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Origin of the Universe



1. Introduction


Before many chemical elements were found, most of the chemists didn’t know how many chemical elements are there on the Earth and their relationship. Dmitri Mendeleev had already made the famous Periodic Table of the Chemical Element, calculated the atomic quantity of elements and showed us the relationship between them. The elements discovered later were all included in his Table.

The case has demonstrated everything in the Universe has the order and laws. Some people say the Universe is lawless and disorderly because they haven’t found the laws and order.


2. Origin of the Universe


All things within the time scope, including the celestial bodies and Universe, have their origin, the birth time and process of development. The beginning and ending time of the Universe, just as theπ and golden ratio, is mysterious and can’t be reached by our wisdom. Compared with the wisdom of the Greatest Creator, our wisdom is just like a drop in the sea. I would like to share my knowledge of the beginning of the Universe gained while my mind was in peace.

When I am seeking what things in the Universe are eternal, when I am thinking about the resurrection in the Bible, when I am meditating the “The life is like a dream and all the four elements (earth, water, fire and air of which the world is made) are void” in the Buddhist scripture, when I am trying to figure out the source of Tao in the Tao Te Ching, when I ask myself why I would go to the Mortal World, why we exist and where we are going, I have known the beginning process of the Universe. However, when I am delighted to think I have found the mystery of the Universe, I suddenly realize that this mystery of the Universe beginning was explained by the humans (the ancestors of dragon nation) 6,000 years ago. It is like a Mt. Everest climber, after reaching the peak after multiple difficulties, finds someone else has left his footprint on it. Thus, I am not bold enough to claim myself as the first one knowing the Universe beginning. I only wish to add some details based on the wisdom of the past talents.

The River Diagram, The Book of Changes and the Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine have told us the process of the Universe beginning is : Wuji generates Taiji, Taiji generates two polarities, the two polarities produce the four directions, the four directions create the eight trigrams, the eight trigrams create Hexagram, and the Hexagram create all things in the Universe.


3. Before the universe was Wuji.


What is the state of Wuji?

Wuji is the state of neither in nor out, neither big nor small, neither bound nor edge, neither null nor true, neither time nor space, neither material nor spirit. It is clear, chaos, everything and nothing.

The detailed explanation of the state can’t be completed even in a book containing 1 million words. I just want to stick to one point. According to the estimation of the paleontologists, the Earth was born about 4.5 billion years ago. Then where was the Earth before it was born? We can only conclude that it was in Wuji before it was born, just like the human beings. We were also in Wuji before we were born. Because the whole Universe was in Wuji before it was born, Wuji contains everything. But where is Wuji? A thing without time, space, material, spirit, inside, outside, large size, small size, border, edge, firmness or emptiness can only be described by the word “shapeless and visionary”. However, Wuji doesn’t mean it contains nothing. Instead, it contains everything. It has nothing and everything at the same time. That’s why The Diamond Sutra was profound and difficult to understand. For example:

“There is no law, and there is no lawless.”

“If Tathagata explains the laws, don’t believe it. The laws can’t be explained. If explained, they are not the laws or not the lawless.”

“The Buddhism is no Buddhism.”

“The name of Anagami is Bulai. But actually Bulai doesn’t exist. So Anagami is called Anagami.”

“The solemn Buddhist is not solemn. It is called the Solemn.”

“Tathagata says the world is not the world. So it is called the world.”

“I should eliminate all life. After doing that, I found no life has been eliminated.”

And so on.

If we don’t know the origin of the Universe, it is very difficult for us to understand the above “Buddha words”. If we can fully understand the above “Non Buddha words”, we will know the origin of the Universe.

Before everything was born, they were in Wuji. So Wuji means everything.

We wish to take an example from the mythical novel Journey to the West to imagine the space in Wuji.

Monk Tang and his apprentices entered the disguised monastery. The Monkey King was trapped in the gold cymbal by the demon head. So how big or how small was this gold cymbal? No matter how high or how low the Monkey King could transform himself, the cymbal could change too following him. The Wuji space before the Universe was born was in the state as the cymbal. It was extremely large and extremely small.

The space described in Einstein’s the General Theory of Relativity just refers to the space above mentioned. The size of the space is not decided by the energy. However, it is decided by the existence of matters. The more matters are transformed from the energy, the larger the space will be and vice versa. If there is no matter, there will no space. It’s the same as the relationship between the Monkey King and the gold cymbal. The space in the cymbal is decided by the size of the Monkey King transforms himself. The traditional science believes that the space is like a box and the material is a particle in the box. When the particle disappears, the space is still there. Nevertheless, the space is not like that. When the particle is not there, the space will disappear. The space is determined by the distribution of particles. The space will twist, swell, contract or even disappear as the material and its energy change the size.

How to understand the time in Wuji?

Time is generated by the movement of objects. There is no time without motion.

For example, a man is 40 years old because the cells in his body are splitting, moving and dying. If the cells were not moving or splitting, he would not have lived till 40. A piece of fresh meat will rot in a few days if placed open to the air in hot weather. However, if we put the meat in the fridge, it will not rot in months. Why? The meat in the fridge has slow even halting cell movement. When the cell movement slows down, the time of the meat is lengthened. And when the cell movement stops, the time of the meat disappears.

If a man is never born, does he still have time? If the Earth is not born, does the Earth have time? If the Universe is not born, does the Universe have time? No.

This is the time in Wuji.

The core of the quantum mechanics is the “uncertainty”. Why? The time does not lapse evenly. The time is changing. So how can you obtain the “certainty”?

That’s all about my explanation of Wuji.


4. Wuji Generates Taiji


What is the state of Taiji?

First, we have to know Taiji is generated from Wuji.

Wuji is nothing and everything. It is everything because the energy existence in it can produce the material world. It is nothing because the energy in it is not material. It is chaos without firmness or emptiness. It is like the sky. When the sky is clear, there is nothing in it. But when it is cloudy, we can see the clouds and lightings and hear the thunders. Then there is everything.

In Wuji, there is the intangible energy. The intangible energy (in contrast with the tangible energy) is moving irregularly. When the irregular movement, accidently on a point, formed a specific order or symbol, the entire Wuji has formed a potential power arrow called the “tornado” centered on this point.

This potential power arrow, or “tornado”, is just called Taiji. (Please note that the tornado is simply a momentum with only potential power. It does not have kinetic energy because it is not rotating.)

This is how Taiji is generated from Wuji.

Taiji is in such a state: it is the one, amorphous, the unity without opposites, and an extremely large energy cluster (It is just like a locked reservoir containing billions of billions of Pacific)

The Taiji is just the Greatest Creator in common sense.

In Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu said, “Chaos was born before there was the Earth and Heaven.” Before the Universe was born, “something” existed. This “something” is Taiji, the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator. Lao Tzu named this “something” as Tao because he confused the nature and psychic energy of the Greatest Creator.

After understanding what Wuji is, we can understand Buddha and Buddhism. After understanding Taiji, we can understand Tao and Taoism.


5. Taiji creates the Two Polarities


What are the two polarities?

It refers to the phenomenon of opposition.

For instance, in the state of Taiji, everything is the one and amorphous. But in the state of the “two polarities”, the intangible energy is shown up in a tangible form. The Sun, for example, is an energy cluster. It has been transformed from the intangible energy form in the state of Taiji into the tangible energy form. So the energy is classified into the tangible energy and intangible energy. “None” and “Existence” form the “two polarities”, namely, the unity of opposites.

The contents of the “two polarities” include: none and existence, firmness and emptiness, Yin and Yang, positive and negative, static and dynamic, left and right, up and down, exterior and interior, front and rear, high and low, noble and humble, hard and soft, big and small, strong and weak, dark and light, male and female, rich and poor, fortunate and unfortunate, gain and loss, merit and fault, more and less, life and death, true and false, good and evil, beauty and ugly, etc. They are the unities of opposites.

Everything in the Universe as we know is the demonstrations of the “two polarities”.

Then how are the “two polarities” were born out of the Taiji?

We have known that the irregular movement of energy in Wuji accidently formed a certain order. All the energy, in a short while, formed overwhelmingly an intangible potential energy. If the potential energy is not given out, it will only remain latent like a “paper-made tiger”. However, when all energies gather at the central point, the energy center has changed its nature, just like the water will evaporate when heated to a certain degree. At this time, the energy center, or the nucleus, is no long a kind of energy. Instead, it has become a special structure surrounded by great energies. When this structure is complete, the Consciousness comes into being. It is just like a fertilized egg without Consciousness. When it keeps absorbing energy in its mother’s uterus and improves its structure, a conscious animal (human) will be born.

The gathering of mammoth energies has led to the alienation of the energy center, resulting in a structure. The constant improvement of the structure ended up with the emergence of the Consciousness, which is the symbol of life birth. The Consciousness gathering all energies then started the process of creating the Universe. And it is the Greatest Creator.

After the Greatest Creator is born, the energy in the Taiji began to move around the Greatest Creator’s Consciousness. We can also say that all energies move around the structure of the energy center. Just like a human body, when your consciousness tells you to urinate, the bladder door is open and the urine goes out. When you want to look at the sky, your head will be raised and your eyes opened automatically. When you want to have sexual intercourse, your penis is erected.

After the Greatest Creator is born, the “two polarities” come into being, the celestial bodies show up, the celestial movement begins, the unlimited space is born, the time starts and everything gets into the movement cycle of life and death.


6. The “Two Polarities” create the “Four Directions”


The “two polarities” have brought about the “four directions”. There is south, north, east and west. There is front, rear, left and right. There is life, growth, decline and death. There is quadrant 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the function image.


7. The “Four Directions” create the “Eight Trigrams”


Because there is south, north, east and west, there are now 8 directions including the east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, north and northeast. The eight directions are called Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen and Kun respectively, forming the 8 trigrams. Each direction has its special meaning. Each direction has its different chance changes. Let’s take a person as an example. If he remains healthy in the south, he might find it difficult to get accustomed to the north. If nothing goes smooth in the east, he may achieve success in the west and the ugly duckling might become the white swan. Even grass will have different growth model and blossoming timing in different directions and locations.


8.The Permutation and Combination of the 8 Trigrams (Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen, and Kun) Produce the 64 Trigrams


The 64 trigrams are corresponding to the 64 factors in the Universe. But as to the details of these 64 factors, because they are related to all the mysteries in the Universe and hidden to the common people, even the King Wen of Zhou in the Canonization of the Gods didn’t know all of them. And the most achieved Taoists in China only knew a few of the factors. Sakyamuni masters half of them and Jesus only knows a few more than Sakyamuni does.

We often hear people say “No disclosure of the Heaven secrets”. The heaven secrets are just hidden in the 64 trigrams. The permutation and combination of the 64 trigrams have caused the birth and death of all things in the Universe. The things that you can’t imagine are just the combination of 2 factors. The power of Jesus lies in his mastery of the formula of these factors.

The birth and death of all things, the limitless mysteries and all changes and movements in the Universe are hidden in the permutation and combination (formula) of these 64 trigrams. “No coming, no going, the time-space ends and origin shows up.”

This is the brief process of the birth of the universe.


II. Overview of the Universe



1.The Universe is the Order


The Universe exists as the order and remains relatively stable with the total energies reaching zero.


2.The Definition of the Universe


The space with the negative and positive energies reaching zero is called the Universe. Or the space with the balanced matter and antimatter is called the Universe.


3.The Shape and Structure of the Universe


The Universe is called the large Universe and small Universe. The borderless one is called the large Universe and the one with borders is called the small Universe. The large Universe is made up of numerous small Universes.

π=3.141592653589… It is the symbol of the large Universe, which is limitless, no cycling, endless, vast and eternal.

The small Universe is the relatively secluded and independent galaxy space in the large Universe, like the swirls in the river. Each swirl is a relatively independent rotating space. It’s also like the eggs in a henhouse in which each egg is an independent and secluded space.

The Earth we live on is in a small Universe. We might as well call this Universe the Earth Universe to distinguish it from the other small Universes.

The Earth Universe is a saucer-shaped Taiji oval with its edge covered by a layer of high-energy “clouds”. The layer of high-energy “clouds” is the crust of the Earth Universe. At the same time, it functions like the stator of a motor. It is a rotating magnetic field, pushing the things on the Earth Universe to rotate counterclockwise.

The structure of the Earth Universe is an oval-shaped rotating object composed of Yin and Yang, the two meshing revolvers, just like the Taiji diagram of Taoism in China. The difference is that the Taiji diagram is a circle while the Earth Universe is a Taiji oval body. We call the Taiji Oval body the Law-rotary Galaxy, in which there are almost 3,000 rotary-river galaxies. Each rotary-river galaxy is a relatively independent rotating one. In each rotary-river galaxy there are almost 3,000 Milk Way systems with each containing almost 3,000 solar systems.

The rotating rate of each celestial body and galaxy seems to be constant. But the fact is that the rate is changing all the time. Each celestial body, when is on the short axis, the rotating speed reaches the maximum. The farther it is from the short axis, the slower it rotates. When reaching the two ends of the long axis, the celestial body will halt for a short time, on which moment all the physical life on the celestial body will die. The spiritual body of the dead life will enter the negative pole of the Taiji oval body, which is called one kalpa. After passing the long axis, the spiritual body will get out of the negative pole of the Taiji oval body and enter the positive pole in the form of the physical life. Because the celestial bodies and galaxies have different mass, they stay on the long axis for different periods of time. So they are in permutation and combination again. For example, the Earth, in the next cycle, might become a desert land like the Mars, which might be full of life like the Earth.

The spatial distance between celestial bodies and galaxies is also in constant change. The closer they are to the short axis, the more distance they will have. The Universe seems to be expanding. The closer it stays to the long axis, the less distance it will have. It seems that the Universe is shrinking.

At present, the Milk Way System is now floating towards the short axis.

The Earth Universe is classified into the Positive Universe and Negative Universe.


4.The Positive Universe


The phsical world is the Positive Universe

All the matters, tangible, seeable, touchable, hearable, perceptible, and those that can be measured by the instruments belong to the scope of the Positive Universe. The dark matters and energies are also classified into the scope of Positive Universe.

For instance, the house, desk, plant, animal, human body, cloud, wind, thunder, lightning, sound, odor, molecule, atom, electron, ion, proton, neutron, nucleon, meson, hyperon, varitron, anti-particle, light ray, gravitation, magnetic force, infrared ray, ultraviolet ray, cathode ray, positive ray, ultrasonic wave, infrasonic wave, bio wave, the noise caused by the high and low frequency oscillation, diffusive substances emitted by the radioactive elements such as radium, uranium, plutonium and francium, and the universal gravitation all belong to the scope of the Positive Universe.

All things existing in the Universe in the form of elementary particles are matters.

The physical world is the world that can be explained and will be explained by the science.

The scope can be explained by the science belongs to the scope of matters. The scope that can’t be explained by the science belongs to the “superstitious” scope not accepted by the people.

When science tries to explain the things beyond the material world, it is not science any more. Instead, it is called the anti-science or super-science.

All the religions and the superstitious things are the super science that stands against the science.


5.The negative Universe.


The antiworld is the Negative Universe.

All the super matters, intangible, and others that can't be seen, heard, touched, measured, or felt but affect the material world all belong to the scope of the Negative World.

For instance, the universal repulsion, time, space, spirit, consciousness, thinking, soul (life soul) belong to the non materials. The belief, Tao, law, order, spell and Buddhism belong to the non materials. The angel, God, ghost, Buddha, Devil and other amorphous life are the non materials. The dream scene, origin of the spiritual feeling, the bridge of the telepathy, the passage of the thinking telepathy, the paradise, the hell, Allah, Ancestor of the Buddha, Yahweh and their residences, the Zero World, the Heaven World, the venue of the Gods, and the Elysium where the spiritual body goes to after the dies all belong to the scope of the Negative Universe.

"The fantasy is no fantasy, and the reality is no reality" and "The seeable is not usable, and the usable is not seeable" as believed by the Taoists belong to the scope of the Negative Universe.

All energies and energy groups that do not exist in the Universe in the form o the elementary particles are the antimatters.

The Positive Universe can be explained by the science and is easy to be understood. The Negative Universe, till now, can only be felt by the people not very clearly. It can't be explained by the science and is difficult to understand.

The Negative Universe is the antiworld. The Negative Universe is the origin of the matters. The material world is the reflection of the antiworld and image of the Negative Universe. Everything in the material world is in constant movement and change. They have birth and death. On the contrary, everything in the Negative World exists in the relatively eternal state.


6.The Law of the Universe, the Unity of the Opposites


Everything in the Universe exists in unity of opposites, such as Yin and Yang, positive and negative, man and woman, male and female, front and rear, exterior and interior, high and low, up and down, firmness and emptiness, glory and shame, static and dynamic, noble and humble, weak and strong, rich and poor, merit and fault, fortunate and unfortunate, gain and loss, forward and backward, more and less, day and night, past and future, tangible and intangible, life and death. Each pair depends on each other. Without one, the opposite one will not exist.

The unity of the opposites is the presentation of the Universe nature. However, it is a major law of the Universe existence.

The negative is there because of the positive, and the universal repulsive force is there because of the universal gravitation. It is the same with the matter and antimatter, particle and non anti-particle, photon and anti-photon, energy and negative energy, the left rotation and right rotation, and the Mortal World and the Fairy World.

You can find the black where you find the white and the male where you find the female. It is the same with the life and death, flesh and soul, paradise and hell, law and lawless, chaos and peace. When the whole society is seeking wealth, there must be some people seeking knowledge. When the whole society is at peace, some force must be preparing for the riot. When all the human beings face the disaster because they have violated the God’s orders, the representatives sent by the God and Buddha will help them to wake up. The extremely dynamic will lead to the static, and vice versa.


7.The Movement of the Universe


The movement of the large Universe is initiated and operated by the structure in the Taiji energy cluster center. That is to say, it is initiated and operated by the Consciousness of the Greatest Creator. The small Universe, where the Earth lies in, is fuelled by the hull of the Earth Universe, which is a rotating magnetic field belt.

In the Universe there are two groups of energies with the opposite nature, like the action and the reaction. They have the different power but reverse directions. So the total energy stands at zero.

These two groups of energies are the “Buddhist Power” maintaining the orderly operation, stability and balance of the Universe. If we add these two groups of energies, we will get zero. However, when either group is more powerful than the other, the Universe will disappear immediately.

For instance, the universal gravitation and the universal repulsive force have the same power and opposite movement directions. Because the total is zero, the Solar System, the Milk Way System, the Law-rotary system and Rotary-river System move in an orderly way. If there is only the universal gravitation without the universal repulsive force, all the celestial movement in the Universe will become the direct-line movement and join together in the ultra light speed. So the Universe will disappear immediately. If there is only the universal repulsive force without the universal gravitation, there will not be the rotations of the celestial bodies in the Universe. The Earth will not move around the Sun and all the celestial movement will become the direct-line movement. The celestial bodies will expand rapidly at the ultra light speed. In the end, they will burn and die and the Universe will disappear, too.

In the human society, the science and “superstitious” are also two groups of energies with equal power and mutual repulsion with total zero energy. There is no science without the “superstitious” and vice versa. These two forces constrain each other and move forward together. The more developed the science is, the more active the “superstitious” activities will become, because the science will prove that the “superstitious” is not “superstitious” at all. Instead, it is the super science. On the other hand, the more powerful the “superstitious” is, the more developed the science will be, because the “superstitious” will expand the scope of the science.

The science and the “superstitious” is a unity of the opposites. The science finds it impossible to eliminate the “superstitious”, which also finds it impossible to eliminate the science.

The Positive Universe is laevorotation and the Negative Universe is dextrorotation.


8.The Point for Understanding the Universe


The correct understanding of the Universe will help us build the correct Universe concept, world concept and life concept. When we gradually know about the Negative Universe, there are fewer mysteries left behind for the world. We will know our past and future, Buddha, Buddhism, Tao and Taoism, Jesus, and the Greatest Creator. We can face the death and the life sufferings peacefully. In particular, when have made self-improvement and self-refinery to a certain degree, see the Thousand Year World, Ten Thousand-year World and the Elysium World, we will long for them, just like those people live in the poor countries suddenly see what the developed countries are like in TV. We will know what we should do and will discover the value and mysteries in the Life Chanyuan.

You might think that the Ten Thousand-year world hundreds of thousands of light years away is much too far away. But the distance is just one step. People living a few hundred years ago used to think that there was a long distance between the Cape of Good Hope and San Francisco of the States. But today we know it will only take us two days to get there. And instant reaching can be achieved via telephone or Internet. When we have dreams, the spiritual human body gets out of the flesh body and reaches his friends or relatives faraway in a short distant. Even, the spiritual body can follow the time axis to meet with the deceased friends or relatives. For the spiritual bodies, there is no distance of time and space. When we have developed into the spiritual bodies of the Celestial Beings, it is an easy task to travel through time-space.

The Universe is our home. The Earth is just a point in the home, a temporary “hotel”.


36-Dimensional Space



According to the level of the life mass energy of matters and antimatters, there are 36 dimensions in the spaces. They are: Colorless Space, Double Color Space, Mortal World, Cause-effect Space, Between Yin and Yang Space, Human-Celestial Being Space, Proton Space, Photon Space, Light Speed Circle, Super Light Space Circle, Molecule World, Micro World, Law World, Retention Information Space, Super Time Space, Macro World, Time Tunnel,Holographic Order World, Zero World ,Heaven World, Cathode Black Hole Body, Ten Thousand Year World, Thousand Year World, Dream World, Anode Black Hole World, Livestock World, Animal World, Plant World, Insect World, Bacteria World, Landscape and Climate World, Hell World, Frozen Layer and Inflamed World.


1-dimensional Space – Colorless Space

It is a space where we can’t see the size, form or color of the objects. Living in this space, we are just like the blind. The polar nights or the polar rights belong to the Colorless Space. The Taiji space before the Universe is born is a 1-dimensional space. For the humans, the antiworld is a 1-dimensional space. All the antimatters are 1-dimensional in nature. That’s why we can’t see the consciousness, thinking, soul, Buddha, celestial being, Tao, law, Heaven World, Elysium World, Dream World, Hell World, Frozen Layer or Inflamed Layer. From the perspective of the 1-dimensional space of the antimatters, all of us human beings are the blind people. We can’t see things in the space just like the blind people who can’t see the beautiful flowers and other things in this world. We see nothing and have on knowledge of the antimatter 1-dimensional space.


2-dimensional Space, the Double Color Space

In this space, the objects have sizes and forms. But they only have the light and shade colors. For instance, the achromatopsia people live in the Double Color Space. The scenes in the Hell World, Frozen Layer and Inflamed Layer are just like the images in black-and-white TV with only light and shade colors.

If one person judges things only by good and bad, true and false, good and evil, and beauty and ugly, instead of seeing the bad in the good, the good in the bad, the false in the true, the true in the false, the good in the evil, the evil in the good, the beauty in the ugly, the ugly in the beauty, the static in the dynamic and the dynamic in the static, his thinking would be the achromatopsia thinking and he actually lives in the 2-dimensional world.

The space which only has the direct lines without curves, and the direct lines have no obliquity from the perspective of either primary vision, overlook or sectional view is the 2-dimensional space.


3-dimensional Space – Mortal World

In this space substances have forms and sizes are rich in colors. The space is constantly changing. The Mortal World is a 3-dimensional space. 98% of the human population and most of the animals, except the birds, live in this space. The 3-dimensional space is a knotless space. The movement of all matters is a knotless line, just like a rope fastened to a person’s foot. No matter how many turns he or she makes, no matter which direction he or she goes, though the rope has many twists or pile into a geometric pattern, it will become a straight when we pull the two ends of it. And there is no knot in this line. The 3-dimensinonal space is a relatively simple and na?ve space. It is a space where we live without making efforts.


4-dimensional Space, the Karma Space

It is the thinking space where we can know the karma relationship. The human beings walk in the 3-dimensional space while the birds fly in the 4-dimensional space. The flight route of the birds can have knots. So the 4-dimensional space is the knotted space. From the perspective of the 3-dimensional space, we can only see the part of the tree above the ground. However, from the perspective of the 4-dimensional space, we can see the tree roots under the ground. Based on the material changes in the Mortal World, we can see through the phenomenon and detect the essence of things, the relationship between them, the interactive bridges, and the causes of the changes. We can also see through a certain phenomenon and find the future results. We can know the principle of quantitative and qualitative changes. We know how to achieve balance. We can find the truth out of the routine phenomena. We can find the thinking space of the laws. For instance, we can perceive the universal gravitation when seeing the apple falling to the ground. We can think about the movement rules and direction of the Universe when seeing the vine growing in spirals. We can reach the knowledge about the terrestrial magnetism and ocean currents when we see the swirls formed by releasing the water out of the bathtub. We can know the function of the motion power when we see the kettle lid jumping as the water boils. We can perceive the irrigation and power generation when seeing the wind and tides. We can know about the disease and disease spreading ways when we see the bacteria under the microscope. We can get the mystery of the genes when we see the different forms of the objects. We can conclude the life origin from the gene invariance and genetic features. We can know about a person’s health and personality when see his complexion and face. We can predict a person’s future success or failure when seeing his behaviors and listening to his words. We can see the rise and fall of a dynasty by observing the dedication of the government officials and the mentality of the civilians. Those living in the 4-dimensional space include the greatest scientists such as Newton, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Euclid, Copernicus, Mendel, Heisenberg, Kepler, Dalton, Rontgen, Mendeleev, Planck, Pasteur, the political leaders such as Washington, Mao Zedong, Constantine the Great, Peter the Great, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Augustus, and Caesar, the musicians such as Beethoven, Handel and Bach, the philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, and Beacon.


5-dimensional-Between Yin and Yang Space

It is the rim space in the crossing between the matters and antimatters and between the space and the negative space.

Three types of people find it easy to enter this space. The first type is the specialists in a field. When one person is addicted to or reaches the peak in the study of one issue or one thing, he feels, though not very clearly, the existence of super materials. Sometimes he feels he can’t find the interconnection bonds between the things in the actual world. Sometimes he feels that something happens in an incredible way. For instance, why the people who have dug the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaoh die a natural death? Why did one of the twins feel worried at the same moment when his brother died from the traffic accident thousands of miles away? Why could the girl called Shanty Debi born in Delhi of India in 1926 tell exactly the things in her former cycle of life, which proved to be true. Why was the coffin of famous American actor Charles Cleveland, who died in 1899 and buried in Galveston of Texas, brought into the sea by the tides, floating 28 years and 3,000 km before reaching his hometown, the Prince Edward Island? These things have made him feel that the things he used to study were much too trivial and insignificant. He still can’t tell what’s true and what’s false when faced with the matters and antimatters. All things seem to the reality and the fantasy at the same time. If his flesh body dies now, his spiritual body will be in the state of puzzlement. Though his flesh body has died, the spiritual body of his can’t find the way out and can only roam in the edgy place when the material world is connected with the non-material world.

The second type is those who practice or improve himself blindly. Due to the wrong method, too much hurry, old age or bad health, the spiritual body after the death of the flesh body can only drift in the connection place of the Yin and Yang worlds.

The third type is those who feel like getting into the unnecessary end or those who died suddenly at their golden age. Because they are not well prepared for death and still long for the material world, they are not willing to be brought to another world by the sudden death. Some of their wishes haven’t been realized and they are reluctant to leave the material world. However, because their flesh bodies are dead, the spiritual bodies have no carrier and can only roam for a certain time in the connection space between Yin and Yang worlds. Some cases of spirit possession are caused by their spiritual bodies. The people who are not willing to die would stay in this space. In the rural areas, the monks or Yin Yang masters will help to release the souls of the dead people. The ceremony is just to comfort them, encourage and persuade them to enter the Yin world and forget about the things in the Yang world.


6-dimensional Space, the Humans & Celestial Beings World

This space is where the people having got out of the material world constraint live. When a person’s belief is perfect innocent and he or she is not seduced by the worldly materials, they just look the same with the average people. But their inner part has been changed. They have known the Negative Universe is the origin of the matters, everything in the 3-dimensioanl world is simply the fantasy, the worldly people will get nothing even if they are busy working and struggling all the time, the people will end up in a dream and they are ignorant. The people in this space don’t have to work to get something. They work for pleasure, not means of making a living. They have known the Holy Spirit, Buddhism and Taoism. They know how to make use of the energy in the Negative Universe to serve them. Basically they can make achievement by thinking about them. So they are free of the worries and live an unloaded life. Except for the human celestial beings whose flesh bodies are still alive because of their self-refinery and self-improvement, the few mages, Taoists, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and the believer of other regions can also enter this space.


7-dimensional Space, the Proton World.

This is a space where the proton can be seen. The proton is one of the elementary particles forming the nucleus of the atoms. It has the positive electron. Its electricity is equal to the electron but the mass is 1,836 times of that in the electron. In this space, the people can have the perspective as far as their eyesight can reach. It seems that the people are wearing the infrared glasses and can see what is behind a certain object. For instance, they can see the jewels and gold under the ground. They can see the people’s inner organs. They can see the flowing water under the ground. In the 3-dimensional world, the people can only see the branches, leaves and fruits. However, the people in the proton world can see the worms climbing on the tree. The beauties in the eyes of the 3-dimensional world are simply skeletons in the eyes of the people in the proton world.


8-dimensional Space, the Photon World

It is the space where the rays are beyond the 400-700mm wave lengths. The photon is the elementary particle of the light. It has certain energy, which changes to the wave lengths. The shorter the wave length is, the more energy it has. Many lights are invisible to the human eyes. Only those who have certain level of energy can see them. In this space, the people can have the perspective farther than their eyesight range. They can see through the substances with high density, strength and energy. The objects will not show up in their original forms. Instead, they will show up in the form of light in different colors. The substances with low density, strength and energy are invisible just like the molecule in the air. The worldly people busy in the world are just clusters of light moving molecules. On the contrary, the self-improving people will emit the visible light with different colors based on the strength of their composure and psychokinesis.


9-dimensional Space, the Light Speed Circle

The space where the light can reach within 1 second is called the Light Speed Circle. The people in this space can have the remote viewing of things in the distance where the light will reach in 1 second. For instance, though the person is in Africa, he can clearly see his family members living in Asia. All the people living within the scope of 1-second light travelling can be seen by the people in the Light Speed Circle.


10-dimensional Space, the Super Light Speed Circle

The space where the light cannot reach within 1 second is called the Light Speed Circle. The people in this circle can have the trans-space remote viewing. They can see all the scenes beyond the Milk Way System and the Rotary River System, in particular the life situation of the celestial beings in the Thousand Year World and Ten Thousand Year World.


11-dimensional Space, the Molecule World

It is a space where the thinking energy of the nature shown by the molecules can be seen. The molecule is the smallest particle that can regain the chemical attributes of the original substances and can exist independently. The people in this space can see the nature of each type of molecules. For instance, the blood of an average people in the eyes of the worldly people is seen by the people living in the Molecule World as a fully-grown person who has his look and personality. If there are two drops of blood with one drop belonging to a dog and the other to a cow, we ordinary people cannot tell which is dog and which is cow. However, the people living in the Molecule World can judge them. They even know the form of the grass by seeing the grass seed.


12-dimensional Space, the Micro World.

It is a space where people can ride a horse in the nanometer space. The tiny particle seen by an ordinary person in the microscope is a large Universe system in the eyes of the people living in the Micro World, which includes the Sun, mountains, rivers, animals, plants, and the park residences for the people. They can build thousands of beautiful villages on a grain of sand.


13-dimensional Space, the Law World

It is a space where the people can see the energy which causes the matters to change, for instance, the energy that drives the combination of the sperm and egg which later grow into a perfect body. The people in the Law World can only see the energy flow. The magnetic line of force, the rays of all kinds and the waves of all kinds are energy flows. They know very clear which place has good or bad Feng Shui, and who has strong or weak life power.


14-dimensional Space, the Detention Information Space

It is the space where the information will stay without diffusion in a short time. Any motion of the matters will leave the information that will not disappear in a short time behind them. All the matters are just like the “photographic films”, able to record correctly what has happened around them. The Detention Information Space refers to the space which is able to show what has happened. Some police dogs can trace the whereabouts of the people by following the smell they have left days or even months ago. The people with the Buddha eyes can, according to the detention information left by the objects’ movement, show what happened, for instance, 10 years ago. For example, the room has been the venue of the murdering cases, how it happened, and who the murderer was.


15-dimensional Space, the Super Time World

It is a space where the people can get rid of the time constraint, follow the time numerical axis and see what will happen or what has happened in a certain place in the future or in the past. For instance, the scenes in the beginnings of Universe origin, human origin and life origin, the scenes where the dinosaurs were dominating the Earth, the scenes of Adam and Eve living in the Eden, the scenes of the Great Flood in Noah’s time, or the life scenes when the Earth is controlled by the bio-robots in the future.


16-dimensional Space, the Macro World

The big Universe is the Macro World. For the people living in the Macro World, the Earth Universe where we are is just a particle, the Solar System is simply a molecule, the Sun is the nucleus, the Earth, the Mercury, the Mars and other 6 planets are just the electrons revolving around the nucleus.


17-dimensional Space, the Time Tunnel

The time network composed of the negative and positive time and dotted the Universe space is called the Time Tunnel.

The Time Tunnel runs through all tangible objects. Each celestial body has its own Time Tunnel and each person has it, too. Once entering the Time Tunnel, the time no longer goes ahead like the ticking clock. Instead, the time is fixed and static. It is not like the calendar watch showing the past and future. Instead, the time has become the numerical axis with the two ends extending limitlessly. You can choose to live on any point. For example, you can choose to live in the times of dinosaurs, or live in the era when the current human order has been changed to experience the life at that time.


18-dimensional Space, the Space Tunnel

The passage connecting the 36-dimensional spaces is called the Space Tunnel.

For instance, after the flesh body dies in the Mortal World, the spiritual body has to pass the Space Tunnel first before it enters the upper worlds, such as the Thousand Year World, or the lower world, such as the Animal World. If the angels from the Heaven World go to the Mortal World for inspection, they have to pass the Space Tunnel before reaching the Mortal World.

All the materials in the Space Tunnel are the antimatters. All the antimatters in the Space Tunnel move at the rate of the Negative Universe speed.

All the Space Tunnels pass by the 3 World Two-way Continent in the Elysium World. That is to say, the 3 World Two-way Continent is the hub of all the Space Tunnels.

The above-mentioned 18 dimensional worlds all are related to the humans. They are the middle worlds of the life activities. When the human’s science reaches a certain level, they will have sufficient ability to enter either of the above spaces with the help of instruments.

The following 18 dimensional worlds will be the spaces which can never be reached by science. The major target of Life Chanyuan is to guide the people to the higher spaces of life. So I will focus on describing and explaining the Thousand Year World, Ten Thousand-year World and the Elysium World.

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