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The Levels of Life



In terms of the nonmaterial structure of the spiritual nature, life can be divided into 16 levels, successively are:


The first level: the Greatest Creator

It possesses perfect nonmaterial structure; its psychic energy is able to penetrate all matters and space without any hindrance.


The second level: Gods

It possesses defective nonmaterial structure. Its psychic energy is able to penetrate all materials and most of the space, but can not enter into The Zero World and can not compete with the Greatest Creator.


The third level: Celestial Beings and Buddha

All the Celestial Beings and Buddha are at the same level of life, and with the only" racial" differences.

Based on their magical power, Celestial Beings can be divided into the following categories: Super Celestial Being, Deity Celestial Being, Land Celestial Being, Human Celestial Being and Ghost Celestial Being.

The basic features of Super Celestial Beings are: unlimited by time and space constraints; can response the subtle changes throughout the universe; can response the awareness of the Greatest Creator and God, and make rapid response to the awareness of the Greatest Creator and God. Super Celestial Being can be visible or invisible, intangible or tangible; they have the ever-changing magical powers to be in thousands of incarnations and exist in different life spaces at the same time. Super Celestial Beings' base camp is the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium world.

The basic characteristics ofDeity Celestial Beings include: unable to change into thousands of incarnations, yet have the magical power, can speed across the sky, can be invisible and can transform, can come and go freely between Yin and Yang Space. They are non-materialists and can discern past and future. They can travel thousands of miles away in the twinkling of an eye. Deity Celetial Beings dislike living in groups, so they do not have any base camps. They "travel everywhere they want and do whatever they like". Except The Zero World and The Heaven World, they can come and go anywhere which is the so-called "a powerful and unconstrained style of independence."

The basic characteristics of the Land Celestial Being are: longer life span, less food and drinks, disease-free, worriless, able to walk on the surface of water, walk through walls and fly on the top of the tress. They are able to travel thousands of miles without feeling tired. The basic camp of Land Celestial Being is The Ten-Thousand-Year World. They may occasionally appear in man's world, but the ordinary people can not come across them or see them.

The basic characteristics of the Human Celestial Being are: They have the physical body, but their consciousness is different from the ordinary people. They have the knowledge of a lot of secret things, such as: the structure of the universe; the 36-dimensional space; the origin of universe, life and human kind; transformation mechanism of causality; the law of transmigration of life. They are sages attaining the Tao, possessing perfect human nature. They do not have private properties and do not participate in any form of confrontation or competition. They change according to conditions, adapt themselves to different circumstances, do things randomly, and move according to their nature. They live on the spiritual perfection of human nature. The Human Celestial Being have known clearly the next stop of their life, so they do not have fear of death in any sense; or have escaped the shackles of death. The community of Human Celestial Being is the thousand - year world. There is one in ten thousands people in human society possessing the quality of Human Celestial Being. If they can make a further step, they will step into the ranks of Human Celestial Being.

The basic characteristics of Ghost Celestial Being are: The flesh is dead but the consciousness still remains in the life of human world. They are transformed generally from those extremely intelligent people who are anxious for success.

According to the nature of Buddha, Buddhas can be divided into ten categories: Those Buddhas in Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent belong to Mahayana. Those Buddhas of the secondary category live in Gods Continent, Moon Temple Continent, Three Worlds Two-way Continent, Celestial Islands Continent, Amita-Buddha Continent, Yingwu Continent, Kasyapa Continent, Celestial Islands Continent, Lotus Continent. The Buddas in Lotus Continent belong to Hnayana. In man's world, there are no Buddhas in real sense but only some nature of Origin; once the nature of Origin is reached, the physical body will become parinirvana immediately and the life itself will reach the primary level of Budda---Lotus Continent


The Fourth Level: Devil

Devil is the incarnation of Buddha. It is a brief but extreme performance of Buddha while practicing self-refinement. The power of Devil is greater than that of Buddha and can easily reach the level of gods. The Great Creator would attend the matter himself when a great quantity of Devils emerge and restrain them in the Cathode Black Hole Body.


The Fifth Level: Human being

Humankind is a kind of life living on earth by using of vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, touch, and telegnosis spiritual senses. Humankind does not possess the ability of supernatural transformation and must live on food. According to their origin, Humankind can be classified into five categories, namely, Ignorant person, Laity, Mortal, Sage, and Celestial.

Ignorant person: rely on instinct for survival whose previous existence is a tree or a lower animal.

Laity: rely on desire for survival whose previous existence is a higher animal, livestock or a flying bird.

Mortal: rely on emotion for survival whose previous existence is a laity or a mortal.

Sage: rely on reason for survival whose previous existence is a Celestial or a Sage.

Celestial: rely on spiritual nature to survive whose previous existence is Celestial or Human Celestial Being from one-thousand-year world.

In addition, one in ten millions of people in human society are Celestial Beings from the ten-thousand- year world, Buddhas from Elysium world or Gods from Heaven carrying special missions.


The sixth level: Flying Bird

Flying Bird is a kind of life living in the four-dimensional space. Its wisdom is lower than humankind but it has more freedom and its space of activities is larger than that of humankind. Flying Birds are gregarious, belonging to cooperative living species. Red-crowned crane is at the top grade in flying birds, enjoying a longer life and high spiritual nature. The other cranes, storks, and wild geese are at the secondary level. Eagles and owls are at the third level. Warblers, parrots, and humming birds dwelling in the forest, pigeons, crows inhabiting in broad areas, and mandarin ducks, egrets, and other ducks living by water are at the even further lower level. Poultries and other birds with wings but can not fly, such as ostrich, are at the lowest level in flying birds.


The Seventh Level: Flowering plants

Flowering plants refer to all of those flowering but infertile plants, including some flowering but fruitless trees and herbs. Flowering plants possess very high spiritual nature. They are almost imitations from flowering plants in the ten-thousand-year world. In addition to decorating the nature, the main function of flowering plants is to serve the sages and celestials and to remind or enlighten those people with high spiritual nature not to forget the existence of the Deity Celestial Being world and develop to the ten-thousand-year world. The highest grade flowering plant is peony; the top grade flowers include: Chinese herbaceous peony, Chinese flowering crabapple, lotus, daffodil, wintersweet, sweet-scented osmanthus, plums, lunar September chrysanthemum, magnolia denudata, azaleas, orchids, and epiphyllum. The middle grade flowers are: rose, clove, Clivia, spring orchid, Chinese hibiscus, Albizzia julibrissin, Indian Kalimeres herb, jasmine, winter jasmine, laurel, tulip, chrysanthemum, cactus, Echinopsis tubiflora, etc. Catkin, reed catkins, rattan flowers, day lily, water caltrop flowers are among low grade flowers.


The Eighth Level: Livestock

Livestock are under human control and protection and directly serve the need of humankind. Although they are not as free as wild animals, the surviving danger is lower than the later. If wild animals can be compared to "illiterate people", the domestic animals are disciplined "high school students or university students" trained by "civilization". The wild animals only know how to obtain, whereas the domestic animals know how to dedicate.


The Ninth Level: Wild Life on Land and Aquatic Life in the Sea


The Tenth Level: Trees


The Eleventh Level: Insects


The Twelfth Level: Herbs and Crops

Lucid Ganoderma is the highest grade grass; asparagus fern and bracket plant belong to top grade herbs; both crops and vegetables are middle grade grass; grass is of the lowest grade.


The Thirteenth Level: Microorganism and Fungus


The Fourteenth Level: Demons and Monsters in Hell


The Fifteenth Level: Life in Frozen Layer


The Sixteenth Level: Life in Inflamed Layer


The levels of life are mainly divided into the above categories according to the grades of spiritual nature of life. The higher level of life, the higher grade of freedom, the higher the living standard and quality of life will be; and vice versa.

That is to say, gods do not want to become Celestial Beings and Buddha; Celestial Beings and Buddha do not want to become humankind; humankind do not want to become bird; birds do not want to become flowers. Flowers do not want to become domestic animals; domestic animals do not want to be wild animals or aquarium animals and wild animals do not want to be trees or crops. So on and so forth.

For humankind, the direction of the development of life should be going toward the higher space of life. Ignorant person should develop toward the direction of being laity; laity should develop toward the direction of being mortal; mortal should develop toward the direction of sage; sage should develop toward the direction of immortals among men, and immortals among men should develop toward the direction of Land Celestial Being, Perfect man, Deity Celestial Being, Super Celestial Being and Buddhas.

The path of life is very clear. From the perspective of space, people in man's world should strive for the thousand-year world; Human Celestial Being in the thousand-year world should strive for the ten-thousand -year world, Land Celestial Being in the ten-thousand year word should make effort for the free Deity Celestial Beings. The celestial being Deity Celestial Beings wandering worldwide all day long should make strive for the angels in Elysium world, which is the top level of life. It is impossible for human beings to become gods, not to say of the possibility of becoming the Greatest Creator.

It is as clear and simple as a piece of white paper.

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