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New Concept of Life and Death of LIFE




There does not exist the issue of life and death in LIFE itself. The only issue is a matter of conversion. The so-called life and death is only a false appearance, which has mistaken the existence and disappearance of the carrier of LIFE for the existence and disappearance of LIFE. It is a misunderstanding of LIFE to say that LIFE is born or to say that LIFE is dead.


Since people do not understand the whole truth of LIFE and the length of LIFE, they mistakenly define the LIFE with their limited vision. “The bacteria have no idea of the first and last day of a month, Cicadas
is not aware of spring and fall”. The bacteria that emerge in the morning and die in the evening have no experience of what a day is like, the cicadas that are born in spring and die in the fall cannot understand the alternation of seasons in a year. The butterflies that fly and dance among flowers will never know the existence of winter. Man can not see the past and the future, so they always measure the depth and length of LIFE against their transient life.  


How do we think when the morning bacteria say that there is no dark night? How do we think when cicadas say that there is no spring and autumn? How do we feel when people say that there is no former life and future life?

People often talk about life and death, saying someone is born or someone has died. Actually what they refer to is only the growth and death of flesh, not the birth or death of life and LIFE.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to redefine the life and death of LIFE.

There is no life or death for LIFE itself, but in order to link with the traditional opinion about life and death I will make the following definition.

The conversion of people in the human world into the lower order and space of LIFE is called death.


The transmigration of people into the same human world is called half death.


The conversion of people in the human world into the higher order and space of LIFE is called life.


To be more specific, a person is dead if he is transmigrated to the level of plants, hell, frozen layer, and inferno, and so on; a person is half dead and half alive if he is transmigrated back into the human world; a person gets life if he develops toward the heavenly kingdom—Thousand-Year World, Ten Thousand-Year World, the Elysium World and its Celestial Continent Island.

It is up to everyone to independently choose death, half death, and life.

Hence we can see that some people are marching toward death, some are lost on the road, and some are proceeding to new birth.




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