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 A Glance at the Thousand-year World




Mount Butterfly in the Lotus Mountains is breezy and shrouded in mist with wind that soughs through the pines. Flowers spread across the mountainside and vie with each other for glamor. Down to the foot of the mountain, orchards and fields grow aromatic fruits where a clear stream meanders through Cuckoo Valley, passed Grace River, and finally joins Ripple Lake.


Thirty-nine celestials - twenty-two females, fifteen males, and two children - reside under Mount Butterfly. Not far away, Sakura Island is inhabited by another group of celestials. Crossing over Fragrant Hill and walking along Sesame Slope for about thirty miles, Lush Highland will be found, home to more than two-hundred celestials. Approximately three-hundred celestials in total live in these three places within two-hundred miles of each other.


Today, after Jade woke up, she dressed in a light blue skirt made of transparent silk and walked out of her house. High in the azure, birds soared over the clouds and silver waterfalls fell from the green of Mount Butterfly in a symphony of nature. In the forecourt, flowers were in bloom, the fullest of which were peach blossoms; their pink petals were arranged in layers, eighteen beige stamens stretched out from the center where bees searched for nectar.


Along the stone path and through several rockeries, Jade came to the mulberry garden while holding a willow basket. She was surrounded immediately by Ehuang and Lotus. “You must have enjoyed a good sleep last night. Was your lover good?” The two joked and chuckled. Jade tried to catch Ehuang in mock irritation but the two ran away, so she chased after them. The three fairies chased one another while laughing in the garden until Jade caught Lotus and gently pinched on her peachy cheeks. They pinched each others’ bodies in fun. Ehuang kissed Jade’s cheek in chaos and asked naughtily, “Is this how your lover kissed you?” The kissed one held Ehuang in her arms and answered with more kisses on her red lips, “That’s it.”


Having played enough, they began plucking mulberry leaves and returned when the basket was full. Jade was growing silkworms in three bamboo baskets of three square meters each, with each accommodating about a thousand silkworms; she distributed mulberry leaves evenly into them. When silkworms climbed up onto the leaves, she would shake the baskets gently, silkworm excrement would leak through the basket bottom, and she would sweep it into a fine wicker dustpan and bury it at the roots of the flowers.


Jade was about to rest after feeding her silkworms when she heard someone trotting over. It was the lovely little six-year-old, Loong. He had inherited fine features from his mother, Ray. He gasped, “Aunt, Mom said the melons are ripe; come and have a taste.” Jade replied, “I’ll go there, shall we go together?”, and took Loong’s tiny hand. They left the courtyard.


As they stepped across a bridge over a stream, Loong asked, “Aunt, grasses are green by the river beneath the bridge, flowers are blossoming in spring, all beings are as sentient as my beauty, though the world is created in holographic order. What does ‘sentience’ mean?” Jade said, “it means that the river, flowers, stars, breeze, melons, birds, and everything else can feel, like your Mom and me. Who taught you the lines?” “Uncle Moc. He and Uncle Bena teach me a lot. Do you want me to recite some?” Loong began reciting verses immediately.


Boundless and infinite,

Without distance or space;

Only the holographic order.

An inspiration seized by heart,

The world is so clear to be understood


Walking and chatting, Jade and Loong came to a forest of lush bamboos and fresh shoots. The rustling of bamboos and songs of yellow warblers echoed deeply. It seemed that the forest was little known to the outside world and only the sound of nature could be heard. Out of Bamboo Forest, a vast plain extended before their eyes where distant hills dissolved into mist. The breeze was gentle and the sun was warm. On Verdant Plain, spotted deer strolled and swans fluttered. Heading toward the direction of flute music and dancing where the melon fields laid, Jade paced up with Loong.


They had nearly arrived when Ray shouted, “Jade, hurry up! Today is the Melon Festival, let’s celebrate it.” Ray had actually gathered everyone. In addition to thirty-nine fairies from Mount Butterfly, they had six guests from Sakura Island, and Meda and Kin from Lush Highland. In the field, Ling, Sang, Barr, Moy, Chiron, and Hye were picking melons. They were yellow and green in color, round and plump in shape, and very inviting. While Meda from Lush Highland was dancing and guests were all drawn to her tantalizing moves with her well-curved shape and the flutter of her orange dress, Kin was singing aloud to Meda’s dance, “Ripe fruits and melons await their harvest, mulberry leaves await for picking, and Meda in the melon field waits for love.”



The truth is that Meda was in estrus and she glowed with youth. Every natural move of her dance was sensual and captivating. Her thick dark hair, touching eyes, and pink face were perfectly appealing. After the music, everyone ate the sweet and crispy melons.


Then Ray announced:

“Today is special. Everyone, stop building bridges, paving roads, collecting honey, trimming orchards, and making clothes. These melons have been grown for three years since I planted the seeds from Peach Village of Birdsong Mountain; enjoy them. The melons will induce your saliva and refresh you and their pleasant impression can last for ten days. In addition, Meda from Lush Highland is looking for her “LOVE”. Gentlemen, show your best.”


Ray’s words drew great applause. Girls circled and started the mulberry leaf-picking dance while boys performed the bridge dance from within their circle. Kin was at the center of the circle and he lifted Meda up to sit on his shoulders. The beautiful seeker of love allowed her soft dress to cover Kin’s head and Kin spun around, holding her calves so that she could choose a lover from the crowd. Boys came to court Meda assiduously and implied their strength and tricks by dancing. Standing by the scene, three celestials accompanied the dancers with flutes; Pine, River, and Cloud. They were about eight hundred years old and the dancing continued until their music ceased.


The next game was composing verses; whoever's verses expressed Meda’s feelings best would be the one that she would have.


Meda started the game with her verses:


Waves run high in the vast lake

Twin peaks rise above the earth

Seeds sprout in a dense forest

but a duet still lacks the other instrument.



Sang from Mount Butterfly composed:


Sang River flows silently all year long

Snow melts on the high hill

Swans visit the ravine

I play music to build the rainbow bridge.



Rice from Sakura Island sang:


Rosy clouds appear over the hill

Where an exotic flower is up high

Clouds soar with strong wind in the sky

Thundering and lightning dance to climax.


Beki from Mount Butterfly said:


A thousand-year golden fir is in bud

A fountain in peace is to flow

The surge will reach the depth of the sea

The temple of gods is splendid as a flower.


Chizuo from Mount Butterfly stepped forward; he bowed and sang:


I row with a paddle across Double-peak Valley

Get wet passing the jungles

Rising hills and streams appear

I find my way back and forth and reach heaven.


Raisin from Sakura Island smilingly sang in an unhurried manner:


Endless springtime!

The plum has blossomed for times to sing merrily and dance gracefully

Even the leafless ironwood can turn the world upside down with its charm.


All the guests from Mount Butterfly and Sakura Island (excepting Pine and River) finished their turns. Meda had been limp and soft as a noodle; no one knew who she chose. Ray came to the scene.


Ray was more than six hundred years old. She was considerate, sophisticated, and respected. She smiled and said, “Jade, take Meda to your room to rest. Everyone else, come to Entertainment Garden. Pine will lecture; then we will guess riddles, play hide-and-seek and tell stories.”



Everyone headed toward Entertainment Garden delightedly. Ray spoke privately with Sang, Beki, Chiron, Chizuo, and Basong respectively, and then left along with other celestials.


Here come two flowers; let’s go to the first one: Entertainment Garden.


Entertainment Garden had been built up for more than thirty-thousand years. It has a square in the center, surrounded by three-hundred stone benches arranged in circles and covered with soft mats. Tree bonsai, rock bonsai, and flower bonsai are placed between them. Around the square is the clear, blue Ring Lake. Within the lake, grotesque coral reef-like rockeries are embedded with emeralds and mosses. There are also reeds, evergreens, calla lilies, egg bamboo leaves, wandering jews, aloe, sea onions, hibiscus palms, lotuses, gem flowers, bamboo begonias, scarlet kaffir lilies, variable leaf wood, chamomile, fairy pens, and other plants and flowers. All kinds of small fish shuttle in the lake and above them, mandarin ducks, red-crowned cranes, spotted ducks, gulls, kingfishers, egrets, herons, white-tailed sea carvings, and larks swim or fly. On the periphery of Ring Lake is a flag path beside a garden where thyme, globe amaranths, yulan, bauhinias, forsythias, rhododendrons, pomegranates, banana scrubs, gardenias, jasmines, hibiscus mutabilis, camellia, cymbidium, hyacinth, tulips, violets, vinca, paeonia, tuberose, marigold, peonies, and roses are blooming. Outside the garden, hundreds of rockeries with exquisite layouts, upon which creepers, ivy, and night willow herbs are coiled. It's a fun place to play hide-and-seek.


Pine sat upright in the center of the square, his hair was white, but he was in good health with sharp ears and eyes. Male and female celestials sat on stone benches, casually listening to Pine talk about Tao...


"The universe is boundless while LIFE is evergreen.

Modesty and gratitude will perpetuate the water source of LIFE.

Follow your heart and gain a tacit understanding.

Experience both the ego-absent realm and the ego-involved realm.

One should empty their mind before entering the higher-level space.

Act in accordance with your nature.

Never admire luxury or possess even a needle.

Seize the day and always remain vigilant.

Mortals suffer a lot because of their possessions.

We Celestials must never act like them.

The Ten-thousand-year World is close at hand.

Concentrate on self-cultivation; never ruin your future..."


After listening to Pine’s preaching for some time, attentively, male and female celestials felt refreshed, energized, pure, and enlightened.


The next game was guessing riddles.


Hye stood up first and proposed a riddle:

"Both ends are curved like carrying poles; it is not used for carrying water or rice; it is like a flat ground from east to west; it is always covered with emerald green moss."


Beveren from Sakura Island immediately stood up and said, "It is a bridge!"


Horry, a female celestial, stood up and proposed a riddle:

"It is black and dark and even eighteen cattle can’t pull it."


Silence, a male one, shouted, "It's a cave!"


Jovan, who looked girlish, stood up smartly, cleared his throat, and proposed a riddle:


"There is a unique cave on the hillside; it is usually closed and has a seam. If it is stirred by a peak, the brushes on both sides will drip with water."


Hearing the riddle, everyone was stunned at first but then roared with a laughter that echoed to the clouds.


The riddle game lasted for a while longer. After that, they told stories and played hide-and-seek. Laughter, joy, and happiness abounded.



Meda from Lush Highland followed into Jade’s bright and spacious room; her walls, doors, and roof were made of bamboo and her silk curtains floated in the wind. Outside her rear window was the picturesque Land of Splendors, where red-crowned cranes dancing trippingly, sweet flowers, and tweeting birds can only be described by one word: "beautiful!”. Several bamboo deck chairs lined her room. Her wide bamboo bed was covered with several layers of mats knitted with fragrant milkweeds as thin as threads. The mats emitted a refreshing fragrance. It was soft and comfortable to lie upon. The pillow made of flexible lotus roots was yellowish and elegant. Jade knew that Meda could not hold it at that moment, so she patted on Meda’s plump hips and left.


Due to their LIFE structures, women in the Thousand-year World  generally had no sex lives. Their menstrual cycles were different from those of mortals, only occurring once every three months. A few days before their cycles would end were their estrous periods, so they desired intimacy only three or four times per year. That which flows constantly will form a small murmuring stream, but that which does not will accumulate and become a reservoir. It is quiet when closed, but after the gate opens, waves will surge and uncontrollable billows will dash against the sky that cannot be resisted by self-control. Meda was on the edge of such an explosion at that moment.


Men in the Thousand-year World were completely different from women; they could display their elegant demeanor at any time and control their lust totally. Without external stimulus, they had no desire, but when teased by women during their estrus, would gallop on the grasslands like runaway wild horses.


In addition, celestials in the Thousand-year world enjoyed excellent lifelong health and thus did not suffer from emotional distress or psychological burdens. There were various recreational and physical activities, so women were soft as cotton, highly energetic, dynamic, and attractive, while men were physically strong, muscular and powerful, and full of vital essence and vigor.




Meda sat on pins and needles and felt anxious. There was an overwhelming potential energy inside her body that was ready to explode but failed to find its outlet. At that very moment of her unbearable thirst, Beki came into view. At the sight of Beki's big, tall, and muscular physique, and sparkling eyes, Meda jumped onto him like a hungry tiger. Beki put his arms around Meda’s waist and spined his body at his convenience while Meda used her legs to step onto his hips and hooked his waist with her feet. Beki held Meda in his arms tightly; they kissed madly with their lips stuck together like glue. Meanwhile, Meda's middle part made reciprocating motions back and forth like a hungry bird opening its mouth to take food from its mother's throat. Her plump labia and valley were rubbed firmly against his hot loverod. With uncontrollable excitement, after rubbing about fifty times, a stream of clear liquid flowed out of her vulva and nourished her surrounding parts. Just at that moment, Beki squeezed into her Temple of God with his penis along her seam flowing with clear liquid; Meda suddenly had a full feeling inside as if her pelvis would split, a current flowed through her body and an unbearable pleasure was beating inside her. Beki held Meda and went to her bedside. Meda was in a supine position on the bed with her feet on the ground while Beki moved rapidly. Meda closed her eyes and ignored the raging wind. Meda felt swelling, limp, and numb, pain, smoothness, warmth, fullness, wetness, and energy; it seemed a wonderful electric wave radiated from the center point between her legs to every cell and corner. Meda tightened her body; her flexible tendons of legs, feet, hands, and other parts were stiff like reinforcing steel bars after an electric shock. The gate had opened and the flood poured out along it. Short of breath, she felt extremely excited and wonderful. It was like flying, a volcanic explosion, and cracking and bursting fireworks.


Opening the gate was just a prelude. Beki opened the gate and extinguished his fire, little by little. For Meda, opening the gate was far from enough and she wanted to drain out the reservoir after months of accumulation. If anything was left, it would be very unbearable for her in the following days, so more wonderful, graceful, unrestrained, lewd, dissolute, winding, and pleasurable plots were staged with the arrival of Sang, Raisin, Chiron, Chizuo, and Basong one after another. These stories are omitted because mortals cannot morally  bear for them to be described.


This has only been a limited glimpse of the Thousand-year world with its own lifestyle and morals which we cannot imagine. We will experience more detailed scenarios as our thinking deepens, our consciousness improves, and our LIFE structure advances.



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