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Lifechanyuan's View point on Emotional and  Romantic Love

Deiform Celestial


Lifechanyuan's view point on love and sex is base on the conformation of physiological structure and the program of spirit consolation, as well as the demanding of the life in Heaven. It is helpful to self-refine and self-improve and finally helpful to get into the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, the Elysium world and the Celestial Islands Continent.

The Greatest Creator creates everything-from sunshine, air, water, salt, mountains and rivers, vegetations and insects, beasts and flyers to human being's five viscera and six entrails, four limbs and hair, etc. All of these are the Greatest Creator's grace and love to human beings. To enjoy the bestow of the Greatest Creator is to love the Greatest Creator; only those who understand this principle and enjoy the Greatest Creator's love can be thankful for the Greatest Creator and can follow the way of the Greatest Creator.

What is the most wonderful thing in your life? What is the most excited and unforgettable thing in your life? It is the love and sex.

How do you feel about your first love? How do you feel when you are passionately in love? How do you feel when you are hugged by the opposite sex for the first time? How do you feel when you have sexual life and acquire climax for the first time? How do you feel when you think of somebody? How do you feel when you are in sorrowful and suffering state and the one you love come on your side? "Couple a day, love forever", Why people are willing to die for love? Why people would risk being rejected and die for sex? It is very easy for people who are physical and psychological healthy to feel the beauty and wonderfulness from sex and love.

The experts have written lots of articles and books about the structure and the function of phallic and genital, and also have written countless articles and books about sexual psychology and the influence that the love and sex bring to human being's spirit and mental. Never mind if you haven't read those, at least most of people have experienced it, isn't it wonderful? But you do feel the ecstasy that the love and sex bring to your body and mind, right?

Love and sex are gracious gift the Greatest Creator bestows to humankinds, are most precious experience and enjoyment. It fits the Greatest Creator's will to enjoy fully the love life and sexual life; it is not shameful and immoral but fair and open; it is the most wonderful wish that worth dreaming and pursuing.

For thousands of years, humankinds' attitude toward love and sex is ambiguous and surreptitious; pretentious and stealthy, sanctimonious which resulted lots of unjust cases; it also sets hedges and obstacles. Although the reasons are complicated and multidimensional, but mainly are as follow:

In order to keep society stable, the authority has to sacrifice and depress humanity;

1. In order to protect the mask of the Sages, survivals of the feudal society enhance the love and sex into the degree of moral and frighten the kind-hearted people.

2. Like giving up eating for fear of choking, people who experience bitter taste on love and sex not only themselves go to the dead end, but also instigate common people to get rid of love and sex.

3. In order to deceive the public, the people with power who enjoy the love and sex thoroughly try every means to spread fallacy and lie to cover up reality; just like people find a gold mine and afraid of losing exclusive right.

4. Those talking about the sour grapes are unable to acquire the love and sex themselves but also desperately keep others from acquiring love and sex.

5. Since people with unhealthy physiology and psychology can't enjoy normal love and sex so they demote love and sex unconsciously.

6. Private ownership makes trouble; because of being afraid of losing partner and hurting children, they stretch the truth and set lots of obstacles.

7. Because some unhealthy love and sex bring terrible impression to society, family and individual, lots of people would like to bear a simple diet rather than enjoy delicacies of every kind.

8. It is time to correct people's incorrect attitudes toward love and sex; if we can't solve this problem well, human beings will be ugly, hypocritical, chaotic and immoral forever.

9. What we can learn from Lifechanyuan's values are those: everyone is independent, everyone has his own consciousness; no one can impose his consciousness to other people and deprive other people's right to enjoy love and sex; as long as they are consensual and don't violate ethics and not harmful to public civilization and order, they can do as they wish. You can enjoy unmarried life, but you have no right to restrict other people to get married; you can enjoy monogamy, but you have no right to oppose polygamy or polyandry; you can enjoy getting married, but this can't be reason that you oppose others to get married. The patterns of love and sex are colorful and multifarious, which pattern you choose is your personal affair; everyone has right to choose the best way for himself.

10. Don't say "lewdness is the worst of all sins", in my opinion it is "domination is the worst of all sins"; dominate this, dominate that, dominate love and dominate sex; as long as the domination exists, lewdness definitely will occur; if there isn't domination, there isn't lewdness, there isn't murder among husband and wife, there isn't conflict, cuckold and loosen women, there isn't prostitute and whoremaster either. If there isn't restraint, women will not be unfaithful to her husband.

11. We specially emphasize consensual love, even three, eight or even more people if they are willing. If there is a bit of reluctant, it is not love and sex but molestation and crime, which should be punished by law.

12. Human life is short, do we need to create pain and suffering with our own hands?

13. Basing on the sublimation of life, the more colorful one's love and sexual life is; the more beautiful, civilized and cultivated one's heart is. The more tedious one's love and sexual life is, the more he is out of reason, take unnecessary pains to study an insignificance, hurt other people and society, and the more distorted and more abnormal his psychology is.

14. There are enormous people to participate in self-refinement and self-improvement; I want to ask "why do you participate in self-refinement?" "What is your purpose of self-refinement and self-improvement?" no matter how many ways of self-refinement you have; no matter what is the meaning of self-refinement; a common purpose can be found, that is escape from darkness and hell, and strengthen your life to the Heaven through self-refinement and self-improvement.

15. Where is the Heaven?

16.The Heaven refers to the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and Elysium world in 36-Dimentional Space.

17.It is surely that, as long as you are baptised by the values of Lifechanyuan, and self-refine and self-improve according to the values of Lifechanyuan, more and more people will see the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and Elysium world.

18. How to go to the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world or Elysium world?

19.I can tell everybody for certain, as long as you don't understand love and sex, don't enjoy love and sex efficiently and don't sublime the love and sexual life in Mortal World into the nonmaterial world, you can never get into the Heaven.

20. Love and sexual life in Mortal World is cautious, stealthy, and full of risks. Love and sexual life in the thousand-year world is freewheeling, frank and righteous and without a bit of risk; there isn't family, marriage and lover in the thousand-year world; people in thousand-year world are all celestial beings with abundant feeling and sweetheart between each other. The ten-thousand-year world is better than the thousand-year world; there isn't physical connection between opposite gender; because of the higher vibration frequency of their heart, as long as they have a thought, they will indulge into extreme joyfulness and happiness. The celestial beings in Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent are androgyny and indulge in extreme pleasure at any time (Here I just talk about Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent which have their own characteristics; Buddha knows these.)

21. Now, I want to tell you that, human beings' consciousness isn't pure; anti-material structure of human life isn't perfect. If we want to get into Heaven--supreme life space, we must purify our consciousness; firstly, we should deepen our understanding, should be aware, should transform the pattern of thinking and should self-refine to degree that the consciousness resonate with human life in supreme life space; otherwise, you are not welcome even to my home, let alone get into the Heaven.

22 Love and sexual life are key content in life consciousness. If you want to continue your transmigration in Mortal World, you should treat love and sexual life according to the human being's moral principle. If you want to get into the thousand-year world, you must treat love and sexual life basing on the life pattern of celestial beings in the thousand-year world. Accordingly, if you want to get into the ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent, you must treat love and sexual life according to their way.

23. The problem is coming, how to reach the love and sexual standard of celestial beings in the ten-thousand-year world?

24. Without any training experience, can people having no experience of driving drive a car safely?

25.Supposing you get a diamond in mineral, can you see its heptachromic lights without cutting and polishing? Can you inlay it into an imperial crown or manufacture it into ring, earrings and chest pendant?

26. People of sexual frigidity can hardly achieve orgasm; maybe some people never acquire real orgasm in their life time. How to achieve orgasm? The only way is to transform consciousness and practice more; along with the increasing time of acquiring orgasm, it is easier to achieve orgasm; and along with the increasing frequencies of orgasm, it is easier to be excited; sometimes, as long as you warm up a little, you can achieve orgasm immediately; to the end, it doesn't need the physical connection; some words, an eye contact, even an object or a picture can arousing orgasm; only when you achieve this degree, it means that you are free from love and sex and free from the sexual restraint in Mortal World, as well as achieve celestial beings' standard of treating love and sexual life in ten-thousand-year world.

27. The flexibility of acrobat's bones is the result of long time training. Don't expect you can step to international arena to show acrobatic skills without any training.

28. Lifechanyuan value is a unified entity. Emphasizing only love and sex must be abnormal. Love and sexual life is an effective link in the whole procedure; without this link, the whole procedure can't operate effectively, even result in system halted and paralysis. Self-refinement and self-improvement are both simple and complex. If you want to walk through easily and take any chances to get into Heaven, no way.

29. The above mentioned is only one part of Lifechanyuan's view point on love and sex; if you want to get comprehensive understanding, you must read related articles of Chanyuan Corpus and Xue Feng Corpus.


Oct 31st, 2006


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