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The Values and Meaning of Life


The value of Life is to seek Tao, attain immortality, and go to heaven.

The meaning of life is to develop a nature that is pleasing to the Greatest Creator.

Life is just a short trip of LIFE in the mortal world. But the destination for each individual is vastly different. Some rise up to heaven, but some fall into to hell, and some revert back to the animal world, while some return as mortals, and so on. This shows that Life's greatest value lies in taking all the chances and conditions, and combines them with Tao to attain the celestial character and go on to live in heaven.

Life has eighteen aspects that cannot be self-managed. Likewise, it also has eighteen aspects can be completely self-managed. Life is an investment. The different directions of investments eventually will lead to huge differences of Life results. If you invest in sesame, then you will get sesame. If you invest in watermelons, then you will get watermelons. A day has twenty-four hours for each of us. Due to the different directions of investments, the Life values that individuals get can be very different.

I will list eight investments here and we will see which one ultimately proves to have the maximum value:

· Shepherding, growing food, getting married, having children, those children growing up to shepherd, grow food, get married, have children, the grandchildren growing up to shepherd, grow food, get married, and the cycle continues.

· Attending primary school, graduating from higher education, landing an office job, earning money to buy a house, getting married, starting a family, having children, raising them to attend school and college, land office jobs, earn money to buy houses, get married, and have your grandchildren.

· Opening a business, earning money, buying property and luxury villas around the world, having one, two, even three mistresses, raising a bunch of children to inherit the legacy, playing what is desired to be played and seeing what desired to be seen, and then dying peacefully in bed.

· Becoming an official, climbing up the ladder with a full heart and soul, getting promoted from a clerk to a section chief, to a director, to a director general, to a minister, to a provincial governor, and ultimately to become the prime minister while facing twists and turns, often happy and bright ones, all the way up, benefiting close and remote relatives, bringing honors to one's ancestors and to the glorious family.

· Getting famous, "A wild goose leaves behind a voice; a man leaves behind a name". Fame is a kind of asset. Whether in the entertainment industry or television news circles, whether in pop-culture or high culture, whether in a political party or a religious community, having only one purpose - to become famous and to meet one’s desires through fame.

· Establishing achievements, either for political parties, religious organizations, or states, dedicating everything including one’s life, and finally becoming a national hero, a meritorious statesman, or a religious leader.

· Retreating from the world, wanting nothing and doing nothing, being abstinent and restraining from material interests, "Being oblivious to the outside world, but indulging in the books of the saints and sages”.

· Making Life happy, joyous, free, and blessed, by leading a full Life, leaving no remorse or regrets, self-refining by giving unconditionally to charity, knowing the coordinate system and the coordinate points of the universe, and knowing one’s self-destination.

These eight investment orientations above are random examples. There are 84,000 ways of the Buddha and there are 84,000 ways of Life journeys. No matter into which directions you invest, the key point is to get the maximum benefits, and that is the value of Life.

If we make a careful calculation, it is not difficult to understand that investing in the last direction is of a higher value than any of the previous seven.

The meaning of Life is the complete exhibition of natural character to please the Greatest Creator. As we are created by the Greatest Creator, our purpose is to please the Greatest Creator. Those who fail to please the Greatest Creator are doomed to suffer tragic lives.

The Greatest Creator created the sun for illumination, fruit trees to bear fruit, flowers and plants to be colourful and beautiful, and people to highlight our natural human nature. What should be there, the Greatest Creator has given us. What should not be there, the Greatest Creator has denied us. Additional wants and desires are contrary to the will of and cannot please the Greatest Creator.

The values of Life are to seek Tao, attain immortality, and go to heaven.

The meaning of Life is to exhibit a nature that will please the Greatest Creator.

Believe it or not!


December 3rd 2009


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