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Selfishness is the Stumbling Block to Heaven


You can feel the vastness of the universe when you have a selfless mind, and you have so much worry if you are selfish. “The Sage puts himself last, and finds himself in the foremost place”, and the laity put himself first, and finds himself death.

I often observe the people surrounding me; many people often have emotions as worry, angry, feeling unsettled, anxious, discontent, jealous, hate, complain, depressed, pessimistic and etc. They are very hard to please. The root cause of the above situations is selfishness.

In heaven, nobody is selfish, that is why heaven is a place with peace, harmony and happiness.
I have established a transit station on our way to heaven – the Second Home of Lifechanyuan. One of my objectives is to eliminate the selfishness in human’s nature. In the old lifestyle, it is very difficult to remove selfishness. For example, anyone who lives in marriage and family is selfish because they have to be selfish. While in the Second Home, I first request Chanyuan celestials to break marriage and family, and give up their personal property, moreover, the management style of the Second Home is paradise management; there is no power, position, fame or wealth to chase after. Nobody attaches to anyone, and there is no special relationship between two persons. Nobody has to worry the basic need like food, accommodation, clothes and transportation; nobody need to worry how to deal with aging, illness and death, therefore, there is no fertile soil for the selfishness seed to grow, and the only thing people will do is focus on self-cultivation and spiritual growth, focus on playing games and entertainment, focus on exhibiting one’s sincerity, kindness and beauty, and focus on purifying their soul and repaying the “debts”and accumulating merits. In other words, in the traditional life mode, one is possible to transit to the lower level of life space while in the new life mode, one is only possible walking towards heaven.

So does that mean all people living in the Second Home are not selfish? No, they are also selfish. It still needs continuous cultivation on one’s soul garden to change old thoughts and philosophies, and change the habit people formed in traditional lifestyle. If one celestial is too slow to follow new values, and is often selfish, there is elimination mechanism in the Second Home; he will eventually be eliminated, either eliminated by himself or by the new life program.

One who is selfless is not able to survive in traditional marriage and family, while one who is selfish is not able to survive in the Second Home.
In fact, the teachings of Jesus, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu and all other sages in history are telling us to eradicate selfishness. However, if there is no corresponding program or environment, it is very difficult for people to become selfless; the Second Home is such a program where the teachings of saints and sages are completely implemented.

Selfishness is the stumbling block to heaven; in fact, it is also the stumbling block to a beautiful life. A selfish man will never be able to enjoy a true happy and free life.

Why you are angry? Because you are selfish!

Why you want to commit bribery or accept bribe? Because you are selfish!

Why you are so pessimistic and negative? Because you are selfish!

Why you want to open a company to do business? Because you are selfish!

Why you are so isolated and don’t like collective life? Because you are selfish!

Why you are jealous and discontented? Because you are selfish!
Why you love money, position or fame? Because you are selfish!
Why you want to get marry, possess someone and be wealthy? Because you are selfish!
Why you want to fight or rob something from other people? Because you are selfish!
Why you always look upset, and are hard to please? Because you are selfish!

Why you feel your life is not satisfying, feel unsettled and painful? Because you are selfish!

Why you want to take revenge? why you are in worry and fear? Why you are not happy? Because you are selfish!

Why you always complain? And speak ill of someone behind his back? Why you always gossip? Because you are selfish!

Isn’t that so?

If you want troubles and miseries, please be selfish, the more selfish you are, you will encounter more tragedies; if you want to go to hell, be selfish! Tao will meet your wish.
If you want to have great life and want to go to heaven, please be selfless, if you are selfless,Tao will help you realize your dream of reaching paradise.
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