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Eight attainments that Chanyuan Celestial must Achieve



The Chanyuan Celestials in Lifechanyuan are those who have been equipped with the values of Heaven but still live in mortal world; or can also be said that with one foot remaining in the mortal world while the other foot has stepped into the gate of Heaven. They are the most civilized human beings in mortal world and new celestials on the point of being born at the same time. In short, Chanyuan Celestials should have the following 8 attainments:


Reverence to the Greatest Creator; Faith in Jesus

Chanyuan Celestials show reverence for the sole and only, amorphous, neutral, mysterious, supremely powerful, wise, impartial of the Greatest Creator; show reverence for all forms of life, no killing and tormenting; show reverence for nature, regard nature as the mother of life and the emancipating teacher, and intermingle with nature in a harmonious way; regard Jesus the Christ as the emancipating teacher, have belief in that Jesus the Christ is just the gate for Heaven and what Jesus said is truth, life, and road, and have strong belief of their salvation with the help of Jesus.


Show profound wisdom, and follow Buddha

Chanyuan Celestials are the most septennial people. They have been equipped with non-form thinking, knowing the secret of life and 36-Dimensional Space, traveling in the non-material world consciously. They follow the teaching of Buddha Sakyamuni; they are the closest disciples of Skyamuni and people who are heading for the Elysium-world by Buddhist teaching.


Love LaoTzu and follow Taoism

Chanyuan Celestials keep in the state of zero or non-governing state all the time, thus they possess powerful potential and kinetic energy, which makes them very special among a group of people, firm and eminent, natural and unconventional, formal and formless at the same time. They absorb the essence produced by the sun the moon, and the earth; they have read books in different historical times. They are so powerful and so unobtrusive. Chanyuan Celestials are followers of Celestial LaoTzu. They have love for LaoTzu and have the same idea with him.


Fearless, follow the Prophet Muhammad

Chanyuan Celestials are fearless because they have the knowledge about the secret of non-material world. They would not disappear even the sky and the earth disappears. Knowing that the physical body is just the carrier of soul, they are very clear that even floods and fire would not hurt their soul; even earth crumbles would not hurt their spiritual entity. A complete idealist is absolutely fearless. Therefore, the Chanyuan Celestials are human beings of indomitable spirit, broad, bright and pure in mind; they are followers of the Prophet Muhammad, firm in belief, indomitable in morality and spirit. The have no fear in front of evil; they keep countenance in front of guns and knives.


Truth-seeking, science-supporting

Falsehood and superstition have no ground in Chanyuan Celestials. They do everything on the basis of fact according to logic and following the principle of science. Telegnosis serves as their navigation; they are integrity and dignity, not believing any hearsay, crotchety words and fantastic talks,


Flexible in thinking,

Every Chanyuan Celestial knows that there is not settled rules and the only rule is that rules are always variable according to the situation; everything is changing timely and no form is form. no law and non- law is the law and there is no from and non-form is the form. Except invariable the Greatest Creator and, invariable Tao; everything might be changed with time and space Therefore, the Chanyuan Celestials do not be restrained by the traditional ideas and ancient preaching or doctrine. Their thinking is flexible and they are very smart in dealing with things because they never justify things according to previous principles or traditional preaching. While the tenet of following the Tao of the Greatest Creator will not have any change, the method and approaches can be changeable; while the direction and goal of going to the celestial archipelago will not have any change, the method of self-improvement and self-refinement is changeable at any time.


Diligent, Ernest, Skillful

Chanyuan Celestials are the most diligent people in the world. They are industrious people both in physical work and mental work. They are diligent in thinking and creating even creating for stuffs they use. They refuse to be lazy and become parasites. They never gain advantage over others by tricks, even if the missing dollars on the ground will not attract their attention. They do not desire for other people's creation. They are with sureness and live frankly all their life. All Chanyuan Celestials are well-educated and capable and they are able to depend on at least one type of skill for a living.


Open-minded and lively; Keep the pure original forever

All the Chanyuan Celestials are open-minded and lively, with frequent smile on their faces or beautiful dreams in their hearts. They are very frank in behavior and talk, never suppressing themselves or covering the expression of being saints. They do not pretend to be moralists; instead, their behaviors are just like the innocent kids enjoying playing with mud, water, mountain, cats, dogs, snows, or rains; they can often make themselves happy as well as others; agony and trouble are never their benefits.


What are listed here are the 8 attainments to be Chanyuan Celestial; it is also a touch stone and watershed for identifying a Chanyuan Celestial.


May 9, 2007


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