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He who is aware of the Male

But keeps to the Female

Becomes the ravine of the world.

Being the ravine of the world,

He has the original character (teh) which is not

cut up.

And returns again to the (innocence of the) babe.

He who is conscious of the white (bright)

But keeps to the black (dark)

Becomes the model for the world.

Being the model for the world,

He has the eternal power which never errs,

And returns again to the Primordial Nothingness.

He who is familiar with honor and glory

But keeps to obscurity

Becomes the valley of the world.

Being the valley of the world,

He has an eternal power which always suffices, 

And returns again to the natural integrity of uncarved


Break up this uncarved wood

And it is shaped into vessel

In the hands of the Sage

They become the officials and magistrates.

Therefore the great ruler does not cut up.


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