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Who is firmly established is not easily shaken.

Who has a firm grasp does not easily let go.

From generation to generation his ancestral sacrifices

Shall be continued without fail.

Cultivated in the individual, character will become genuine;

Cultivated in the family, character will become abundant;

Cultivated in the village, character will multiply;

Cultivated in the state, character will prosper;

Cultivated in the world, character will become universal.


According to (the character of ) the individual,

judge the individual;

According to (the character of ) the family,

judge the family;

According to (the character of ) the village,

judge the village;

According to (the character of ) the state,

judge the state;

According to (the character of ) the world,

judge the world.

How do I know this is so?

By this.


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