violent reaction.

Life evolution is progressed in following ways: in light of the case of human beings, as long as there is a little move of internal force or external force, human body is bound to produce the corresponding changes (decomposition or combination) in the microscopic structure; then, with such a few changes, the corresponding life nonmaterial structure will change accordingly; the tiny changes of the nonmaterial structure is the evolution of life. When these tiny evolutions are accumulated to certain amount and reach the saturated conditions, the nonmaterial of the whole life will reach its stable state, and then will begin another life structure evolution.

For example: when the atom structure of a man continually obtains electrons and its amount reaches to 900, with the addition of his intrinsic 100, he, as the life nonmaterial structure of a man, will be disintegrated. He has taken a qualitative leap and entered the life body structure of the Celestial Being. At this very moment, he, as a human being, reaches to the time of death, but he, as a Celestial Being, comes into being.

Another example: the atom structure of a man continually loses electrons; we can suppose that he loses 6 electrons for “publicizing ghosts and monsters, polluting spirit”; he loses 4 electrons for “the concocting various pretexts, force someone to bribe”; he loses 3 electrons for “take pleasure in other people's misfortune, ruining others success”; he loses 2 electrons for “destroying mountains and woods, digging grass and filling the ponds”; he loses 2 electrons for “passing the buck to self-hold and shifting the misfortune onto others”; he loses one electron for “ envying others’ prosperity, expecting others of being bad luck”; he loses one electron for “beating and scolding wife and breaching of etiquette for uncle and aunt”. At this time he has lost 19 electrons in total. The amount of his electrons being left over is only 81(100-19=81). At this moment, the structure of his life body is basically approaching to that of a dog. If he loses one more electron, he will die immediately and will reincarnate as a dog because his life body structure, as a human being, has been disintegrated, and he is unable to exist in the world as a human being.

This is why some people suddenly die in his youth; some people suddenly die of a car accident; and some people suddenly die of heart attacks. Because the number of electrons has just reached to the number of a particular life body structure at that moment, he, in whatsoever ways, has to start his new journey..

Some aged people remain in beds for a long time suffering from the illness. The reason is that his number of electrons changes too slowly, and in such situation he’d better not linger about the human world, and try to start his new journey as soon as possible. The bad solution is to curse others, blaspheme the God and Buddha and abuse children; the good solution is to wish the world all peaceful, wish everyone enjoy a happy life and wish the person who has hurt him a good future, and wish himself go to the Elysium world. He’d better invite a person who has a good knowledge about the 36-Dimensional Space and life transmigration and reincarnation theory give him some details about higher level life space, so that he can forget about his ups and downs in this life, and start a new journey without any worry or regret.

At the moment of life reincarnation, a special situation may appear sometimes. For example: the electron number of someone has reached to the number of a new life structure, but due to the “home” of the new life is not ready, he has to put up with it and wait temporarily; and such waiting usually will last no more than a month. This is just like a person who is going to move, but the new residence is not ready to accommodate. So he has to temporarily stay in the old house for a few days.

Where is “the new residence”?

“The new residence” refers to the Anode Black Hole Body in the 36-Dimensional Space, namely the womb. When a fetus exists in the womb, this fetus is a “new residence”.

From time immemorial, human beings have thought that a fetus is a life. Actually, it is not. The fetus is just a “residence”, not a life; this fetus will not be a life until a reincarnated life lives in this “residence” through the space tunnel of the 36-Dimensional Space. Generally speaking, the fetus, only a few days before the baby is born, has life within; some fetuses will be born a few days later than the expected date of childbirth, this is because there is not any life coming down to this “residence”.

The number of human beings on the earth is increasing quickly; this is because the animal on the earth is decreasing. A large number of animals are killed by people; and they have made great contribution to human beings and have accumulated merits and virtues. As a result, animals will be reincarnated as human beings, but the vast majority of human beings do not kill animals; so they can not be reincarnated as animals after they die. Therefore, the diminished number of animals can not be complemented in time. If such situation continues, the ecological system balance will be affected and human beings may face the great calamity at any time.

There are three ways to solve such unbalance:

The first one is that human beings should evolve towards the high level life space and go to the thousand-year world and ten-thousand-year world so as to reduce the number of human beings.

The second one depends on the self awakening of human beings: human beings need to control the continuous growth of population, protect animals and let animals reproduce and develop; human beings need to intentionally “transfer” a part of people into the animal level to maintain the ecological balance. Those people who are compulsively transformed into the animal level certainly are treated somewhat unjustly, but don’t worry, the Greatest Creator will deposit a large amount of “wealth” for them in the “bank”; when the ecological balance is approaching to stability, they will be reborn to the human world with high position and great wealth as compensation.

If the above two solutions don’t work, the third one will be used: Pestilence, war and starvation will happen to eliminate some people so as to relieve the ecology unbalance.

Apart from that, there is a special solution: Warning of coming of the last phase of an age, which was used by Jesus and Sakyamuni. In that age “every phenomenon in the Heaven will vibrate”; “the sun will blacken, the moon will not illuminate any more”; “everyone is scared to death”.

The appearance of the Lifechanyuan is to enlighten human beings to avoid the coming of the last phase of the age. The Gods and Buddhas are humane, and the Greatest Creator loves humanity.

Now, so much about chapter, you will have to apprehend the rest by yourself. All scientists, philosophers, thinkers and statesmen are welcome to join in the discussion and argue whether I’m telling the truth; if you don’t agree, fine, you just continue to live in your old life style.

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