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Reincarnation and Abortion


What is foetus? As the name implies, a foetus is a house building up in a month. (note: in Chinese foetus is written as "胎",with the left part means month and the right part means pavilion)

An oospermno more than one month in a womb can’t been called foetus, it’s just a fertilized egg.

Is an egg a life? Of course not. A Chicken can’t been hatched out from an unfertilized egg, only when it's time for a chicken come out from it, can we call a life.

Can we call a fertilized egg LIFE? Answer: no, because it has no self consciousness. A thing without self-consciousness can’t be called LIFE, otherwise, man-made plites, trains and cars can all be called living beings.

The meaning of foetus is the house build in a month or several months. Therefore, a foetus is not a LIFE, but the house for a coming LIFE to live in it.

So here comes the question of reincarnation, reincarnation is the spiritual part or what we call soul of one LIFE enters into a house which is build for it.

Only when the spiritual part (soul) of a LIFE enters into the foetus, can the foetus be called a LIFE.

So when will the soul of a LIFE reincarnate?

Answer: Reincarnation usually happens at about 10 days before the birth, while most of the reincarnation happens during the 3 days before the birth.There are lots of reincarnation cases and examples from history and different cultures can prove this.

The conclusion: Foetus in a womb can be called as a LIFE only about 10 days before the birth, otherwise a foetus is not a life, but a house waiting for a new LIFE to live in.

Christianity and Buddhism think abortion is crime, it is killing LIFE, such view is wrong because it doesn't reflect the facts. If we take an fertilized egg or foetus as a LIFE, then there can’t exist the theory of reincarnation, heaven and hell, because many new lives are born, many old lives die continuously, as a human one can only live for one life, this is not true.

If a young lady get pregnant in a situation of no protection,without the knowledge of contraceptive methods, should she abort it or not?

Here, please don’t make mortal preaching, it’s useless for this moment, we should consider should she abort or not.

If you don’t agree her to abort, can you be responsible for the nursing of the child? If you can’t but speak loudly against abortion, say abortion is a crime, please answer me, where is your moral and responsibility?

Lifechanyuan is the last lesson for human beings, everything is concluded by the last lesson.



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