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To Where does the Ship of Lifechanyuan Sail?



Without a specific direction and a clear goal, human life will inevitably go round in circle; life can only transmigrate in-place.

People who want to go everywhere can but mark time, because we can't simultaneously on the way to New York, Tokyo, London and Johannesburg. Just think about a ship sailing on the boundless and indistinct sea, what shall it do without directions and destination? Either go with the stream or sail without a certain destination or circling in the same place.

Human life without direction and goal is a perplexed life; life without direction and goal is vacant life.

It is still useless if there is only direction, because there are lots of stops in one direction. If there isn't specific destination, we will lose ourselves in the endless direction.

Every boat has its direction and goal; so we have to make clear that where the boat is going when we take it. Maybe some are fishing boats; they will retrace their routes after fishing in the sea. Some are pleasure-boats; they take us back where we start after visiting some scenic spots. Probably some are pirate ships; they anchor in a mystery place for a while after robbing other ships on the sea, then watch for chance to rob again. Maybe some are discovery ship; they have no idea about their destination; they don't know whether it is an uninhabited Iceland or a flaming Island of fire, they merely take their chances.

Then, what is the destiny for the boat of Lifechanyuan?

Along with the direction of developing Lifechanyuan era, Lifechanyuan will begin its voyage to Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent. There are two stops on the way to Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent: one is the thousand-year world; the other is the ten-thousand-year world.

Why does it stop at the thousand-year world and the ten-thousand-year world on its way to Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent?

Because it is a boat of life, and also a boat that gone for ever; so the one who takes this boat should have a place to go; although the destination is Celestial Islands Continent, not every passenger can reach there; a good deal of lives have to get off at the thousand-year world, some at the ten-thousand-year world, and minority can reach to Celestial Islands Continent,

So far, none of people taking the boat of Lifechanyuan can reach to Celestial Islands Continent, only a few people can reach to the ten-thousand-year world, and great majority can achieve the standards of reaching to the thousand-year world.

Of course it is not the final conclusion, because everyone is still sublimating and developing. May be they can break through the zero bound and make an essential development in a night; in this case, there will be much more lives who can reach to the ten-thousand-year world and Celestial Islands Continent.

You should take the ship of Lifechanyuan by your heart instead of by your body, name and sign. If our heart is not in the ship but a name, it can't be called taking boat of Lifechanyuan; so in this case, if you can't reach to your destination, you can't complain to be cheated by the ship, you are cheated yourself, because you never take this ship-it can be said that your body is in the ship but your heart is still on the shore, you are waiting and seeing, watching the wind direction, balancing the advantages and disadvantages and choosing your goal.

The ship of Lifechanyuan will reach to its destination on time according to the time of life of universe. No matter how many people will take this ship, no matter millions of people or zero people, this ship has to sail to the Heaven according to its plan and procedure.

To people who want to escape from catastrophe and go to the Heaven, the ship of Lifechanyuan has been to your gate and has called for you; whether to take it or not depends on your own will; you can't complain any celestial beings; and it is unjustifiable to cry and complain at the gate of Heaven.

The people waiting for the coming of the Buddha and Christ Jesus should think deeply. What kind of Buddha and Jesus do you want to see and to wait? Will you see them by your heart or by your eye? Express by your heart or by your mouth? Listen by your heart or by your ear? And understand by your heart or by words and flesh body?

Anyway, the ship of life has been to the earth, the ship of life has been at your gate.


Oct 4th, 2007


FAQs Concerning Lifechanyuan

April 1, 2004



1. What kind of institution is Lifechanyuan?

A: Lifechanyuan is neither a political organization nor a religious group, nor is a company or enterprise. Lifechanyuan is the home of human spirit and soul, which does not set up any substantial institutions. Lifechanyuan make a fusion of their profound wisdom from all of the saints and celestials in the major scientific achievements and different religious point of views, providing a clear way for human survival and development. Lifechanyuan provides a habitat for human spirit and soul, which is the home of spirit and soul of ordinary people who possess good and honest, industrious and intelligent quality. It is a place to make clear the meaning of life, the significance of lifetime and a transfer station for people with perfect human nature to make forward for the high level of space of life.


2. What's the significance of the birth of Lifechanyuan?

A: Human beings are faced with a huge possible crisis now, which concerns everybody's survival. The significance of the birth of Lifechanyuan at this time is to help people survive the crisis. When a leaf is withering and falling, it does not necessarily mean that there will be some special event, but when all the leaves are withering and falling, it must mean that "winter is approaching". Similarly, when somebody betray the Greatest Creator, it does not necessarily mean that there will be some troubles in human beings, but if the majority of them betray the Greatest Creator, their nature get lost, and they become greedy, selfish, cunning and "smart", it must mean that "the winter of human society is approaching.". There are some articles and information in www.qingyunju.com web site, which may help to understand better the significance of the birth of Lifechanyuan.


3. Is it possible for Lifechanyuan to help human beings to survive for the coming cold winter?

A: Definitely. There might come a time when the sun lost its brilliant rays, the moon and stars lost their splendor, and the earth was plunged into a sudden darkness. You would find that, on the first day, people might be curious and puzzled at these. On the second day, nervousness and horrible mood might appear. On the third day, people began to be crazy and out of control. On the fourth day, they began to fight even kill others for food and break down. On the fifth day, there would be no power for water and electricity, and the radio, television, internet, telecommunications would be fully paralyzed. All the cities would turn into complete chaos. People on earth would be like a crowd of flies without heads crashing about in darkness. The parents will not find their babies, and the babies cry for their parents. At the same time, dead bodies stretch all around the streets and lanes. Hell seems broke loose, and cannibalism would become a common feature. A month later, a stillness as of death will hang over the earth. Eighty-one days later, the stars will appear gradually, and the moon begins to be over people's head again…let's make such an assumption (please notice the word here, an assumption), if the eighty-one days is a cold winter for human society, then, who would be so lucky to survive the calamity, to survive in the "cold winter"? The answer is those people, who have entered the Lifechanyuan, would be lucky enough to escape from the scene of calamity.


4. What is the aim of Lifechanyuan?

A: At first, we will make our best to prevent the possible "cold winter" from coming to human world. Once we find it is impossible to attain our goal, the souls of the Lifechanyuan would be sent to the thousand-year world to survive "the cold winter", and then they would embrace the dawn of " a new age" in future.


5. Would it be possible for Lifechanyuan to save all human beings?

A: Impossible. Lifechanyuan can only save one percent of human beings.


6. Why isn't it all human beings?

A: It is not Lifechanyuan does not want to save all human beings; it is because the majority of human beings are unwilling to be saved by Lifechanyuan. What they prefer is money, power, fame, high status instead of their own life. This is called putting the cart before the horse, and refusing to repent. How can it be possible to save them? And for other people, although they do not dream of much money, power, fame, sex, and high social status, they are under the control of evil spirits stubborn and enthusiastic; they are unable to stay ease to be perceptive. It is also impossible to save them.


7. Then, who can be saved?

A: Those with spiritual nature as well as perfect human nature.


8. How will you perform the rescue work?

A: Actually, the so-called salving here refers to the salvation of soul. The saving provided by Lifechanyuan is just a kind of revelation. The salvations of soul come only from human being themselves. The key to Lifechanyuan is also in your own hand.


9. How could people get into Lifechanyuan?

A: First of all, they must have some knowledge about Lifechanyuan. Anybody who wants to get into Lifechanyuan must ponder over some questions such as thinking, universe, time and space, life(spirit and soul), human beings, lifetime, morality, etc. Only when your understanding and perception arrive at some stages can it be possible for you to find the key to Lifechanyuan. It is only the spirit and soul can get into Lifechanyuan.


10. Are you saying that Lifechanyuan is the only solution for human beings?

A: No. as long as you have a belief in the Greatest Creator and follow the Tao of the Greatest Creator as well as possess perfect human nature, you would be saved . What Lifechanyuan does is also instructing human beings to believe in the Greatest Creator and follow the Tao of the Greatest Creator.


11. Why are the articles of Lifechanyuan written in Chinese first rather than in English?

A: Buddha used to say: "Your Eastern land is in the Southern Continent of Jambu. As the sky is lofty there, the soil deep, its products many, and the people multitudinous there is much covetousness, murder, debauchery, lying, deception and dishonesty… I have Three Stores of scriptures that offer deliverance from suffering and release from disaster." Xue Feng says: "Your East land ignore the Three Stores of scripture, the sky is low there, the soil barren, ignore God and Buddha, ignore the law and nature, and the people multitudinous there remain much greed, murder, debauchery, lying, deception and dishonesty. I have Lifechanyuan that offer deliverance from suffering and release from disaster." China is the most populous country with the most serious crisis in the world. Once China collapsed, there might be a terrible disaster all around the world. No matter in the sense of importance or priority, articles of Lifechanyuan must be written in Chinese first.


12. What is "All religions will return to the origin."?

A: "All religions will return to the origin" is the unavoidable trend in the development of human spiritual nature and wisdom. It is not somebody's illusion. "All religions will return to the origin" is not that all religion will return to Lifechanyuan, but that will return to nothing, and all religions will return to the origin both in religious organization and religious form. The theoretical basis of Lifechanyuan is The Bible, The Diamond Sutra, The Qur'an , Tao Te Ching. The teachers are Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed, and LaoTzu. Lifechanyuan also absorbs the achievements in spiritual field both at home and abroad including the spiritual core of all religions, the wisdom of God, Buddha, Celestial and the saints of human society. The only purpose is to instruct people to break through all shackles in the heart and to accept the Greatest Creator and the Tao of the Greatest Creator as their only faith. This is what "All religions will return to the origin" means.


13. According to Lifechanyuan, what kind of faith humans should?

A: The Father honored by Jesus, ancestor honored by Buddha Sakyamuni , Allah honored by the Prophet Mohammed, and the creator of Tao referred by LaoTzu, all of the four titles of respect refers to ---the Greatest Creator , the psychic energy , which should be worshiped and respected by all human beings. Only by adherence to a common faith can human beings have a common direction; only by following the same direction can human beings forget personal enmity, cooperate hand in hand, maintain peace and ecological balance, and at last, can human beings be possible to break away from fatuity and enjoy the life of human beings in real sense.



The Pioneers of the New Era, Please Come Close to Lifechanyuan!

Deiform Buddha


"There are a lot of people in present society- teachers and messengers, masters and farsighted people-they are showing the prospect in front of human beings and are creating instruments for this prospect. These messengers and farsighted people are pioneers of a new era."__ quoted from Seek For

We have been aware of the fact that a new era is brewing; the old order will disappear. A new human world will come into being on earth. It the period of time full of joy, a time when the frequency of life is transforming rapidly to high frequency wave, a golden time of elegance and talent blooming which is hard to meet in the past thousands of years, and also a period of time for every people to choose his ascending life or descending life.

Those people who do not have any notion of the great leap in human awareness remain in the dark about the situation and still follow the old order in their struggling for power and benefits as well as breeding resentment and evil. Some people with slight wisdom are dazzling at the atmosphere of the new era and unable to absorb so much sudden information. They are not able to make transition in their mind and still cherish those antiquated philosophy in order to obtain a piece of worn boat deck of the old times for surviving the oncoming billows of the new era.

The awareness of human beings is experiencing significant changes now. The total amount of knowledge and wisdom accumulated in the past five thousand years is nothing compared with the amount of knowledge and wisdom over the next five years and now, because it is a qualitative leap, a result of impacting energy of new photons in the universe. It is a rapid sublimation of life rather than long and gradual changes.

We are pioneers of a new era, shouldering a great and honorable mission with joyful and happy mood. We are open and willing to accept the oncoming new era. We are farsighted masters and angels of the new era. A completely new era will come into being in our effort.

Any souls which sense the atmosphere of the new era and have made good preparation in spirit should break their old concept out of traditional constrains and take part in the construction of the new era with all his strength. We are not the kind of human being in ordinary sense, because we are shouldering a sacred mission. Our future life decides how much we will contribute for the construction of the new era

Please keep in mind, Lifechanyuan is the core area for leading the new era. Everyone who is willing to devote his talent and spiritual wisdom to the new era should get into Lifechanyuan. It would be a great pity for those who watch the golden chance slip by out of hesitation.

This would be a great era engraved in human being's memory, and we are standing now on the eve of it. A great era needs great figures and great figures need great thinking. Any conservative or indifferent idea would be mocked and cast aside mercilessly.

The new era will break the boundary existing now in different countries, religions, regions, and cultures, and it will bring about a great shock to the traditional idea of family. It will sweep away all of the old concepts, moralities, ideas, and traditional habits, reshaping the world in unparalleled, colorful, quickly changing and spectacular images. It will emerge in an entirely new gesture on the stage of universal life.

I hope you could abandon prejudice and turn to Lifechanyuan. Any kind of thinking aiming at guiding the era by means of individual power is unpractical and will obstruct people from making progress. Except in Lifechanyuan, nobody is powerful and intelligent enough to deal with so complicated event in future, and there will be no organization in the world have the ability for overall grasp and foresight for the oncoming new era or be capable of unifying all religions and political parties all over the world.

I hope everybody getting into Lifechanyuan become Chanyuan Celestial and obtain visa of life. When you devote yourself entirely into this trend of times which is unlike anyone in history before or since, you will find that you are embracing by the love of the Greatest Creator, brothers, sisters and lovers, and you will live in hourly happiness and excitement which you have never experienced before. The value of your life will take on a completely new meaning and your wisdom and knowledge will enhance rapidly in geometric series.

We do not have much time to improve the incomplete consciousness of human beings. What we should do now is to destroy the old order completely and rebuild a paradise of Haven on the ruins.

Angels, masters, and all far-sighted pioneers of the new era, let's take the wing with non-form thinking, Taiji-thinking, heart-image thinking and move forward for the direction of holographic order thinking. Let's devote our youth and talents to human world as well as the upcoming new era. During those difficult days in future when there will be no light coming from the sun and the moon and the earth will be shrouded in darkness, we will serve as the light of hope for human beings and we will bring the kind, honest and hard-working people into a new era.

Today, we are working at the time of the transition from the old to the new; tomorrow, we will meet in a sunny and prosperous fairyland where all under heaven are of one family and all love each other devotedly. Every effort we make today will pay off sooner or later. Our beautiful and pure mind will be blooming gorgeously in the new future. And then, we will say: "we feel no qualms about the times, lifetime, mountains, rivers, and the world; we feel no qualms about the Greatest of Creator. Every effort we do, we do it for the new era. It is worthwhile!"



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