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Law of eternity of life



Dr. Christopher Langton, the principal of Los. Amos National Life Laboratory of United States,said: "The essence of life lies not in the specific substance but form". This means the essence of life has nothing to do with material, and it is just a form, a structure without material and a sign invisible with naked eyes. Gene, the building of life, seen by” human genome” with scientific instruments actually is not the essence of life, but the expression of life-- “a sealed book”. This is why human being can make a space ship, but can not create an ant.

It is not completely right to say “the essence of life lies in the form” because the form is just a kind of structure and is rigid; but life itself is moveable with spiritual sense and consciousness. As a result, Life is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality. At present, we must understand how this nonmaterial structure with spirituality comes into being and how it is born. If life is a kind of material structure, then all the things produced by human beings such as bicycle, clothes, desk, toothbrush, pencil and so on are life. Obviously, life is not material structure, but nonmaterial structure. Since life is nonmaterial structure, only the “people” who have understood the whole nonmaterial world can create the “nonmaterial structure”.

To make “the nonmaterial structure” for human beings is like cracking the hardest nut, but for “those people” who have understand the “nonmaterial world” it is just a piece of cake. The problem is that life can not move efficaciously only with “the nonmaterial structure”, and “the nonmaterial structure” must possess the spiritual nature. However, where can we get the spiritual nature?

For the masses, it is easy to answer this question; they will say: “it comes naturally,” or they will say: “life originates from the evolution”. If you asked further—“what is nature? And how can it come naturally? Life is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality. How does the nonmaterial structure with the spiritual nature evolve itself”? They, with a shaking head and angry eyes, will say: “Naturally means naturally, and evolution means to evolve step by step.” If you go on further, they will become very impatient and say that we are taking unnecessary pains to study an insoluble question. (You can visithttp://www.lifechanyuan.com to search and browse the critical articles about the theory of evolution.)

Now, we have to think about this question: “ what is the universe?What does the universe exist for”? In the Time and Space of the Universe, we have learned that “The Universe exists as the order and remains relatively stable with the total energies reaching zero”. What is this “order” used for? If we ask “what are the politic order, the law order and the administration order established by human used for?” The answer must be: “The social order established by human beings is aimed at serving for mankind”. Then, what is the order of universe used for? I have talked about it very clearly at different places of Lifechanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus : “ Universe is designed to serve life”. If the universe perishes, life will be extinct; if life dies, the universe will disappear.

So, as long as the universe exists, life will continue. This is one of the laws.

In fact, what we concern is not the surviving or perishing of the macroscopic life or the whole universe, but that of the individual life. In other words, what we really concern is: “Am I going to perish”?

This involves such problems as the structure of the universe, the balance of life, the morality of the universe, etc. I have made some simple discussion about the issues of symmetry in the Symmetry in Nature—Mysterious and Great Power and Golden Mean—Perfect Proportion. We have known the core of the order is symmetry; the universe is an order. So the universe is symmetrical, and “Taiji Diagram” is a vivid simile for this. We have also understood that the universe was holographic—one cell can reflect the whole style and features. Thus, we come to a conclusion that life is symmetrical. This symmetry not only is reflected in the symmetry of certain individual life, but in the symmetry of the whole universal life.

From 36-Dimensional Space we can understand that the Zero World, the Heaven World, Elysium world, the Cathode Black Hole Body, the ten-thousand-year world and the thousand-year world are symmetric to the Inflamed Layer, the Frozen Layer, Hell World, the Plant World, the Animal World and the Livestock World; the Mortal World locates exactly at the interface of these two symmetric worlds. In this way, the symmetry of the whole universal life is formed, namely the simplified over-all structure of life—“heaven, the Mortal World and hell”.

The universe has the universal morality; once it is reflected in an individual life, it represents the evolution, transmigration and reincarnation of the individual life. For example: if a man’s consciousness and thinking resonate with the morality of universe in the same frequency, his life can evolve towards heaven—the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and Elysium world; otherwise, his life will evolve towards hell—the Hell World, the Inflamed Layer and the Frozen Layer. Of course, this is just a general version; for the specific individual life, the evolution of life is very complicated.

Why is life allowed to evolve? The answer is to maintain the morality of universe and the dynamic balance of the whole universal life.

When the number of a certain kind of life becomes too big in a certain space, the situation has breached the symmetry; namely it has destroyed the symmetry. Similarly, if the number of a certain kind of life is too small, it will also breach the symmetry. This is just like an industrial corporation with hundreds of employees; there only need one general manager, one or two division managers, the salesmen or logistic personnel at most 50; the most of employees should work in the front line. If there is one or nineties at the front line, or more than 90 salesmen or logistical personnel, or more than 50 division managers, this corporation is certain to be bankrupt. In order to ensure the normal survival and development of this corporation, its allocation of personnel has to be symmetrical; certainly, this symmetry mainly focuses on the energy aspect rather than the quantity.

The symmetry must be movable and flexible rather than rigid and stiff. This just like the water allocation on the earth: seas and oceans account for 97.24% of the total water; glaciers and icebergs account for 2.14%; underground water accounts for 0.61%; rivers and lakes account for 0.0001%. However, all those water has to keep in step with the earth movements through the meteorological changes to maintain dynamic balance; otherwise, no life on the earth can survive.

The whole life allocation in the universe is also like this: the number of flora and fauna should be absolutely large; the population of human being can but be moderate; the number of life in the hell is in no way smaller than the number of human being in the Mortal World; the number of life in the paradise has to be absolutely small; certainly this does not mean the symmetry on the quantity, but on the energy aspect. It does not matter if there are a lot of ordinary people, but it does matter when there are a lot of kings.

“As a man sows, so he shall reap.” Reap what one sows, dispensing reward and punishment impartially and being meticulous are laws to safeguard the life dynamic balance and reflect the morality of the universe. Without this restriction of universe morality, the universe will be out of order, and life will perish.

The morality of the universe will not change with the change of the life will; it is a law which hides in the symmetrical structure. As long as the universe exists, the morality of the universe survives; as long as the morality of the universe survives, life is imperishable. This is another law of eternity of life.

Now, let’s look at the quantity of universal life. In the introduction, I talked about the birth of life or the origin of life; in the Greatest Creator I mentioned the origin of the Greatest Creator and the universe; in the Human Beings and Life, I also spoke of the origin of human beings and life. Now, What I want to ask are: is the life number in the universe as a whole a constant or a variable? To be more specific, is the number of population on the earth a constant of a variable?

If we look at the number of population, it is not a constant but a variable. This is an undeniable fact. There were about five billion people on the earth 20 years ago; there are more than six billion at present. This proves that the number of population is a variable, which seems the number life can change. However, when we understand the structure of the universe space, the essence of life and the law of symmetry and balance of the universe life, we will find the number of the whole universe life is not a variable, but a constant. The so-called variable is due to the transmigration and reincarnation of the different life in the universe.

For people who do not know the existence of oceans and icebergs, they certainly think the water of a river is a variable which can be a little more or a little less when they see the water of the river in the front of their door becomes less in winter and more in summer and autumn. However, for people who have a good knowledge about oceans, icebergs, glaciers and the weather changes, they understand that the total amount of water on the earth is not a variable, but a constant. The river water becomes less in winters does not mean that the total amount of water on the earth becomes less; the water becomes more in summers and autumns does not mean that the water can come from nowhere. It is because the water of the other places is brought here by the movement of the earth and the change of weather.

A thing in one region decreases, and that in another region is bound to increase; A thing with one nature increases, and the thing with another nature decreases. The universe, as a whole, is a constant; what is different is the form. The total energy amount is a constant no matter the universe is expanding or shrinking. Otherwise, the “law of the conservation of matter” we learned in middle school is a lie.

Ok, once we understand the universe is a constant, and the total amount of water is a definite number; we will know that the total number of life in the universe is invariable; the so-called change is just the change of the form of expression of life, not the change of the constant.

So, somebody may ask: “where do the extra human beings on the earth come from?”

These extra people are transmigrated and reincarnated from the heaven, hell, animals and plants.

Have you noticed a phenomenon? The human population on the earth has increased, yet the number of the animals has decreased.

“The lost animals have changed into human beings.” This is unimaginable. How can this happen? Isn’t this far-fetched nonsense?

In order to understand this, we have to understand the essence of life. At the introduction, we talked about the research achievement of Dr. Langdon--"The essence of life lies not in the specific substance but form". If we further understand that “Life is an alive nonmaterial structure.” The material forms are not the essence of life; humans are different from animals in term of life form; but they are the same in term of the essence of life, a nonmaterial structure. The only difference is the form of this structure.

Gorillas are not humans, but just animals. I hope nobody would disagree? However, in light of the life structure, the difference between gorillas and human beings is just 0.1%. With a random comparison between a rabbit, a sheep and a man, the difference of their structure is less than 0.2%. There is very little difference in the structures of Jesus, Sakyamuni, LaoTzu, Saints and ordinary people, but it can make a huge difference on the life’s spiritual quality.

Therefore, when we say that many dead animals have changed into human beings, we can not judge it from the form, but recognize its essence behind the form. Otherwise, no matter how I many pages I talk about it, we still cannot understand the transmigration and evolution of life.

So, according to the transmigration and evolution of life, life is imperishable, and this is another law eternality of life.

Please refer to the Life regarding the evolution of life.

Now, we must put forward a question: since the total number of the universe life is a definite number; the increase or decrease in some life species is the consequence of the extinction or increase of some other life species; in this way, can the life “cloned” by scientists prove that the number of life can be increased artificially?

Yes, the “clone” indeed increases the number of life. Take human for example, its life body consisting of 13 billion cells; universe is holographic, so is human body; a human being can be “cloned” by taking any cell from a human body. Besides, the consciousness of life is rooted in the structure; as long as the structure does not change, the man “cloned” can possess the consciousness of “the original man”.

A dangerous signal is “clone” has violated the natural law and the moral law of the universe and directly destroyed the symmetrical balance of life. Once it is out of control, disasters will come one after another; and human will face catastrophes. In fact, Catastrophes are not far away because the “intelligence and wisdom” of human beings.

Taiji celestial once asked me: “where do the animals of the thousand-year world come from?” My answer was the animals of the thousand-year world are also life and also need to face the transmigration and reincarnation; the difference is that their life span is as ten times as these on the earth. The humans in the mortal world can be reincarnated as animals in the thousand-year world if they have good life quality on the earth. The animals in the thousand-year world live better life than that of human in the mortal world.

Someone may ask: “Is the total quantity of life determined at the very beginning or determined finally after the gradual increase?

We all know that both universe and life have their own origins. Since there is a starting point, the total quantity of the universe can not be determined at the beginning, but is created gradually. After the birth of the Greatest Creator, he created the yin and yang symmetrical Gods. After the Gods were created, the Greatest Creator created the angels too in order to make the universe fill with happiness and vitality. The angels were divided into Super Celestial Beings and Buddha with the impact of the yin and yang Gods. After the division of Super Celestial Being and Buddha, in order to make them feel happiness from the creation, under the permission and acquiescence of the Greatest Creator, angels, under the leadership of the Gods, began to create life, especially human life, according to the life “blueprint” endowed by the Greatest Creator. However, because of shortage of lower level life beings this creation destroyed the symmetrical balance of life. The Greatest Creator implemented two big extinction activities on the life of the earth, and most of life beings were transferred to the yin world, namely the hell world. In this way, many life beings were treated unjustly, and in order to make a balance, the Greatest Creator created the thousand-year world, ten-thousand-year world and Elysium world. Since then, the quantity of universe life reached its limit, and thus the total quantity of the universe life were strictly determined.

After this, Sakyamuni and Jesus were sent to the mortal world consecutively and began to educate human beings; Mohammed, the founder of the Islam, also received the oracle and began his own journey; his goal was to guide some people who belonged to his own factions to the heaven.

Human beings have three origins, that is why there is three big religions—Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. The differences in the doctrines are resulted from the different origins of life.

Above is just an outline from an outline, and its real complexity is too difficult to explain clearly and it involves too many astonishing details. A little imprudence may cause big trouble, and therefore it can only be sensed and cannot be explained in words.

Scientists are working hard to establish a theory—the unified field of universe, and the Gods of the universe are also working hard to establish a theory—the unified perspective of human beings. Both of the parties try to bring all the disharmonious elements into the harmonious Tao of the Greatest Creator, which is why such phenomena as angels descending to the earth, Martians coming to save the earth and the new era concepts etc. appear. The birth of Lifechanyuan is a result of this general trend. Those with telegnosis can smell the era change from Lifechanyuan.

As a result, all religions except the Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, belong to heterodoxy because of their improper sources. They should cease all activities and disappear automatically. Owing to the different doctrines and unconquerable character of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, they should compromise to each other and gradually transit to the unification in order to safeguard the harmony of universe life.

In front of the Greatest Creator, all life is equal and each shares the same opportunity, and all life is imperishable. Everyone, regardless of religions or factions, nationality or race, at present, should not think about maintaining one’s own interest but his future direction..

Life has spiritual nature, consciousness, reaction and emotion, but the spiritual nature comes from the origin of life—the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator, which is also the Tao in the Tao Te Ching of LaoTzu. Tao is the blood and vitality of the universe; it runs through all the time and space of the universe and exists in motion and variation of all material and nonmaterial. As long as the Greatest Creator exists, Tao works; as long as the Tao exists, life is imperishable. Even we want to perish our life, it is impossible. We can only kill our own flesh body, but can never kill our life because our life and Tao—the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator are integrated.

Owing to the eternity of Tao, life attached to the Tao will be imperishable. This is another law of eternity of life.

At last, let’s look at whether the nonmaterial structure of life would face with perishing or not. As we know that only energy attached to the structure can form a shape and play a role. Man begins grow from a germ cell to an adult with complete organs and limbs, which completely depends on the effect of energy attaching to the life structure. Without this life structure, energy can only be energy for ever and has no way to become the constituent part of human body. Now, we can imagine: if this germ cell is divided continuously, it is bound to enter the domain of quantum mechanics and superstring theory; with a further step, it can only enter the dimension of spirit and consciousness, which itself is nonmaterial. All the material with forms in the universe is ever-changing and is able to disappear, but the spirit and consciousness is unable to disappear. Just as we always say that there are deities at one meter above ones head, but what are the deities? Deities, nonmaterial, are intangible; although intangible, they are subsistent and will never disappear. Each material has a structure, and each nonmaterial also has a structure. As a result, since the nonmaterial structure cannot disappear, the nonmaterial structure of life will never disappear too. This is another law of life’s eternity.

Let’s make a summary; life is eternal because of the following five reasons:

1. The universe is imperishable, so life is imperishable;

2. The universe morality is eternal, so life is imperishable;

3. The life form can transmigrate and change, so life is imperishable;

4. The psychic energy of the Greatest Creator—Tao lives forever, so life is imperishable;

5. The nonmaterial structure is imperishable, so life is imperishable;

The above five reasons determined the law of life’s eternity.

If above theoretical analysis make you confused, let’s look at the facts.

What are the facts?

From the research reports of near death experiences and the records of reminiscence about the previous life, one can understand that life is imperishable. If you haven’t read about them, you can sense and feel it from your own dreams.

In short: life is imperishable.


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