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 Origin of Life



1. Definition of life

Before discussing the origin of life, we must firstly figure out what life is. Otherwise, we will not be able to explore the origin of life.

Nowadays, although the scientists who are discussing life may not be as many as the hairs on an ox, at least the number is very huge. When we use the Google Search Engine and enter the words "life"," life study", "origin of life" and "life exploration", ect, we will enter into a wide field of life exploration, in which we can have an idea of various of research theories and achievements discussed by life scientists.

Unfortunately, all life scientists just make a fuss on the presentations of life; none of them understand the essence of life. Only Christopher Langton, a doctor of Los. Amos National Laboratory of United States in his "Artificial life " initiated some slightest wisdom in the life exploration area; some of his opinions broke through the limitation of inherent thinking pattern and took a small step on the cognition of life, for example, "The essence of life lies not in the specific substances but form".

Then, what on earth is life?


Ⅱ Life is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality.

All substances are not life, but a carrier of life. Just like a person's watch, car, house and the clothes, all of these are not part of himself, but a kind of appendages and adornments of his life. We can not get to know him simply relying on his appendages and adornments. Furthermore, we neither can know him by his age, appearances, physique and physical condition, etc, because all of these are just a kind of material structure of life carrier.

It is very hard to understand nonmaterial structure, since it mostly depends on our perception of telegnosis. Only with the extraordinary sensitive telegnosis, can we "see" it. If one's telegnosis is blunt, it would be very hard to perceive telegnosis in any case. But this does not mean that there is no way to know. I will give an example and hope it can inspire you to draw inferences.

While I am sending a fax to my friend from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, to Washington, America, My friend's fax machine is receiving it simultaneously. The contents he receives are identical with what I have sent; my handwriting, the shape of the characters and the line spacing is copied unchanged by his fax machine. However, the original fax is still with me and I toss it into wastepaper basket as rubbish. Why should I toss it? The reason is that it has accomplished its mission and has conveyed its message (soul) to my friend in Washington.

Let's make an analysis: the origin copy doesn't go to Washington, but my friend has got my fax instantly, and only the paper (carrier of the information) has changed. How do you explain this?

The fact is that the fax machine transfers the information into a bunch of radio signals through photo electricity principle, and sends it to the communication station through electric cable and then Communication station "transmits" this signal to the communication satellite through communication launcher; then the information is received by another communication launcher, and this launcher sends it to my friend's fax machine through electric cable. At last, my friend's fax machine restores the information into words or pictures. In this way, the "soul" of my original copy is reached to my friend.

Here, we mainly focus on the radio signal. Radio signal is a kind of material rather than nonmaterial. However, this bunch of radio signals has its own characteristic-structure, no matter in wavelength or frequency. If the structure has consciousness, it will be a nonmaterial structure.

When microscopic particle tends to be infinitesimal, it will not exist or move in the form of particles and it will become a "String", or even a "Super String". "Super String" is a nonmaterial structure.

In this sense, the essence of life lies in the nonmaterial structure, rather tan the carrier of life-material.

The essence of life is formless. Is there anybody who can tell the form, color and weight of life?. When referring human beings, dogs, vegetation, insects, and bacteria as life, we are literally talking about the expressions of life forms rather than the essence of life.

The forms of life are exceedingly strange and omnifarious, but the essence of life is simplex.

Life has spiritual nature. Life can not exist without spiritual nature. For a person, when he is alive, his body shows up the active spiritual nature. He can talk to others, eat, drink and blink eyes. But when he dies, his body loses spiritual nature. Once he has lost the spiritual nature, can we call his corpse a human? Absolutely not.

Thus, when flesh has spiritual nature, it is a life; when flesh (material) doesn't have the spiritual nature, it is a corpse.

Thus, a stone can be called a life when it has spiritual nature. And it is an aggregate of material elements when it doesn't have spiritual nature.

Thus, a tree can be called a life when it has spiritual nature. And it is a piece of wood when it loses its spiritual nature.

Thus, a car can be called a life when it has spiritual nature. And it is a heap of waste iron when it loses the spiritual nature.

Thus, a statue can be called a life when it has spiritual nature. And it is just a heap of dried mud, plaster or metal when it loses its spiritual nature.


Every material thing may be a life, and also may be an aggregate of material elements, depends on whether it has spiritual nature at the temporal time and space.

Life is a nonmaterial structure rather than a material structure. Every material has a structure, no matter in the perspective of quark or electron or in the perspective of atom and molecular. So long as it is material, it will have a structure, or particle sequence. However, the structure of material doesn't imply that this material is a life. A cup may have a structure, but it isn't a life unless it has the spiritual nature.

What is the nonmaterial structure? I have ranked the nonmaterial briefly when I talked about the negative universe in the instruction of "Universe", such as time, space, thinking, consciousness, mind, spirit, beliefs, order, spell, law and soul, all of these are nonmaterial. Does nonmaterial have a structure? Yes, it does. Spell used in witchcraft is a kind of structure. Prayers used in Christianism and Moslem are a kind of structure. Lection read by Buddhist from their mouth and heart is a kind of structure, and everybody's thinking is also a kind of structure. And the order of universe and the law of thing's movement and development are structures, too. All nonmaterial has its own given structure. But it doesn't mean that all nonmaterial is life. Only when the nonmaterial structure has spiritual nature, can it be life.

Is the human vegetable a life or not? The answer is that the human vegetable is not a life unless the spiritual nature of nonmaterial structure returns to his flesh.

Is a person who falls asleep soundly in his dreams a life or not? The answer is that the person in above situations is not a life unless his consciousness returns to his flesh immediately.

It may be hard for you to accept this. "Obviously, He is still breathing; his heart is still beating; his body is still warm; how can you say he is not a life?"

Indeed he is not a life. If a car's engine is still working with lamp lighting, temperature existing, water circulating and oil burning, can we say that the car is a life? A pot of water is boiling on the stove with steam and with the possibility of burning people. Can we say that this pot of water is a life? We see the people talk, run, eat, drink and play on the screens when we watch movie and television. Can we say they are life? A great river is flowing, running and crying. Can we say it is a life? The moon moves around the earth at full speed and tracts the earth. Can we say the moon is a life?

Everything in the universe may or may not be a life. Whether it is life or not depends on its nonmaterial structure of spiritual nature at that moment.

We just talked about the essence of life, which is just like talking about the software of computer. A software program can play its function only when it enters into computer hardware, otherwise its program will not work.

It is very hard to understand if we only talk about the essence of life. It sounds like I am talking something unreal in my imagination. So, let's level down the connotation of life to a lower degree and analyze and interpret it from the presentation of life.

Buddha-caksus Sakyamuni defines life as: eggs, wombs, humidity or by transformation, with or without form, either thoughtful or thoughtless, and neither thoughtful nor thoughtless and this definition concludes all life forms in the universe. The life forms of eggs, wombs, humidity can be seen everywhere on the earth, which is easy to be understood. What is life by transformation then? Every life with water, appropriate temperature and humidity, formed naturally belongs to the category of transformation. The huge numbered microorganism, and various bacteria are transformations; the life can be seen by human's eyes refers to life which has body form. Every life we see in the world is the life can be seen by human's eyes. Then, what is the the life can not be seen by human's eyes? It refers to the life which exists without any body form such as life in the Heaven, life in Elysium world, life in the hell, and life in Frozen Layer and Inflamed Layer, etc; thoughtful life refers to life with self-consciousness; thoughtless life refers to life without self-consciousness, such as plants without flowers, fruits and nearly all the gemstones. Either thoughtful or thoughtless life refers to the life seemly without any consciousness, actually has great wisdom, such as the earth, sea, thunder, wind, cloud, rain and snow and so on. Neither thoughtful nor thoughtless life is superior life in the universe; a life regards a thousand years as a moment, which mainly refers to Super Celestial Beings and Buddha in supreme life space. Of course, there is a life at holographic status it is the superior life in the universe--the Greatest Creator.

It will take hundreds of years to comprehensively analyze the life forms. Now I will take human being as an example to interpret life.

Life is 1+1=1

Life consists two parts: one is formless spiritual entity; the other is tangible objects.

Intangible spiritual entity mainly refers to consciousness, thinking, spirit, inspiration, and mind and mindfulness, which are collectively called soul.

Tangible objects mainly refer to the body attached to soul, such as human being's flesh.

Human being is a living creature. Because he has consciousness, thinking, spirit, and some invisible and impalpable psychological activities, as well as soul attached body, such as the five sense organs and the seven apertures in the human head, internal organs of body, trunk and limbs, skin and hair, nerve and blood and so on.

No soul, no life.

If a person is senseless to the scald when putting his hand into the boiling water, senseless to the pain when a thorn sticking into his flesh, senseless to the coldness when squatting in the icehouse, senseless to the flavor when eating, senseless to starvation without eating anything for three days, senseless to danger, senseless to love and hatred, senseless to the changing surroundings, senseless to fear and dread, such kind of person is a person without soul. Yet there is no human being like that.

Although medically speaking a human vegetable is still a person, but his soul has left from his body and roamed in space tunnel. Because of the maladjustment of the body, his soul can't attach to his flesh effectively; his thinking and consciousness can't be expressed effectively. If we massage constantly at a certain acupoint of his body or call softly around his ear, we can bring his distant soul back sometimes at the moment of the body changing and finally, turn the human vegetable into a normal person.

Once the soul has left from the body, the body will lose the vitality of life. As long as the soul still stays in the body, the body will never die. Even you dig out a person's heart, take out all his blood or even chop his head off, his life still exits. He is not dead.

In myth novel The Legend and the Hero, Prime Minister Bi Gan was set up and got his heart cut by Da Ji. He did not die right away because his consciousness, thinking and psychosocial activity were still there. That is to say his soul was still attached to his body. So he still could speak and walk. But he breathed out his life immediately when he heard Da Ji, who disguised herself as a person selling arenaria saying "Vegetable without heart can live, but human without heart must die". Why? That is because Da Ji's words blockaded his thinking and compelled his soul to fly away from his body. With the leaving of the Soul, the body is dead.

Once there was an experiment conducted by someone who said to a prisoner sentenced with death penalty: "You were sentenced to death. Death penalty would be executed immediately. And you are to be bleeding to death. We hoped you can cooperate." Then, they put the condemned prisoner on a bed, with his eyes covered, leaving one of his arms hanging on the bedside, with a basin below; then, they cut the prisoner's wrist with the back of the knife blade, meanwhile dropping water drips into the basin beside the bed. The sound of drip-drop kept sounding in the ears of the prisoner. Tens of minutes later, the continuous sound of drip-drop disappeared gradually, leaving only the tick-tock sound in the air. Then the sound of drip-drop disappeared completely. With the disappearance of the drip-drop sound, prisoner was found completely dead.

What made the prisoner die? His wrist was not cut and his blood did not shed at all.

The reason leading to his death is his conventional thinking: "I was sentenced to death. I must die. My blood ran out completely. One definitely can not live without blood. So I have to die." As a result, he died.

During China's "SARS" period, Sohu reported a story like this: In order to find out the source of the SARS virus, related departments went to Guangdong to investigate some restaurants, and launched a tracking survey on one of the animal traders. Once, this animal trader bought lots of snakes from the market and sold them to a restaurant. Because they were very familiar with each other, and the animal trader had nothing to do after the business is done, so he began to help the cook to cut the snakes. At the end when he was clearing up, one of his fingers was caught by the head of a snake. Although his life was not in danger after medical treatment, the finger bitten by the snake became disabled.

Here, we are not going to discuss the source of the SARS virus and the finger of the trader. What we concern about is that why the cut snake could make revenge and bite the finger of the trader after it being dead for some time.

It could still revenge when its body were gone. The main reason is that its consciousness and psychological activity still existed; it did not die.

This case proves that as long as the soul doesn't leave from the body, even the body is cut into pieces, its life will still be there.

Buddhists consecrate tooth relic of the Buddha. People going to ancestral graves to burn incenses and kowtow is regarded as a conventional activity to express admiration and grief; but wise men know that tooth relic of the Buddha is the whole body of the Buddha. It is like a dressing mirror. Even if it is broken into thousands of pieces, you can still find your reflection from each piece. You burn incenses and kowtow to your ancestor, because you are afraid that his soul might still be attached to his body. If you stop respecting him, firstly you will feel sorry in conscience and emotion; secondly, you are afraid of the spells from ancestors and the ill retribution there from.

Egyptian pyramids are very mysterious. One of the mysteries is that, those who have involved with the ancient rulers' tombs of Egypt, regardless of their methods or motivations, as long as they dug the tomb of Pharoah or disturbed the peace of Pharoah, they would be punished. The way of punishment was mainly sudden death. More than forty archaeologists had died successively. The curator of Cairo museum died suddenly for being involved with Egypt burial mound and mummy. Kamoroer who achieved success for exploring Tutankhamun's tomb and died of serious disease; Archaeologist Emory who had searched ancient tome suddenly became total paralysis and died; Professor Dormethren who entered the tomb to copy the inscriptions also met tragic death.

Why? The reason is that Pharoah's soul has not left from his body at all; Pharoahs believed that they would be brought back to life when the time comes. So they went nowhere and waited and guarded day and night. If people dared to disturb them at this moment, undoubtedly, they would be punished.

All tomb robbers would suffer serious illness and die suddenly, some of them might lose their home and family, once they encounter the tombs whose soul has not yet left its body.

Let's take a look at the scenes in many movie stories. In the life and death fighting moment, although obviously some people were killed, they struggled to fight at a crucial time and killed their enemy and then died at the same time. Why? The reason is the same as the snake bite.

Cancer, leukocythemia, AIDS, SARS virus and other diseases kill people's thinking and consciousness firstly; then result in the death of the body. A person's thinking and consciousness "knows" that the opportunity of survive is very limited once they suffer the "incurable disease". So the self-consciousness collapses first. The collapse of the defense line will inevitably lead to an overall weakness and maladjustment of the body, which in turn further strengthens the consciousness of death. And there is only death in the end.

Some better-off modern people like to have regular physical examination. They like to nip a thing in the bud, but they don't know the danger of it. If the examination report shows fine result, everything is ok. What if illness or "incurable disease" is found? This simply is "dig your own grave". In fact, human body has the self-defense and disease fighting function. A lot of diseases occur silently and disappear unconsciously, we can just let it be; yet, once you take them seriously, they will tangle you to the end unflaggingly.

There is a case: A hospital in China has misplaced two patients' examination reports due to carelessness by placing the first patient's examination report into the second patient's pathological report files; and vise versa. Unfortunately, the one who isn't sick sneaked into the office of the case reports due to curiosity and found his case report. At the sight of his report he felt dizzy and chill instantly and struggled back to his ward, and totally collapsed since then, for the examination report said "terminal cancer".

Meanwhile, the sister of the patient who suffered the terminal cancer also sneaked into the case report office to check her brother's condition. She was wild with joy when she saw her brother's report, because it said "normal". She happily took out the examination reports to her brother. This look rewrote the history of physical therapy. Originally, the patient at the point of death and unmovable, suddenly sat up and said, "These doctors are jerks; they only want to cheat their patients money, well, let's go home." He held his sister's hand and left the hospital cheerly without giving a notice like a healthy man.

The functions of consciousness, thinking and psychological activities are so great. It indicates the death of a living creature comes first when the soul is dead. The death of body is resulted from the death of consciousness, thinking and psychological activities which represent their personal soul. People died out of shame, fear or anger, are actually killed by their own consciousness, thinking and psychological activities. A shameless person will never die from shame; a bold person will never die from fear; and a tolerant and broad minded person will never die from anger.

Seth said, "Physiological symptoms are communications from the inner self, indications that we are making mental errors of one kind or another"

Such is the case. When our consciousness, thinking and psychological activities are in abnormal condition, our body will turn up to dysfunction and maladjustment, which is the reason why so many people need to be self-refined.

In talking about good health and long life, Chinese Taoists is second to none. A person seeking Tao is the easiest one to cast off the worldly involvement and to treat life in a higher level. When their self-refinement makes them realize that as long as there is a soul, there is a life from the aspects of consciousness, thinking and psychological activities, then they are not far from being Celestial Being.

Buddhists' understanding of life is in a higher realm, they realize that, although the soul consisting of consciousness, thinking, spirit and psychological activities can not be a life if it doesn't have the carrier-a body, it can get itself attached to other matters to form another new life. Soul can go to the Elysium World directly and enjoy the supreme happiness of life when self-refinement reaches a profound level by getting rid of the constraints of the normal thinking completely.

What I mean by the supreme self-refinement is the self-refinement of the consciousness and thinking. The self-refinement which aims to exceptional functions is in lower level; Buddha eminent monks never take exceptional function seriously. However, "many things grow in the garden that were never sown there," Jesus and Sakyamuni merely considered how to save all living creatures, yet in the end, both of them have obtained the magical power.

In postscript, I have written, "Unbearable cold, surpass the human world, infinite day in Balikeya Island. Scatter a handful of sand, thousands of trees will appear."

"Scatter a handful of sand, thousands of trees will appear," is a kind of exceptional functions, a magical power. Yet it is never easy to obtain the exceptional functions.

Journey to the West is regarded as a nonsense myth novel by ordinary people. In fact, it really isn't. The author Wu Cheng-en actually was a Dharma eminent monk who came from India to China who "faced the wall" for nine years. In order to help people at that time to understand Buddhism theories in the Buddhist scripture books and to relieve the souls from suffering, he promoted Dharma in the form of accessible story, made straightaway story containing profound Buddhism theories. Ordinary people may regard Journey to the West as a myth, but in the Dharma's view it is reality.

I take Journey to the West as an example, merely to show when you refine yourself to higher levels, you can understand multiple meanings of the life and enormous functions of the mind to the life.

The whole story of Journey to the West was to enlighten the humanity, "Connoisseur knows knowledge; laypeople like jollification". "Sakya picked a flower, Kassapa smiled." Only when reaching the level of telepathy, can you resonate with each other in the same-frequency and "smile".

The Monkey King in Journey to the West traveled thousands of miles to pursue Tao. In the end, he arrived at Crescent Moon and Three Stars Cave in Jambudvipa (that is the Celestial Islands Continent), and sought Bodhi Patriarch as his master and finally got the secret of longevity, learned the exceptional functions of 72 different forms and of speeding across the sky. The whole process is enlightenment to human beings.

Firstly, it enlightens us that if you want to sublimate the meaning of life, you have to cast off the destiny of the world. The birth of Monkey King from rocks is telling us, only by desalting family and affections in conscious thinking and psychological activity and being rid of all constraints, can you have the chance to develop to the supreme life space. If you merely consider being patriotic, upholding the honor of ancestors and other worldly affairs, you will stay in the same place for ever.

Secondly, it enlightens that once you determine to pursuit Tao, you must overcome all hardships, must be persistent; Like Sakyamuni, once sitting under the bodhi tree, he would not rise until he was enlightened. This is the only way.

Then, it enlightens that there are no trees can bear life fruit on the earth. Well then, where is the Wuzhuang Temple? Definitely not in the man's world. In this sense, we must expand our view of thinking into the vast universe, surpass the limitation of space and time, and enter into another space to discover the mysteries of life in the far Heaven.

Wukong's master wanted him to learn the knowledge of "art", "circulation" and "movement". Wukong asked: "Will these learning make me live forever?" Master replied: "No." Wukong said again and again, "I don't want to learn all these skills."

This makes us realize that profound knowledge doesn't exist in "art", "circulation" and "movement", which are actually different levels of exceptional functions. If we restrict our thinking and consciousness at the level of "art", we will never arrive at the other side of the life.

What was Wukong's refinement in Crescent Moon and Three Stars Cave?

He refined himself the knowledge of soul, including thinking, consciousness, spirit, psychological activities. When you grasp the secrets of soul and life, 72 different forms is nothing difficult, even a thousands kinds of transformation; it is not a fancy to speed across the sky and go up into Heaven and go down to the Earth.

Speaking of "speeding across the sky", people would regard it as a thinking of fantasy and talking idiot nonsense. In fact, if you let go of your consciousness, expand your thinking, you will find that it is a very common life phenomena in the other space and time.

Take a look at the astronauts in spacecraft, think about the footsteps made by the people flying to the moon, then suppose the moon is smaller than its actual size, or twice smaller, or three times smaller, until it minimized to a sphere as small as a football field, in these cases, can people fly? Or suppose the size of the earth doesn't change, and its weight is only ten thousand kilos, can you speed across the sky?

Then, suppose your weight is not 70 kilos, but 20 kilos, 10kilos, 1kilo, or 1 gram, even as light as a feather, can you speed across the sky?

You should know that the spiritual entity (soul) which constructs the life is weightless.

Without spiritual entity (soul), there will be no life; without objects, there will not be life.

Life is 1+1=1, not 1=1, or 0+1=1. Spiritual entity can exist alone, and objects can also exist alone. When spiritual entity and objects exist independently, they can't be called life. Only when the two are combined together, life can be generated. Just like hydrogen atom and oxygen atom, only when the two are combined together, water can be generated. Like cloud clusters with positive charges and negative charges, only when the two are met with each other, thunder and lightning can be generated.

Soul can play its function only when it is attached to other objects. Soul not only can be attached to the body of human beings and animals, but also to plants, rocks, houses, thunders and lights, rivers, ponds, automobiles, TVs, or any other instruments.

There are lots of examples in the Bible. Many prophets have predicted some incredible, inexplicit prophecies after being possessed by spirits from supreme life space; Jesus cured many people who were possessed by evil spirits; there are countless records and instances about being possessed by soul (some people call this as being haunted by ghost) at all times and in all over the world. Seth conveyed the information of life to common people through the attachment to an American woman.

There are many examples on soul attached to thunder and lightning. In the next chapter-Chapter of Certainty, two examples will be mentioned:

1. In 1899, a person had been struck dead by thunder and lightning in his own courtyard. 30 years later, his son was killed in the same way at the same place. On Oct.8, 1949, his grandson was struck dead by thunder and lightning in the same courtyard. Three generations were struck dead by thunder and lightning in the same place. This is a phenomenon of spirit's revenge through thunder and lightning.

2. In 1918, a Canadian major, Saint Mery May Ford was hurt by thunder and lightning. He was hurt again by thunder and lightning in 1924 and became partially paralyzed. In 1930, he was struck by thunder again and became wholly paralyzed. 2 years later, he passed away; in June, 1934, his tomb was struck into pieces by thunder and lightning.

Doomed Car, an article compiled by Xiao Ya, is a perfect example of soul attached to car. The car is German make with six seats and excellent performance, luxury and beautiful. Yet it was called "killing monster". It killed 18 people, hurt 7 others and also led to the breaking out of the First World War.

On June 28, 1914, the car killed its passengers for the first time- crown prince of Austria and his princess. The assassination later became a blasting fuse to the First World War.

The second time, it killed a queen and her friends riding on it. The third time, it killed General P.O, the divisional commander of 5th division in Austria. The fourth time was the adviser of General P.O's captain who not only crashed his head but also killed two farmers walking on the road. The fifth time, after the First World War was broken, a head of a county got this car. He had four traffic accidents in four months time and his backbone was broken and became permanent handicapped.

Later, the car was owned or ridden by Doctor Cussac Ith, a jewel businessman, a Swiss car racer, a farmer and his workers, as well as Tabor in taxi business and his six friends respectively; but none of them escaped from the bad misfortunes by using this car.

Finally, this car was destroyed into pieces by the airplane of allied forces in the World War Ⅱ and completely disappeared from the world with no single piece left.

Is it an accidental or coincident?

I assume that the technician making this car was ill-treated. His soul was attached to the car. So he created a series of tragedies after death to comfort his injured heart.

We know that some wooden houses can make crackle sounds at late night. The reasons are not because the thermal expansion and contraction or the bursting of the wood, rather the carpenters building this house were ill-treated and did not get their due payment. For this reason, he was very angry. His soul would often visit the house to show his indignation after death.

Whenever there is unevenness, there will be sound and shocks. All uprisings, rebellions, parades, assassinations, revolts in the human history, even the earthquake, fire disaster and flood are resulted from the indignation of the soul.

There are lots of cases that soul is attached to cars, boats, buildings, trees and flowers and grass. It is not difficult to find out if you pay close attention to observe and look over in the historical records.

In short, life is 1+1=1. The flesh without spiritual entity is a corpse; we can't regard a corpse as life. In the same way, the spiritual entity without flesh is a soul; we can't regard the invisible wave as life, too.

After knowing what life is, we shall discuss the origin of the life.

We have learned the highest life in the universe--the origin of the Greatest Creator in "Chapter of Universe". We have learned the origin of supreme life space and the origin of human beings from the "Chapter of Human". Now let's take a look at the origin of tangible life on the earth.

Regarding the origin of life on the earth, there are lots of sayings. Some say life is originated from lipid molecule; life is originated from RNA; life is originated from proto-ocean; life is originated from Venus; life is originated from deep-sea vent, life is from the volcanoes on earth; life in the earth comes from outer space; comet with water hit against the earth which caused the origin of life; others say from continental facies or naturally and so on.

Most of the explanations above are reasonable. Because metaplastic lives (microorganism and fungus) are generated from land, ocean, deep-sea vent and volcanic zones; not only in these special areas above, they are also generated from soil, air, the dead bodies of animals and plants, rivers and ponds and rubbish heap. Trillion of them are generated and died everyday. No matter in what weather conditions, as long as the elements of environments change, new species will be generated. It can be said that the development of population, pollution of environment, aggravation of the greenhouse effect and the expansion of the ozonosphere hole will result in the generation of the new species, even result in bacteria exploding at large scale. Vast amounts of new bacteria may stop ecology from worsening further, also may lead to great disaster and plagues to human beings, perhaps much worse than "the Black Death". Unlike SARS virus's cross-infection, it may contaminate millions of people at the same time.

Besides metaplastic life, hygrocolous life can be randomly generated in the earth. As long as there is humidity, the molecular structure of soil will change and generate new life. Moss, lichen and grass are generated in this way.

Let's focus on the insects, animals, trees and flowers, and see what the origins of these life forms are.

First, please reread "The Greatest Creator" of Lifechanyuan. It will be very difficult to understand the origin of life if you don't read this book. We will understand the origin of life once we knew the highest life of the Greatest Creator and its position in the universe.

Universe did not start from the "Big Bang". The Galax and the Solar System are different from those in ancient time. Every heavenly body and every galaxy in universe have its own origin and function. As we know from the fundamental physical knowledge, the total amount of energy in the Universe is fixed without increase or decrease; there is not a perpetual motion machine in universe. Inevitably, the moving of the moon, the earth and other stars need to be pushed by force, but where does the primordial motive power come from? There are a large group of tiles, cement and wood, but they can not build a house by themselves without design and arrange by people. Not to mention the high speed running of celestial bodies, they can never construct a Solar System by themselves.

The Solar System came into being 4.5billion years ago of which the process was the "painstaking efforts" of The Greatest Creator, Gods and Celestial Beings. The earth was the first one formed in Solar System. Although astronomers think that the history of sun is longer than the earth, it doesn't mean sun is the first in Solar System.

We all know that there are "black holes" in the universe. Some scientists claim that a "black hole" is a magnetic vortex caused by the gravitation between two or more celestial bodies passing by, just like the case of typhoon and tornado. But this is not the case. A black hole is the aggregate of the high energy matter; the greater the energy, the more intangible it will be; and vice versa. "Great form has no contour". We may compare this "black hole" to a batch of covered dough, which the cook may take one piece for making food. The "black hole" is exactly that covered dough, the earth is that piece taken from the batch of dough, and the Greatest Creator as well as his assistants--Gods are the cooks hold the paste.

After the emergence of the earth, the sun was "shifted" from another place. In order to make the earth rotate the sun, other stars were added into the solar system. So, the entire solar system is to serve the earth. There are human beings on the earth, but it does not mean that they can exist in the other planets of the solar system.

After the positioning of the Solar System, God send hundreds of millions of Angels (Super Celestial Beings) to transform the earth. Water and aerosphere were firstly designed and created; the combination of water, air, sunlight and soil produced a large amount of metaplastic microbes and hygrocolous grass on the earth. Then, the Super Celestial Beings began to build "pyramids" (not the existing pyramid in Egypt now but the pyramids spread 30 degrees N latitude and S latitude in the ocean bed of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean). These pyramids served as the laboratory of life on earth, because it could effectively gather the special energy and speed up the growth of life.

Super Celestial Beings designed and created most of the insects on the earth, all the trees and flowers and herbivores in the pyramids, and transported these forms of life to every corner of the earth by "UFO"; the whole process lasted for about more than one billion years. In the process of creating animals, Celestial Beings found water needed to be brought to the land in order to let animals and plants be spread on the earth. Therefore, they opened a mine and built a "space station" in outer space, and constructed the moon we see today by using metals of the earth. With the moon, the earth became "alive", not only brings ebb and flow, wind clouds and snow and rain but also the light for the night on the earth.

Through more than one billion years work, the earth changed into a paradise of beautiful, affluent and silken classics, which was almost a replica of the ten-thousand-year world. Super Celestial Beings (actually, we can call them advanced intelligent persons) were very pleased with the earth they made, and did not want to leave it but had to due to the jealousy of other "people". To keep the secret, they dropped all the pyramids into the bottom of the sea; the beautiful Atlantia disappeared since then.

As for the origin of insects, carnivores, dinosaurs and human beings, please refer "the Chapter of Human" of Lifechanyuan.

So we can conclude that apart from the lives of metaplasia and humidogene, all other species in the earth are designed and created one kind by one kind rather than from evolution. Like the modern tools we use now are designed and created by people. Although the monocycles, bicycles, carts, carriages, cars and trucks are very familiar with each other but all designed and created by human beings. A carriage will always be a carriage into and can not become a truck automatically; a snail will always be a snail and can't evolve into farm cattle by itself; a monkey will always be a monkey and can't evolve into man spontaneously.


Ⅲ. The Features of Life



The essence of life is a nonmaterial structure with spiritual nature. To make life dynamic and expressive, the nonmaterial structure must be carried in a specific material structure with the help of energy. We’ll look at the features of life from this point.

There are eight features of life (in terms of life on Earth): it has forms, consciousness, spiritual nature, vitality, birth, metabolism, death and transformation.

Those have the above eight features are life, otherwise are not.

Let us make some examples.

Human being is life. It has form: visible, touchable and occupying space.

It has consciousness. It can respond to the change of the objective material world and form ideas through turning the perception of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind into thoughts and guides its own words and deeds.

It has spiritual nature. Soul is only the foundation of the spiritual nature. All those things such as the people's yearning for the better future life, the reverence to the Greatest Creator, the worship of Gods and Buddha, the love to nature, and the selfless devotion to humanity all belong to the expressions of human’s spiritual nature.

It has vitality: it can move, walk, sit, lie, work and create.

It has birth: whether born from mother’s womb or being cloned out, it has a beginning.

It has metabolism: can be seen from the process of birth, early youth, youth, middle-aged, old age.

It has death: Nobody can live forever and everyone has the same ending -- death.

It has transformation: According to the law of conservation of matter, the human body is absorbed with energy. After death, the flesh is absorbed by microorganism and converted into other energy. From the perspective of eternal spiritual body, the human’s spiritual entity is a nonmaterial information structure, and after death this structure enters into the horizontal time domain and begins a new round of lifecycle in another time-space.

Human being is life. I don’t think people will disagree with that.

So what about the livestock, wild animals, flying birds and fish?

Needless to say they are all life and have consciousness. Some may have doubts concerning their spiritual nature and transformation. In fact, you can find that animals have spiritual nature if you pay some attention to observe. For examples, dogs and cats can "win attention"; parrot can "imitate the sound"; horses do not "incest"; dolphins can "play” with people. All those phenomena can prove the spiritual nature of animals. In addition, there are stories of animal showing gratitude, the "tricks" of the circus animals, and the different kinds of strange “showing excessive attentions” ways of animals at courtship, the "noble" self-sacrifice spirits showed by some animals to avoid racial extermination and so on, all indicate that animals have spiritual nature. As to say the transformation of animal life after death, it only appeared in the narration and description of some myth and fictions. Human still don’t understand from the perspective of science, which shows that science has not yet developed to this area, and human thoughts have not yet reached the level of such understanding.

Why are there fewer and fewer animals and more and more people on earth now?

In fact, most animals are transformed into human. Analyzing the habits of human beings we will find that some people are naturally cruel, because they are transformed from tigers, wolves, leopards and other animals; some are very timid because they are transformed from small antelopes and deer; some are naturally stubborn, but loyal and reliable, as they are transformed from the cattle, sheep and other livestock; some are born cunning, because they are transformed from foxes; some are born clever, good at temporizing and flattering, because they are transformed from dogs ...

Then, what about the insects and microorganisms? Of course, they are life, too.

About the spiritual nature of insects, please read the Souvenirs Entonologiques written by the famous French entomologist Henri Fabre. This monograph of 10-volume, more than 400 million words is full of vivid and lively descriptions about the spiritual nature of many insects. In fact, if we observe carefully the dung beetle (beetles) making the dung into balls to carry "home", tacit teamwork of ants and bees and the movements and skills of flies mating, we will find that the insects are the creature with spiritual nature.

As for the transformation of insects and microorganisms after death, it is something belongs to another space (world). Though insects and microorganisms are closely related to human beings, but the nature of their life is different from that of human being’s. There is no transformation between them, that is, human will not convert into insects or microorganisms, and vice versa.

Now let’s see whether plants have spiritual nature or not.

I will start by referring some of the instances from an article on the web: there is a kind of plant called "lagerstroemia indica" in Nan Hua Temple of Tiantai Mountain. Its leaves and branches will swing when touched by people. “Mimosa” will draw back its leaves if someone touches it. There is also a plant called "dancing grass." Its little leaves will keep dancing once there is wind. ".

"During the Anti-Japanese War, a large number of bamboos around China bloomed suicidally (the bamboo will die after blooming white flowers). Late 80s, with the occurrence of the Jianghuai flood in the spring, the local bamboo also flowered, which predicted the summer floods and proved the local proverb-Flood will be coming when bamboo blooming flowers '.

"Clivia never blooms in the inharmonious family, and it will bloom in advance to announce the good news when there is celebration.

"Oak will explode itself when the loggers come, and carrots will be frightened to quiver when growing in the fields when the rabbits are in sight. Through an amperemeter we can find out that the tequila with a palm shape can react to the psychological feelings of the people, and even trace the owner's daily safety and danger, joy and anger. "

If the light plants are planted in wet places, they will be disgruntled and do not grow well. If ombrophyte are planted in sunny places, they will lose their temper, and even will "die".

Some plants will release "poisonous gas"; "Evening Primrose" can make the patients with hypertension and heart disease feel uncomfortable; and some plants can make the people they dislike get allergic and fall ill.

Grapevines planted next to pine tree will not bear fruit; while the ones planted next to elms will bear sour fruit.

We found that plants would "cry" and release a kind of angry "bio-wave" when a branch was broken, and they would flourish and release a joyous "bio-wave" if we care about them, water, fertilize them, play music for them and talk with them.

A kind of tree preferred by giraffes can release toxic gas within a few minutes just before giraffe begins to eat and forces the giraffe to give up eating.

In myth novels plants, especially flowers, possess the humanlike spiritual nature, and they are even regarded as some fairies descending from the upper world.

In short, plants have spiritual nature. They have languages, emotions, memory, thinking, induction and all the features owned by people. Plants will protect us if we cherish them, otherwise they will punish us.

Can plants be transformed into others after death? Yes. Non-flowering vegetation will be transformed into microorganisms after death; the flowering vegetation will be transformed into insects after death; the flowering and fruiting vegetation will be transformed into herbivores after death; the vegetation will not be transformed directly into meat-eating animals or people after death.

All the flowers are developed from the anima of celestial world and that is the place they will directly return to, so they will not be transformed into human beings.

Grass also has life, but its life, together with the insects and others, forms a life system, which does not belong to the Celestial Being and Buddha system of animals, flowers, trees and human beings. In other words, people will not be transformed into grass, and vice versa.

Except human, microorganisms, insects, other animals, flowers and trees, others can not be regarded as life, but this does not mean that they have no spiritual nature; "Everything has spiritual nature" such as the mountains, water, the earth and stones especially gems all have their own spiritual nature. Metal has memory, and everything has memory. Although these substances own the most properties of life, they do not have thinking and consciousness and can not be transformed into other life after they disappear, so they do not belong to the life category.

As for the invisible Super Celestial Being, Buddha, Gods, devil, ghost, etc. who belong to the spiritual world, they can be seen as life when they appear with physical forms. Without the physical form, they can only be called as spirit, which is why the God-Jesus, Buddha-Sakyamuni, Celestial Being-LaoTzu appeared before the common people with a human identity.

The people going to the thousand-year world or ten-thousand-year world after death are not spirit but life because they will remain in their physical forms; in the case of the people becoming Buddha after death, they own the power to change their forms, so they can exist in the Elysium world in the spirit form or miraculously transformed into any physical forms, free and omnipotent.

In short, we should distinguish the life and non-life with the eight features. Those which can meet the eight features are life, and not otherwise.


Ⅳ. The Meaning of Life



Knowing the origin of life, we will know the meaning of life.

Without universe, there is no life; without life, there is no universe.

Universe exists for life; life exists for universe.

We construct a building with the purpose of providing a place for various activities for people. The building would be of little value if nobody moves around in this building; and if somebody moves here and there, the building would exist relatively longer. But, if nobody makes any activities in this building, certainly it will collapse soon.

If there are no life activities on the earth, the solar system would have no value and meaning, and the solar system would not come into being. If there is no life in the galaxy, the Milky Way will not be born either. If there is no life in the entire universe, the universe would have no value and it is unlikely to exist.

We are talking the meaning of life is from a broad perspective here. But in the narrow sense, the meaning of micro-organisms and bacteria is to serve the insects and vegetation; the meaning of insects and vegetation is to serve the existence of the animals; the meaning of the existence of the animals is to serve the human being. The meaning of the existence of human being is to serve the celestial beings in the celestial world. The meaning of the existence of celestial beings is to serve the gods. The meaning of the existence of gods is to serve the Greatest Creator. And the meaning of the existence of the Greatest Creator is to serve all life forms.

All in all, the meaning of life is to serve the Greatest Creator, and the meaning of the Greatest Creator is to serve all life forms in the universe.


Ⅴ. The Levels of Life



In terms of the nonmaterial structure of the spiritual nature, life can be divided into 16 levels, successively are:


The first level: the Greatest Creator

It possesses perfect nonmaterial structure; its psychic energy is able to penetrate all matters and space without any hindrance.


The second level: Gods

It possesses defective nonmaterial structure. Its psychic energy is able to penetrate all materials and most of the space, but can not enter into The Zero World and can not compete with the Greatest Creator.


The third level: Celestial Beings and Buddha

All the Celestial Beings and Buddha are at the same level of life, and with the only" racial" differences.

Based on their magical power, Celestial Beings can be divided into the following categories: Super Celestial Being, Deity Celestial Being, Land Celestial Being, Human Celestial Being and Ghost Celestial Being.

The basic features of Super Celestial Beings are: unlimited by time and space constraints; can response the subtle changes throughout the universe; can response the awareness of the Greatest Creator and God, and make rapid response to the awareness of the Greatest Creator and God. Super Celestial Being can be visible or invisible, intangible or tangible; they have the ever-changing magical powers to be in thousands of incarnations and exist in different life spaces at the same time. Super Celestial Beings' base camp is the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium world.

The basic characteristics ofDeity Celestial Beings include: unable to change into thousands of incarnations, yet have the magical power, can speed across the sky, can be invisible and can transform, can come and go freely between Yin and Yang Space. They are non-materialists and can discern past and future. They can travel thousands of miles away in the twinkling of an eye. Deity Celetial Beings dislike living in groups, so they do not have any base camps. They "travel everywhere they want and do whatever they like". Except The Zero World and The Heaven World, they can come and go anywhere which is the so-called "a powerful and unconstrained style of independence."

The basic characteristics of the Land Celestial Being are: longer life span, less food and drinks, disease-free, worriless, able to walk on the surface of water, walk through walls and fly on the top of the tress. They are able to travel thousands of miles without feeling tired. The basic camp of Land Celestial Being is The Ten-Thousand-Year World. They may occasionally appear in man's world, but the ordinary people can not come across them or see them.

The basic characteristics of the Human Celestial Being are: They have the physical body, but their consciousness is different from the ordinary people. They have the knowledge of a lot of secret things, such as: the structure of the universe; the 36-dimensional space; the origin of universe, life and human kind; transformation mechanism of causality; the law of transmigration of life. They are sages attaining the Tao, possessing perfect human nature. They do not have private properties and do not participate in any form of confrontation or competition. They change according to conditions, adapt themselves to different circumstances, do things randomly, and move according to their nature. They live on the spiritual perfection of human nature. The Human Celestial Being have known clearly the next stop of their life, so they do not have fear of death in any sense; or have escaped the shackles of death. The community of Human Celestial Being is the thousand - year world. There is one in ten thousands people in human society possessing the quality of Human Celestial Being. If they can make a further step, they will step into the ranks of Human Celestial Being.

The basic characteristics of Ghost Celestial Being are: The flesh is dead but the consciousness still remains in the life of human world. They are transformed generally from those extremely intelligent people who are anxious for success.

According to the nature of Buddha, Buddhas can be divided into ten categories: Those Buddhas in Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent belong to Mahayana. Those Buddhas of the secondary category live in Gods Continent, Moon Temple Continent, Three Worlds Two-way Continent, Celestial Islands Continent, Amita-Buddha Continent, Yingwu Continent, Kasyapa Continent, Celestial Islands Continent, Lotus Continent. The Buddas in Lotus Continent belong to Hnayana. In man's world, there are no Buddhas in real sense but only some nature of Origin; once the nature of Origin is reached, the physical body will become parinirvana immediately and the life itself will reach the primary level of Budda---Lotus Continent


The Fourth Level: Devil

Devil is the incarnation of Buddha. It is a brief but extreme performance of Buddha while practicing self-refinement. The power of Devil is greater than that of Buddha and can easily reach the level of gods. The Great Creator would attend the matter himself when a great quantity of Devils emerge and restrain them in the Cathode Black Hole Body.


The Fifth Level: Human being

Humankind is a kind of life living on earth by using of vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, touch, and telegnosis spiritual senses. Humankind does not possess the ability of supernatural transformation and must live on food. According to their origin, Humankind can be classified into five categories, namely, Ignorant person, Laity, Mortal, Sage, and Celestial.

Ignorant person: rely on instinct for survival whose previous existence is a tree or a lower animal.

Laity: rely on desire for survival whose previous existence is a higher animal, livestock or a flying bird.

Mortal: rely on emotion for survival whose previous existence is a laity or a mortal.

Sage: rely on reason for survival whose previous existence is a Celestial or a Sage.

Celestial: rely on spiritual nature to survive whose previous existence is Celestial or Human Celestial Being from one-thousand-year world.

In addition, one in ten millions of people in human society are Celestial Beings from the ten-thousand- year world, Buddhas from Elysium world or Gods from Heaven carrying special missions.


The sixth level: Flying Bird

Flying Bird is a kind of life living in the four-dimensional space. Its wisdom is lower than humankind but it has more freedom and its space of activities is larger than that of humankind. Flying Birds are gregarious, belonging to cooperative living species. Red-crowned crane is at the top grade in flying birds, enjoying a longer life and high spiritual nature. The other cranes, storks, and wild geese are at the secondary level. Eagles and owls are at the third level. Warblers, parrots, and humming birds dwelling in the forest, pigeons, crows inhabiting in broad areas, and mandarin ducks, egrets, and other ducks living by water are at the even further lower level. Poultries and other birds with wings but can not fly, such as ostrich, are at the lowest level in flying birds.


The Seventh Level: Flowering plants

Flowering plants refer to all of those flowering but infertile plants, including some flowering but fruitless trees and herbs. Flowering plants possess very high spiritual nature. They are almost imitations from flowering plants in the ten-thousand-year world. In addition to decorating the nature, the main function of flowering plants is to serve the sages and celestials and to remind or enlighten those people with high spiritual nature not to forget the existence of the Deity Celestial Being world and develop to the ten-thousand-year world. The highest grade flowering plant is peony; the top grade flowers include: Chinese herbaceous peony, Chinese flowering crabapple, lotus, daffodil, wintersweet, sweet-scented osmanthus, plums, lunar September chrysanthemum, magnolia denudata, azaleas, orchids, and epiphyllum. The middle grade flowers are: rose, clove, Clivia, spring orchid, Chinese hibiscus, Albizzia julibrissin, Indian Kalimeres herb, jasmine, winter jasmine, laurel, tulip, chrysanthemum, cactus, Echinopsis tubiflora, etc. Catkin, reed catkins, rattan flowers, day lily, water caltrop flowers are among low grade flowers.


The Eighth Level: Livestock

Livestock are under human control and protection and directly serve the need of humankind. Although they are not as free as wild animals, the surviving danger is lower than the later. If wild animals can be compared to "illiterate people", the domestic animals are disciplined "high school students or university students" trained by "civilization". The wild animals only know how to obtain, whereas the domestic animals know how to dedicate.


The Ninth Level: Wild Life on Land and Aquatic Life in the Sea


The Tenth Level: Trees


The Eleventh Level: Insects


The Twelfth Level: Herbs and Crops

Lucid Ganoderma is the highest grade grass; asparagus fern and bracket plant belong to top grade herbs; both crops and vegetables are middle grade grass; grass is of the lowest grade.


The Thirteenth Level: Microorganism and Fungus


The Fourteenth Level: Demons and Monsters in Hell


The Fifteenth Level: Life in Frozen Layer


The Sixteenth Level: Life in Inflamed Layer


The levels of life are mainly divided into the above categories according to the grades of spiritual nature of life. The higher level of life, the higher grade of freedom, the higher the living standard and quality of life will be; and vice versa.

That is to say, gods do not want to become Celestial Beings and Buddha; Celestial Beings and Buddha do not want to become humankind; humankind do not want to become bird; birds do not want to become flowers. Flowers do not want to become domestic animals; domestic animals do not want to be wild animals or aquarium animals and wild animals do not want to be trees or crops. So on and so forth.

For humankind, the direction of the development of life should be going toward the higher space of life. Ignorant person should develop toward the direction of being laity; laity should develop toward the direction of being mortal; mortal should develop toward the direction of sage; sage should develop toward the direction of immortals among men, and immortals among men should develop toward the direction of Land Celestial Being, Perfect man, Deity Celestial Being, Super Celestial Being and Buddhas.

The path of life is very clear. From the perspective of space, people in man's world should strive for the thousand-year world; Human Celestial Being in the thousand-year world should strive for the ten-thousand -year world, Land Celestial Being in the ten-thousand year word should make effort for the free Deity Celestial Beings. The celestial being Deity Celestial Beings wandering worldwide all day long should make strive for the angels in Elysium world, which is the top level of life. It is impossible for human beings to become gods, not to say of the possibility of becoming the Greatest Creator.

It is as clear and simple as a piece of white paper.


Ⅵ. The transmigration of life



Essentially, there is nothing else in the universe except energy and life.

Life would have manifestations when energy is absorbed by the nonmaterial structure

with spiritual nature. And millions and millions substances will have manifestations when life possesses consciousness.

All matter originates from energy, and returns to energy in the end.

All life originates from structure, and returns to structure in the end.

When there is energy, there is life.

The total amount of energy in the universe does not increase nor decrease.

The total number of life in the universe does not increase nor decrease.

The total amount of energy and the numbers of life is proportional. The ratio between them is a constant.

Although new life can be re-created, it has saturation. After reaching the saturation, new life can not be recreated.

Once being created, life will not be extinguished, because the nature of life is a kind of nonmaterial structure with spiritual nature and this nonmaterial structure can not be exterminated. It can only transform from one form to another form and from one space to another space.

If the number of people on earth increases, the number of animals and plants will decrease accordingly; if the number of Human Celestial Being in the thousand-year world increases, the number of people in man’s world will decrease accordingly. So on and so forth.

Transmigration of life happens in the following ten spaces:

Elysium world, the ten-thousand-year world, the thousand-year world, Mortal World, the Livestock World, Animal World, Plant World, Hell World, Frozen Layer and Inflamed Layer


Holographic order World refers only to the space of energy aggregation. While the Zero World is the place for the Greatest Creator, the Heaven World is the place for gods. The Cathode Black Hole Body is the prison for the senior life—Devils in the universe. The Anode Black Hole Body is just a place for temporary transformation of life (reincarnation).The Dream world is a demonstrating place of past and future for life of all spaces. The Insect World and the Bacteria World, including the herbs of the plant world, are the transmigration and transformation places of another nature of life.

Is life really immortal? Is life really a form of transmigration and transformation?

Yes, life is immortal, and what is mortal is just the form of life expression.

When we see somebody is dead, it does not mean that his life is dead, rather the death of his carrier. It is just like that, we moved from an old house to another new house; the previous house is thus empty and “died”. We can not say that we are died because we moved out and the previous house became empty.

What should we do if we want to go across the river and to the other side? What we should do is to build a boat or rent a boat. Once the boat pulled in to the shore, we would abandon it and the boat’s mission is accomplished there after. And then we would go ashore and continue our way.

We are the life, while the boat is our flesh. Our life is that river, and we enter into this river by means of our body and paddle toward the other side of the river. As soon as we are ashore, we would abandon the boat of body and go on with our journey.

If a candle is burnt out to its end, shall we say it is “dead”?

The external form of the candle is “dead” indeed, and does not exist any longer; but the nature of the candle—energy of the candle is converted and enters into the atmosphere or into the body of other objects. It does not “die”.

When we eat an apple, we chew it up one bite after another, and swallow it into our stomach and at last, only the nut is left. Where is the apple? Is it “dead”?

Yes, the external form of the apple does not exist any longer; it is “dead” indeed. But the nature of that apple—its energy is converted and transformed into the nutrition of our body.

We placed a cup of water under the sunshine. After several hours, the water disappeared. Where is the water? Is it “dead”?

Surely the water does not “die”. What is “dead” is just the form of water, but the nature of water itself turns into vapor and rise into the sky. As soon as it meets cold air, it will drop down to the earth in the form of rain or snow. Therefore, water is constantly cycling (transmigrating). If water would “die”, the water storage would have been exhausted along time ago.

In the book of Lifechanyuan, in the second section of Abnormal thinking --Life and death is a representation, life is of no birth and death”, I demonstrated the principle of life is of no birth and death from the philosophical point of view, and listed some examples like “regeneration of a girl”, the witness of the reincarnation of Living Buddha of Tibet and some of the research results in ‘International Near-death Research Institute You may as well reread this part.

Actually, it may have occurred to you suddenly that something or somewhere is so familiar as if you have met before when your mental is at peace. But that feeling may disappear instantly. Why does this kind of feeling arise? It is because that this phenomenon is a reflection of the instant memory of the past environments in your previous life which exists in your subconscious.

When some people come to a strange place he has never been there before, he may also have a sudden feeling that the scene is very familiar to him, and this feeling is a proof that he has lived or worked here in his previous life.

Generally speaking, everyone will have this feeling if he was a human in his previous life and is a human again after transmigration. If he was not a human in his previous life and was transmigrated from other forms of life, he usually does not have this kind of feeling.

With the rapid development of human society and the great changes of environmental in the present era, it is relatively difficult for people to relive this memory of the previous environment.

There are a few people who often have mirages in their consciousness and they are very sensitive to the “illusory” space, which may mean that the environment of their previous life is not in the man’s world of the earth but the thousand-year world or the ten-thousand-year world, even Elysium world.

The higher one’s spiritual nature, the stronger his feelings for the nature of life are. The more Boeotian the spiritual nature, the weaker his feelings for the nature of life are.

Death is just one phenomenon of life, and eternality is the essence of life. Actually, there is no birth or death for the essence of life in any sense, but a matter of transmigration of transformation. And this is an indisputable fact.


Ⅶ. The track of life



All things in the world have their own moving tracks. The Galaxy, the solar system, the earth, the moon, and the satellite have their tracks respectively; trains, automobiles, atoms, electrons, all kinds of rays and electromagnetic waves, have their tracks respectively.

Clouds in the sky seem to float in the sky freely with the air current, but they also have their own moving tracks. Meteorologists are capable of making weather forecast several weeks ahead, just because they know the law of clouds’ floating tracks. If clouds did not have their own moving tracks, meteorologists could not make weather forecast. Also, if clouds did not have their own moving tracks, there would always be clouds appearing over Sahara Desert, and would always be rainfall there. If so, deserts could not be called deserts.

Life has tracks, too. Various life forms are different from each other in respect of life spans, survival circumstances, sizes of figure, external characteristics, and types of food. Each life form has its own track.

Human beings have their own tracks of life. Each time when a man looks back at his past, he will see his track of life, because he has known that “Man proposes, God disposes,” “Man manages smalls things, big events are in the hands of the Greatest Creator”. Why? For every person has his own track of life.

Whether a person was born male or female, black or white, noble or humble, royal or common, it has been determined by the track of life; even the time of birth and death has been determined by the track of life as well

Many people do not believe in the existence of track of life. Then, try and see if you will be badly battered.

Can you become a president, a scientist, a singer, or a robber? Can you become a billionaire through hard work? Can you have three husbands? Can you be as handsome and elegant as 007? Can you be another Jet Li or Madonna?

If you think you can, try it please!

But if you can’t, ask yourself why?

Many people want to learn from the celebrities be as famous as them after reading their biographies; Some people want to be successful after reading books like The Knowledge Succeed Complete Works. Some people idolize or envy those stars and silently vow to be a star too. Some want to follow the examples of those people making a fortune overnight. Some people can not accept the fact that his friends or classmates get promotions as a section chief. So on and so forth.

But, no matter how hard you think or how hard you learn. You will never be the same as another man. Why? For everyone has his own track of life.

If you don’t believe it, just try!

Present situation had been preconditioned by the efforts of yesterday, and today’s effort is just for tomorrow.

Track of this lifetime had been preconditioned by the karma of previous life, and effort of this lifetime is just for the future world.

What is the good of jealousy? What is the good of dissatisfaction? And what is the good of wondering?

The life of wisdom should be passed like this: “take things as they come, dispose things as they go, acting follow nature, achieving follow chances”

Life has its track. Then who design the track of life and who formulate the track of life?

It’s not the Greatest Creator! Not Deity Celestial Being! Not the emperors! Not our parents! Not anybody else but ourselves!

In order to understand it, let’s take a look at karma.




What is Karma?

To maintain the sum of positive and negative energy in the universe as zero is called Karma.

In simple words, the law of conservation of energy is called Karma

In a more popular way, “As we sow, so shall we reap” is called Karma.

It is impossible to describe the mechanism of Karma in detail unless we possess the thinking of the Greatest Creator.

I will list several well-known examples to show you whether there is Karma or not.

1. The president of Iraq Saddam Hussein was ousted and arrested by the American and the British government. Might there be any connection between this event and his invasion and occupation of Kuwait? If we regard this event as a result, then can we say that his invasion and occupation of Kuwait was the cause (surly it is not the only cause)? If there was not the cause of occupation of Kuwait, then will there be the effect now?

2. Is there any connection between the bombing of World Trade Center of the United States and the hard-line policy in foreign affairs of its government? If the bombing could be seen as an effect, then can the hard-line policy of the United States be seen as the cause? (Of course, it’s not the only cause)

3. Why must Hitler kill the Israelites? Why did the Japanese invade China? Why did the Crusades happen? Aren’t there any causes for these?

4. Why did sandstorms occur in the north of China? Why did the SARS virus and Bird Flu emerge? Why did rivers overflow? Aren’t there any causes for these?

5. Why is the United States so prosperous in spite of two hundred year short history since its founding? While China remains so poor and backward in spite of its long history of five thousand years? Why is Europe so developed while Africa is so underdeveloped?

6. If somebody is admitted to be a doctoral student, does it occur overnight? Isn’t it related to his natural endowments, family environments, social environments, and his hard working?

7. If a man has got heart attack, does it come from nowhere? Isn’t it related to his medical history, mental state, and psychological state?

8. If somebody got a sudden headache, stomachache, or angina, is it possible without any reasons? If somebody is caught in a car crash, or was stabbed by someone suddenly, or becomes unconsciousness, aren’t there any causes for these?

9. Some people are able to stay in five-star hotels, while others can only lodge in cheap inns, and only sleep on the street. Is it possible without any reasons? Some people were born in rich families and some were born in poor families, aren’t there any reasons for these?


Ⅷ. The Evolution of Life



Life is a nonmaterial structure with spiritual nature, and its evolution is based on the change of the life body’s material structure which is invisible material flesh, but the microscopic material structure of the flesh.

We can not see much difference among different persons on their human bodies and shapes, so we thought that everyone is the same. Actually, there are a lot of differences among different persons on the microscopic structure of human body; the Buddha’s relics of some eminent monks are the obvious evidences.

We can not see the tiny change of the microscopic material structure because the motion and change of the microscopic world can not be shown in the direct and clear motion mode. If we judge the microscopic change of the life structure according to the experience and cognition from the daily life, we can never understand the evolution of life.

The evolution of life is a gradual changing process, the motion and change of material can not exist without gradual change. Everything in the universe is changing at every moment, and as far as the change is going on, the microscopic structure of the material is bound to evolve; the gain and loss of the electrons in atoms are bound to generate the disintegration and recombination of the molecule.

All the changes of the material microscopic structure need an effect from a force, this force maybe internal force or external force. If this law applied to human, the internal force refers to the mental activities or the thinking and consciousness activities, such as the psychological activity caused by the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures of joy, anger, grief, depression, etc.; the external force refers to the sunshine, interference of sound waves, the passing of magnetic force, the hit of coldness and melting heat wave, etc..

There is specific correspondent motion state between two different molecules: some molecules may have violent combination reaction, such as the limestone molecules meet the water molecules; some other molecules are not reactive with each other, such is the case of water molecules and oil molecules. This means all the motions and changes of the matter have to observe the law of the motion of matter.

A love thirsty man certainly will be blood surge, heartbeat accelerating, palm sweating and speech out of sequence when he sees a sexy girl; however, when he sees a pig, his body will not produce such violent reaction.

Life evolution is progressed in following ways: in light of the case of human beings, as long as there is a little move of internal force or external force, human body is bound to produce the corresponding changes (decomposition or combination) in the microscopic structure; then, with such a few changes, the corresponding life nonmaterial structure will change accordingly; the tiny changes of the nonmaterial structure is the evolution of life. When these tiny evolutions are accumulated to certain amount and reach the saturated conditions, the nonmaterial of the whole life will reach its stable state, and then will begin another life structure evolution.

For example: when the atom structure of a man continually obtains electrons and its amount reaches to 900, with the addition of his intrinsic 100, he, as the life nonmaterial structure of a man, will be disintegrated. He has taken a qualitative leap and entered the life body structure of the Celestial Being. At this very moment, he, as a human being, reaches to the time of death, but he, as a Celestial Being, comes into being.

Another example: the atom structure of a man continually loses electrons; we can suppose that he loses 6 electrons for “publicizing ghosts and monsters, polluting spirit”; he loses 4 electrons for “the concocting various pretexts, force someone to bribe”; he loses 3 electrons for “take pleasure in other people's misfortune, ruining others success”; he loses 2 electrons for “destroying mountains and woods, digging grass and filling the ponds”; he loses 2 electrons for “passing the buck to self-hold and shifting the misfortune onto others”; he loses one electron for “ envying others’ prosperity, expecting others of being bad luck”; he loses one electron for “beating and scolding wife and breaching of etiquette for uncle and aunt”. At this time he has lost 19 electrons in total. The amount of his electrons being left over is only 81(100-19=81). At this moment, the structure of his life body is basically approaching to that of a dog. If he loses one more electron, he will die immediately and will reincarnate as a dog because his life body structure, as a human being, has been disintegrated, and he is unable to exist in the world as a human being.

This is why some people suddenly die in his youth; some people suddenly die of a car accident; and some people suddenly die of heart attacks. Because the number of electrons has just reached to the number of a particular life body structure at that moment, he, in whatsoever ways, has to start his new journey..

Some aged people remain in beds for a long time suffering from the illness. The reason is that his number of electrons changes too slowly, and in such situation he’d better not linger about the human world, and try to start his new journey as soon as possible. The bad solution is to curse others, blaspheme the God and Buddha and abuse children; the good solution is to wish the world all peaceful, wish everyone enjoy a happy life and wish the person who has hurt him a good future, and wish himself go to the Elysium world. He’d better invite a person who has a good knowledge about the 36-Dimensional Space and life transmigration and reincarnation theory give him some details about higher level life space, so that he can forget about his ups and downs in this life, and start a new journey without any worry or regret.

At the moment of life reincarnation, a special situation may appear sometimes. For example: the electron number of someone has reached to the number of a new life structure, but due to the “home” of the new life is not ready, he has to put up with it and wait temporarily; and such waiting usually will last no more than a month. This is just like a person who is going to move, but the new residence is not ready to accommodate. So he has to temporarily stay in the old house for a few days.

Where is “the new residence”?

“The new residence” refers to the Anode Black Hole Body in the 36-Dimensional Space, namely the womb. When a fetus exists in the womb, this fetus is a “new residence”.

From time immemorial, human beings have thought that a fetus is a life. Actually, it is not. The fetus is just a “residence”, not a life; this fetus will not be a life until a reincarnated life lives in this “residence” through the space tunnel of the 36-Dimensional Space. Generally speaking, the fetus, only a few days before the baby is born, has life within; some fetuses will be born a few days later than the expected date of childbirth, this is because there is not any life coming down to this “residence”.

The number of human beings on the earth is increasing quickly; this is because the animal on the earth is decreasing. A large number of animals are killed by people; and they have made great contribution to human beings and have accumulated merits and virtues. As a result, animals will be reincarnated as human beings, but the vast majority of human beings do not kill animals; so they can not be reincarnated as animals after they die. Therefore, the diminished number of animals can not be complemented in time. If such situation continues, the ecological system balance will be affected and human beings may face the great calamity at any time.

There are three ways to solve such unbalance:

The first one is that human beings should evolve towards the high level life space and go to the thousand-year world and ten-thousand-year world so as to reduce the number of human beings.

The second one depends on the self awakening of human beings: human beings need to control the continuous growth of population, protect animals and let animals reproduce and develop; human beings need to intentionally “transfer” a part of people into the animal level to maintain the ecological balance. Those people who are compulsively transformed into the animal level certainly are treated somewhat unjustly, but don’t worry, the Greatest Creator will deposit a large amount of “wealth” for them in the “bank”; when the ecological balance is approaching to stability, they will be reborn to the human world with high position and great wealth as compensation.

If the above two solutions don’t work, the third one will be used: Pestilence, war and starvation will happen to eliminate some people so as to relieve the ecology unbalance.

Apart from that, there is a special solution: Warning of coming of the last phase of an age, which was used by Jesus and Sakyamuni. In that age “every phenomenon in the Heaven will vibrate”; “the sun will blacken, the moon will not illuminate any more”; “everyone is scared to death”.

The appearance of the Lifechanyuan is to enlighten human beings to avoid the coming of the last phase of the age. The Gods and Buddhas are humane, and the Greatest Creator loves humanity.

Now, so much about chapter, you will have to apprehend the rest by yourself. All scientists, philosophers, thinkers and statesmen are welcome to join in the discussion and argue whether I’m telling the truth; if you don’t agree, fine, you just continue to live in your old life style.


Law of eternity of life



Dr. Christopher Langton, the principal of Los. Amos National Life Laboratory of United States,said: "The essence of life lies not in the specific substance but form". This means the essence of life has nothing to do with material, and it is just a form, a structure without material and a sign invisible with naked eyes. Gene, the building of life, seen by” human genome” with scientific instruments actually is not the essence of life, but the expression of life-- “a sealed book”. This is why human being can make a space ship, but can not create an ant.

It is not completely right to say “the essence of life lies in the form” because the form is just a kind of structure and is rigid; but life itself is moveable with spiritual sense and consciousness. As a result, Life is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality. At present, we must understand how this nonmaterial structure with spirituality comes into being and how it is born. If life is a kind of material structure, then all the things produced by human beings such as bicycle, clothes, desk, toothbrush, pencil and so on are life. Obviously, life is not material structure, but nonmaterial structure. Since life is nonmaterial structure, only the “people” who have understood the whole nonmaterial world can create the “nonmaterial structure”.

To make “the nonmaterial structure” for human beings is like cracking the hardest nut, but for “those people” who have understand the “nonmaterial world” it is just a piece of cake. The problem is that life can not move efficaciously only with “the nonmaterial structure”, and “the nonmaterial structure” must possess the spiritual nature. However, where can we get the spiritual nature?

For the masses, it is easy to answer this question; they will say: “it comes naturally,” or they will say: “life originates from the evolution”. If you asked further—“what is nature? And how can it come naturally? Life is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality. How does the nonmaterial structure with the spiritual nature evolve itself”? They, with a shaking head and angry eyes, will say: “Naturally means naturally, and evolution means to evolve step by step.” If you go on further, they will become very impatient and say that we are taking unnecessary pains to study an insoluble question. (You can visithttp://www.lifechanyuan.com to search and browse the critical articles about the theory of evolution.)

Now, we have to think about this question: “ what is the universe?What does the universe exist for”? In the Time and Space of the Universe, we have learned that “The Universe exists as the order and remains relatively stable with the total energies reaching zero”. What is this “order” used for? If we ask “what are the politic order, the law order and the administration order established by human used for?” The answer must be: “The social order established by human beings is aimed at serving for mankind”. Then, what is the order of universe used for? I have talked about it very clearly at different places of Lifechanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus : “ Universe is designed to serve life”. If the universe perishes, life will be extinct; if life dies, the universe will disappear.

So, as long as the universe exists, life will continue. This is one of the laws.

In fact, what we concern is not the surviving or perishing of the macroscopic life or the whole universe, but that of the individual life. In other words, what we really concern is: “Am I going to perish”?

This involves such problems as the structure of the universe, the balance of life, the morality of the universe, etc. I have made some simple discussion about the issues of symmetry in the Symmetry in Nature—Mysterious and Great Power and Golden Mean—Perfect Proportion. We have known the core of the order is symmetry; the universe is an order. So the universe is symmetrical, and “Taiji Diagram” is a vivid simile for this. We have also understood that the universe was holographic—one cell can reflect the whole style and features. Thus, we come to a conclusion that life is symmetrical. This symmetry not only is reflected in the symmetry of certain individual life, but in the symmetry of the whole universal life.

From 36-Dimensional Space we can understand that the Zero World, the Heaven World, Elysium world, the Cathode Black Hole Body, the ten-thousand-year world and the thousand-year world are symmetric to the Inflamed Layer, the Frozen Layer, Hell World, the Plant World, the Animal World and the Livestock World; the Mortal World locates exactly at the interface of these two symmetric worlds. In this way, the symmetry of the whole universal life is formed, namely the simplified over-all structure of life—“heaven, the Mortal World and hell”.

The universe has the universal morality; once it is reflected in an individual life, it represents the evolution, transmigration and reincarnation of the individual life. For example: if a man’s consciousness and thinking resonate with the morality of universe in the same frequency, his life can evolve towards heaven—the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and Elysium world; otherwise, his life will evolve towards hell—the Hell World, the Inflamed Layer and the Frozen Layer. Of course, this is just a general version; for the specific individual life, the evolution of life is very complicated.

Why is life allowed to evolve? The answer is to maintain the morality of universe and the dynamic balance of the whole universal life.

When the number of a certain kind of life becomes too big in a certain space, the situation has breached the symmetry; namely it has destroyed the symmetry. Similarly, if the number of a certain kind of life is too small, it will also breach the symmetry. This is just like an industrial corporation with hundreds of employees; there only need one general manager, one or two division managers, the salesmen or logistic personnel at most 50; the most of employees should work in the front line. If there is one or nineties at the front line, or more than 90 salesmen or logistical personnel, or more than 50 division managers, this corporation is certain to be bankrupt. In order to ensure the normal survival and development of this corporation, its allocation of personnel has to be symmetrical; certainly, this symmetry mainly focuses on the energy aspect rather than the quantity.

The symmetry must be movable and flexible rather than rigid and stiff. This just like the water allocation on the earth: seas and oceans account for 97.24% of the total water; glaciers and icebergs account for 2.14%; underground water accounts for 0.61%; rivers and lakes account for 0.0001%. However, all those water has to keep in step with the earth movements through the meteorological changes to maintain dynamic balance; otherwise, no life on the earth can survive.

The whole life allocation in the universe is also like this: the number of flora and fauna should be absolutely large; the population of human being can but be moderate; the number of life in the hell is in no way smaller than the number of human being in the Mortal World; the number of life in the paradise has to be absolutely small; certainly this does not mean the symmetry on the quantity, but on the energy aspect. It does not matter if there are a lot of ordinary people, but it does matter when there are a lot of kings.

“As a man sows, so he shall reap.” Reap what one sows, dispensing reward and punishment impartially and being meticulous are laws to safeguard the life dynamic balance and reflect the morality of the universe. Without this restriction of universe morality, the universe will be out of order, and life will perish.

The morality of the universe will not change with the change of the life will; it is a law which hides in the symmetrical structure. As long as the universe exists, the morality of the universe survives; as long as the morality of the universe survives, life is imperishable. This is another law of eternity of life.

Now, let’s look at the quantity of universal life. In the introduction, I talked about the birth of life or the origin of life; in the Greatest Creator I mentioned the origin of the Greatest Creator and the universe; in the Human Beings and Life, I also spoke of the origin of human beings and life. Now, What I want to ask are: is the life number in the universe as a whole a constant or a variable? To be more specific, is the number of population on the earth a constant of a variable?

If we look at the number of population, it is not a constant but a variable. This is an undeniable fact. There were about five billion people on the earth 20 years ago; there are more than six billion at present. This proves that the number of population is a variable, which seems the number life can change. However, when we understand the structure of the universe space, the essence of life and the law of symmetry and balance of the universe life, we will find the number of the whole universe life is not a variable, but a constant. The so-called variable is due to the transmigration and reincarnation of the different life in the universe.

For people who do not know the existence of oceans and icebergs, they certainly think the water of a river is a variable which can be a little more or a little less when they see the water of the river in the front of their door becomes less in winter and more in summer and autumn. However, for people who have a good knowledge about oceans, icebergs, glaciers and the weather changes, they understand that the total amount of water on the earth is not a variable, but a constant. The river water becomes less in winters does not mean that the total amount of water on the earth becomes less; the water becomes more in summers and autumns does not mean that the water can come from nowhere. It is because the water of the other places is brought here by the movement of the earth and the change of weather.

A thing in one region decreases, and that in another region is bound to increase; A thing with one nature increases, and the thing with another nature decreases. The universe, as a whole, is a constant; what is different is the form. The total energy amount is a constant no matter the universe is expanding or shrinking. Otherwise, the “law of the conservation of matter” we learned in middle school is a lie.

Ok, once we understand the universe is a constant, and the total amount of water is a definite number; we will know that the total number of life in the universe is invariable; the so-called change is just the change of the form of expression of life, not the change of the constant.

So, somebody may ask: “where do the extra human beings on the earth come from?”

These extra people are transmigrated and reincarnated from the heaven, hell, animals and plants.

Have you noticed a phenomenon? The human population on the earth has increased, yet the number of the animals has decreased.

“The lost animals have changed into human beings.” This is unimaginable. How can this happen? Isn’t this far-fetched nonsense?

In order to understand this, we have to understand the essence of life. At the introduction, we talked about the research achievement of Dr. Langdon--"The essence of life lies not in the specific substance but form". If we further understand that “Life is an alive nonmaterial structure.” The material forms are not the essence of life; humans are different from animals in term of life form; but they are the same in term of the essence of life, a nonmaterial structure. The only difference is the form of this structure.

Gorillas are not humans, but just animals. I hope nobody would disagree? However, in light of the life structure, the difference between gorillas and human beings is just 0.1%. With a random comparison between a rabbit, a sheep and a man, the difference of their structure is less than 0.2%. There is very little difference in the structures of Jesus, Sakyamuni, LaoTzu, Saints and ordinary people, but it can make a huge difference on the life’s spiritual quality.

Therefore, when we say that many dead animals have changed into human beings, we can not judge it from the form, but recognize its essence behind the form. Otherwise, no matter how I many pages I talk about it, we still cannot understand the transmigration and evolution of life.

So, according to the transmigration and evolution of life, life is imperishable, and this is another law eternality of life.

Please refer to the Life regarding the evolution of life.

Now, we must put forward a question: since the total number of the universe life is a definite number; the increase or decrease in some life species is the consequence of the extinction or increase of some other life species; in this way, can the life “cloned” by scientists prove that the number of life can be increased artificially?

Yes, the “clone” indeed increases the number of life. Take human for example, its life body consisting of 13 billion cells; universe is holographic, so is human body; a human being can be “cloned” by taking any cell from a human body. Besides, the consciousness of life is rooted in the structure; as long as the structure does not change, the man “cloned” can possess the consciousness of “the original man”.

A dangerous signal is “clone” has violated the natural law and the moral law of the universe and directly destroyed the symmetrical balance of life. Once it is out of control, disasters will come one after another; and human will face catastrophes. In fact, Catastrophes are not far away because the “intelligence and wisdom” of human beings.

Taiji celestial once asked me: “where do the animals of the thousand-year world come from?” My answer was the animals of the thousand-year world are also life and also need to face the transmigration and reincarnation; the difference is that their life span is as ten times as these on the earth. The humans in the mortal world can be reincarnated as animals in the thousand-year world if they have good life quality on the earth. The animals in the thousand-year world live better life than that of human in the mortal world.

Someone may ask: “Is the total quantity of life determined at the very beginning or determined finally after the gradual increase?

We all know that both universe and life have their own origins. Since there is a starting point, the total quantity of the universe can not be determined at the beginning, but is created gradually. After the birth of the Greatest Creator, he created the yin and yang symmetrical Gods. After the Gods were created, the Greatest Creator created the angels too in order to make the universe fill with happiness and vitality. The angels were divided into Super Celestial Beings and Buddha with the impact of the yin and yang Gods. After the division of Super Celestial Being and Buddha, in order to make them feel happiness from the creation, under the permission and acquiescence of the Greatest Creator, angels, under the leadership of the Gods, began to create life, especially human life, according to the life “blueprint” endowed by the Greatest Creator. However, because of shortage of lower level life beings this creation destroyed the symmetrical balance of life. The Greatest Creator implemented two big extinction activities on the life of the earth, and most of life beings were transferred to the yin world, namely the hell world. In this way, many life beings were treated unjustly, and in order to make a balance, the Greatest Creator created the thousand-year world, ten-thousand-year world and Elysium world. Since then, the quantity of universe life reached its limit, and thus the total quantity of the universe life were strictly determined.

After this, Sakyamuni and Jesus were sent to the mortal world consecutively and began to educate human beings; Mohammed, the founder of the Islam, also received the oracle and began his own journey; his goal was to guide some people who belonged to his own factions to the heaven.

Human beings have three origins, that is why there is three big religions—Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. The differences in the doctrines are resulted from the different origins of life.

Above is just an outline from an outline, and its real complexity is too difficult to explain clearly and it involves too many astonishing details. A little imprudence may cause big trouble, and therefore it can only be sensed and cannot be explained in words.

Scientists are working hard to establish a theory—the unified field of universe, and the Gods of the universe are also working hard to establish a theory—the unified perspective of human beings. Both of the parties try to bring all the disharmonious elements into the harmonious Tao of the Greatest Creator, which is why such phenomena as angels descending to the earth, Martians coming to save the earth and the new era concepts etc. appear. The birth of Lifechanyuan is a result of this general trend. Those with telegnosis can smell the era change from Lifechanyuan.

As a result, all religions except the Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, belong to heterodoxy because of their improper sources. They should cease all activities and disappear automatically. Owing to the different doctrines and unconquerable character of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, they should compromise to each other and gradually transit to the unification in order to safeguard the harmony of universe life.

In front of the Greatest Creator, all life is equal and each shares the same opportunity, and all life is imperishable. Everyone, regardless of religions or factions, nationality or race, at present, should not think about maintaining one’s own interest but his future direction..

Life has spiritual nature, consciousness, reaction and emotion, but the spiritual nature comes from the origin of life—the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator, which is also the Tao in the Tao Te Ching of LaoTzu. Tao is the blood and vitality of the universe; it runs through all the time and space of the universe and exists in motion and variation of all material and nonmaterial. As long as the Greatest Creator exists, Tao works; as long as the Tao exists, life is imperishable. Even we want to perish our life, it is impossible. We can only kill our own flesh body, but can never kill our life because our life and Tao—the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator are integrated.

Owing to the eternity of Tao, life attached to the Tao will be imperishable. This is another law of eternity of life.

At last, let’s look at whether the nonmaterial structure of life would face with perishing or not. As we know that only energy attached to the structure can form a shape and play a role. Man begins grow from a germ cell to an adult with complete organs and limbs, which completely depends on the effect of energy attaching to the life structure. Without this life structure, energy can only be energy for ever and has no way to become the constituent part of human body. Now, we can imagine: if this germ cell is divided continuously, it is bound to enter the domain of quantum mechanics and superstring theory; with a further step, it can only enter the dimension of spirit and consciousness, which itself is nonmaterial. All the material with forms in the universe is ever-changing and is able to disappear, but the spirit and consciousness is unable to disappear. Just as we always say that there are deities at one meter above ones head, but what are the deities? Deities, nonmaterial, are intangible; although intangible, they are subsistent and will never disappear. Each material has a structure, and each nonmaterial also has a structure. As a result, since the nonmaterial structure cannot disappear, the nonmaterial structure of life will never disappear too. This is another law of life’s eternity.

Let’s make a summary; life is eternal because of the following five reasons:

1. The universe is imperishable, so life is imperishable;

2. The universe morality is eternal, so life is imperishable;

3. The life form can transmigrate and change, so life is imperishable;

4. The psychic energy of the Greatest Creator—Tao lives forever, so life is imperishable;

5. The nonmaterial structure is imperishable, so life is imperishable;

The above five reasons determined the law of life’s eternity.

If above theoretical analysis make you confused, let’s look at the facts.

What are the facts?

From the research reports of near death experiences and the records of reminiscence about the previous life, one can understand that life is imperishable. If you haven’t read about them, you can sense and feel it from your own dreams.

In short: life is imperishable.


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