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Coronavirus global cases pass 300,000, deaths hit 13,000

March 22,2020

The death toll from Covid-19 has passed 13,000 globally, while the number of cases have passed 300,ooo.

More than 80,000 have recovered.

More than a billion people in India were on Sunday asked to observe a 14-hour long curfew to try to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the curfew last week, telling citizens that it would be a test in order to assess the county's ability to fight the virus.

Modi urged citizens to stay indoors from 07:00 (01:30 GMT) until 21:00 on Sunday.

India has so far recorded 315 cases.

Modi told his followers on Twitter: "Let us all be a part of this curfew, which will add tremendous strength to the fight against Covid-19 menace. The steps we take now will help in the times to come."

Transport across the country has been affected by the curfew, according to NDTV. No long-distance or suburban trains are running; however, those already running before the curfew will not be stopped.

mages from various cities in India show roads and towns mainly empty.

In Delhi, all shops were closed apart from those selling essentials, and pharmacies. Religious places cancelled activities as part of the curfew.
Mr Modi has asked people at 17:00 on Sunday to stand at balconies or near windows and clap or ring bells to show their appreciation for medical professionals and sanitation workers.

Some parts of India have already enforced shutdowns.


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