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The Opening Remarks of Lifechanyuan

April 8, 2004

Deiform Buddha


(Words for the Sages and Celestials)Welcome to get into Lifechanyuan.

Congratulations for your new course of life.

What I must declare here is that, I'm Xue Feng, an ordinary and imperfect sage with flesh and blood out of Lifechanyuan; but in Lifechanyuan, I'm Deiform Buddha, and what I'm talking about here is the Tao of the universe and life.

The first condition for getting into Lifechanyuan is to have a quiet heart, mind and soul. You are not able to reach the accomplishment unless being calm. Butterfly flock around when flowers are blossoming. Good wishes and wisdom bubbles when your heart is peace being. No disease bothers you when your heart and body are clean. Celestial will you be when you only think of immortal thing. It is only in serene circumstance may it be possible for penetrating the phenomena of things and studying their essence rather than being confused by the physical appearance, may it be possible for the universal stream of consciousness flowing into your own consciousness, may it be possible for the mutual perception between you and nature, may it be possible for entering into the thinking of the Greatest Creator, Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu, and may it be possible for you to acquire some knowledge on the secret of the universe and life as well as the questions about whom you are, where you are from and where you will go.

There are a lot of books predicting the mankind in the future, such as, the Bible, the Buddhist Scriptures, Tao Te Ching, The Qur'an, A voice from the past, Raymund Hermes,Tui Bei tu, Pancake song, Geog-am You-Rog, Maya Myth. These books are about revelation on humankind from the life of high spaces. The recent prediction of the Martians almost has no difference with that of the Lifechanyuan; it is only that they are not from Mars but from different space and time. The real record on human history and future is still kept under the Pyramid and on the moon. Of course, you'd better not pay too much attention to this, and do not believe in those intentional explanation or inferences about this.

You should not attach to your previous knowledge acquired by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching; instead, you should learn to communicate with the universe by spiritual nature. You should learn to give up yourself and melt into the universe. In this way, you will see clearly the nature of Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions and you will have some understanding about the cause of the calamities and great events all over the world.

Let's make an example for Falun Gong, what's the reason for its appearance in China and being suppressed? Who is Li Hongzhi? Who is Jiang Zemin? The Chinese government announced that Falun Gong was heresy, and Falun Gong said that Jiang is an evil, who is the real evil anyway? We cannot understand this phenomenon unless we use our spiritual nature.

The real wisdom in human knowledge is only 1% and the rest 99% are just a pile of junk; this number is in accord with the ratio between the total amount of gemstones, gold and precious metal and the weight of the earth. Therefore, we should not waste our time in absorbing the knowledge of human society or feel pleased with ourselves for picking up a pile of junk. What we should do is to develop our brain because the amount of the "gems" stored in our brain is much more than the total amount of gemstones on earth.

Lifechanyuan says that the total energy of the universe is zero. Stephen William Hawking, the great physics master, also had the same understanding in his book A Brief History of Time, which proves that the scientists are very close to the Greatest Creator, but they can only approach truth rather than have a real grasp of truth. Einstein had tried to establish the Unified Field Theory and some of the scientists who are at the peak of science are actively exploring for the establishment of Unified Field Theory now, but they are too far from approaching it, and the reason for their failing is that they only prove the existence of four basic interactions in nature and be blind to the other four interactions in the universe at the same time; the reason for their limitation is lacking of depth in the knowledge of negative universe.

It is only those who in Lifechanyuan could have grasp of truth in future. People are easy to be misled by phenomenon, which may consume people in energy, intelligence and time. So, people in Lifechanyuan must learn to be indifferent and turn a blind eye or ear to the things around in order to avoid being misled by phenomenon and public opinions, which may make us lose our direction. We focus on the phenomenon sometimes just for exploring the reason of their appearance or the meaning behind the phenomenon.

For Karma and transmigration, their existence do not change with your belief or unbelief, or you see it or do not see it. It is the principle and order of life. Nobody is able to understand the real reason behind each phenomenon until this principle and order is grasped. "Justice has long arms". Unbridled manners in former life which had not incurred punishment then will be returned by miserable circumstances in this life. You get into lifechanyuan in pursuit of another lifetime, so you must never repeat your previous path of life otherwise you will get into transmigration in mortal world again; instead, you must develop towards the high-level space of life, towards the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand year world and the Elysium would. You should know the mental power and learn how to use them in your thinking for getting into the high- level life space ahead of the coming of calamity. Lifechanyuan is a holy place and it is the home of our spiritual nature. I hope all of you will enjoy the real happiness to be a human being and develop yourselves freely here.

The following is to the sages and celestials getting into Lifechanyuan. All of you are from high-level life space and you have been equipped with great awakening wisdom; you are here in the mortal world with the mission of saving human beings. I wish you would not fail to accomplish your mission, give relief and help to all mortal beings out of the abyss of misery and reaching the Other Side by using your spiritual nature and wisdom.

May the Greatest Creator be with us! May God and Buddha be with us! May all of you getting into the high-level life space!


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