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Floods leave 3 dead, 600 families homeless

February 24,2019


Walter Mswazie in Masvingo
CHIREDZI South is in serious need of assistance following flash floods which left about 600 families homeless, an official has said.

Last week road infrastructure, homes and health facilities were destroyed by the floods following heavy rains which lashed most parts of Chiredzi district including Chiredzi Town.

In an interview on the sidelines of Masvingo inaugural devolution conference at a local hotel last week Chiredzi South National Assembly Member, Retired Brigadier General Callistos Gwanetsa said the situation was dire as most areas were cut from social and economic services given that most roads were washed away.

“We received good rains last week but they turned to be destructive. Major infrastructure like roads and bridges were washed away. About 600 families were left homeless, as their homesteads were destroyed and badly need assistance,” said Rtd Brig Gen Gwanetsa.

He said the major roads linking to business centres had been destroyed leaving people without access to economic services.

“We had three people, two children who drowned in a disused pit while an adult woman was found dead after being soaked in the rain.

“The destruction of roads and bridges has adversely affected the delivery of grain from the Grain Market Board (GMB) as well as medical supplies to the health centres.

“Schools are no longer accessible, let alone access to economic services as a major bridge Mubatarengwe Bridge linking Chedziva and Chilonga Business Centre was washed away. The road linking Matibi with Chief Sengwe communal area has been cut off,” he said.

He said despite the destructive floods the rains had brought smiles to most farmers in his constituency, as they had begun planting their crops.

Meanwhile, Masvingo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Cde Ezra Chadzamira has said the Government was already assisting the affected families but also appealed to non-government actors to complement the efforts.

“We are assisting the affected families through the provision of food, tents for shelter as others had their homes destroyed.

“We however, call on local authorities like Chiredzi Town Council to assist, as they are also the ones who allowed residents to construct their houses in wetlands,” said Minister Chadzamira.


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