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The road map to heaven

Deiform Buddha

Living on earth → Follow the teachings of Jesus, Saykamuni, Muhammad, Lao Tzu and Science → Enter Lifechanyuan → Study Lifechanyuan Values → Become a Chanyuan Celestial → Unconventional Thinking  → Purify one’s soul→ Shift consciousness, and change one’s LIFE structure → Enter the New Oasis for Life → Meet the standard of “Thousand-year World” → Understanding the major eight ways of thinking → Meet the standard of  “Ten-thousand-year World” → Understanding the eight secrets of LIFE → Go to “Elysium World”



When you still live on the earth, you first need to learn and understand the wisdom and teachings of Jesus, Saykamuni, Muhammad and Lao Tzu, and study scientific knowledge, on which basis enter Lifechanyuan, study and understand the contents  in Chanyuan Corpus and Xue Feng Corpus, also listen to the thoughts of Chanyuan Masters and learn their wisdom. Try to become a Chanyuan Celestial after that, once you are a Chanyuan Celestial, you must train yourself to think in an unconventional way; breaking all superstitions and shackles that confine human nature, gradually get away from the bondage that the ideas of traditional family, country, political party and religion have on your mind. And consciously sweep the dust and stainson your soul just like wiping off the dust on a mirror; let your mind and behaviours exhibit towards the direction of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith and honesty. Then we need work hard on the core of self-cultivation, putting efforts on shifting our consciousness, let our mind go into “non-material world”- although our body residents on the earth, our mind stays in heaven. From this step we can further come to the New Oasis for Life, experience the new lifestyle copied from “Thousand-year World”. And practice Chanyuan meditation, in this way, you can go to “Thousand-year World”; if you want to go to “Ten-thousand-year World” instead, you should grasp the secrets of eight ways of thinking, once you , you can surely go to “Ten-thousand-year World”; However, if you don’t want to stop there, you need to understand the eight secrets of LIFE thoroughly, once you reach that stage, you are able to go to “Elysium World” at any time.


The theory is just simple as that, and map is very clear, but it is not easy to really follow it and meet the standard.


The Thousand-year World





1) The Location, Size and process of Entering the Thousand-year World

Starting from the Earth, it takes us about 16 minutes’ time (the Negative Universe Speed, about 960 light years) to reach the Thousand-year World. Its size is about 10 times that of the Earth. At the moment when the flesh body dies and human consciousness disappears, another consciousness is born. Suddenly you will have the feeling of weightlessness, or floating. In fact, you are now in the Space Tunnel where you don't have fear. Instead, you have the pleasant, easy and wonderful feelings. You see no object, jus the beams of color lines running backward. When you are about to reach the Thousand-year-World, you can dimly see there is a colorful bridge in the distance. At the moment when you see the colorful bridge, you will lose your consciousness again and fall into the “sleep”. When you regain your consciousness, you will first hear attractive celestial music. You open your eyes and find yourself lying in the arms of fairy with the kindly people cheering around you. They are celebrating your birth which means you are in the Thousand-year World.

2) The Geography in the Thousand-year World

There are 5 continuous ridges in the Thousand-year World with their height above 10,000 meters. There are more than 8,800 independent mounts with their height between 3,000 and 6,000 meters. There are 10 large rivers flowing into the vast and flat lake which is greatly fertile. In this vast and flat lake, there are almost 100,000 islands. There are no deserts, Gobi deserts, or seas. Everywhere you can see the mountain streams, falls and lakes.

a) Climate and Plants

The light in the Thousand-year World comes from the distant planets. There is no Sun, no day and night difference, or no shadow. The temperature is almost stable. The sky is blue dotted with clouds, which change colors when floating and produce rich imaginations. There is no rainfall, snowfall, thunder or lightning. There is often the cloud and mist with mild temperature. There are numerous types of plants, including the straight “pine trees” standing several hundred meters and the yellowwood with the tree crown covering a football court. The trees are everywhere on the mountains, islands, plains and canyons. They are not dense but green all the year. The flowers are blossoming all the time. A certain kind of flower can keep changing its color and give out different fragrance. The plants in the Thousand-year World grow very slowly. It takes a leaf 3 years (Earth time) to grow up into its normal size. It takes a pear 10 years to be mature. The life longevity of all animals and plants are 10 times of that of the animals and plants on the Earth. The average human life longevity is 100 years on the Earth (the average figure considering the future). However, the people in the Thousand-year World will live 1,000 years in average. That's why it is called the Thousand-year World.

b) Animals and Insects

There are hundreds of thousands of types of lands, air, aquatic and ground insects in the Thousand-year World. But there is no meat-eating animal or reptile there. So you can never see the lions, wolves or foxes. Nor can you see the snakes or the lizards. The grass-eating animals have poor fertility. Of the insects, there are no fly, mosquito, bug, flea, or centipede. The food chain is different from that on the Earth. The most brutal is the bird the eats the worms.

3) Human Society Structure and Life

The people in the Thousand-year World mainly include: 1. The local people; 2. The law violators from the Ten-thousand-year World; and 3. The Earth people who have boasted perfect human nature after self-refinery and self-improvement.


The Thousand-year World has no class society, no wealth gap, no concept of nations, no competition, no conflict, no war, no theft or robbery. However, there is a management class there. There is no modern industry, agriculture or livestock. There is no city or rural area. But there are numerous games here. The only work is to build the roads, boats and houses, raise the silkworms, weave the cloth and make the clothing. Because there is no rainfall, snowfall, cold weather, hot weather, day or night, the house structure is different from that on the Earth. The people saw the wood with the rope made of a plant fiber. The wood of the houses is soft and easy to process. The roof is made by the large leaves of a solid plant. The wall is made of the dense red salix. The yard in front of the house is made by the unique flowers, grass and stones of all forms. The clothing is woven with very thin dyed silk. People wear this kind of light woven clothing, showing the celestial nature.


The people living in the Thousand-year World don't eat meat. Their main food is the fruit, melon and half-mature cereal. Their drinks are made of the tea-like leaves soaked in the water together with honey. There are all-year-round fruits and melons here. Because the total population is less than 200 million, 90% of the fruits and melons are eaten by the animals, birds and insects.


The people in the Thousand-year World do not get married. So there is no clan or family here. They live in a society similar to the maternal society in some nations on the Earth. People love each other quite randomly. They don't have frequent sex life as the Earth people do. People only have 3 or 4 heat periods in a year. The women have low fertility and only have 1 or 2 kids in their life. Few women will have 3 kids. The labor of the men is mainly to build roads, houses and boats while the women mainly look after the kids, raise the silkworms and weave the silk and cloth.

4). Ideology and Values

Because they have the different objective existence from that on the Earth, the people have different perceptions, feeling, thinking and other psychological activities from those on the Earth. They don't have class, oppression, exploitation, wealth gap, political factions, religions, or struggling. The mentality of the people is in constant peace. There is no such thing as the morals on the Earth, no sense of factional conflicts or getting the upper hand. Everything is natural and instinctive. There is no jealousy. There is no need to run a plant, shop, restaurant, or hotel. The greatest fun of the people is to attend the collective work followed by games and tourism. The supreme law is to avoid private ownership or waste. For instance, if you love a woman and want to take her, hinder her freedom and prevent her from having affairs with other men, you are violating the law. If you eat half of a pear and throw away the left half, you are wasting and violating the law. The biggest punishment for the violation is to prevent you from the collective work. The final retribution is that you will be downgraded to the Mortal World after you live and die 1,000 years later. You will begin your sufferings in the new cycle of life as an Earth person.

5) Others

There is no congenital disease, infectious disease, or the disease caused by the food or labor. There is no psycho disease caused by the tight human relationship or supply shortage. The people only die from the old age, not for any other reasons. There is no air crash, no traffic accident, no snake biting, shark attacking, no fighting, and no falling down the cliff. They reach their adolescent period when they are 100 years old. The youth lasts from 100 and ends at over 700. The self-refinery period lasts between 700 years till death. It is also the period when they begin to participate in the management of the Thousand-year World.


People in the Thousand-year World know about the earth and its people.

6) Conclusion

The Thousand-year World is one with truth, goodness and beauty. It is a world of love, peace, happiness and the upgraded human nature. Undoubtedly, anyone with perfect human nature can go there because there is no quota. 


The Ten-thousand-year World





In the distance space about 58 minutes away from the Earth (the Negative Universe speed, about 3,480 light years), there is a beautiful planet, the Ten-thousand-year World. The planet is about 16 times larger than the earth. It doesn't rotate. Instead, it just moves slowly in the Rotary-River System. It has 16 small sun satellites surrounding it and hanging in the Universe with equal distances among them. These 16 satellites with extremely high density respectively give out light waves with different frequencies, dividing the Ten-thousand-year World into 16 zones with different colors. Each zone has its own feature. The growth ways of its plants and animals, the ecological structure and climate differs from each other.


Interestingly, one of its satellites (suns) emits the black light with the heat. The zone it covers is in eternal night. Part of the animals, plants, insects and stones in this zone has their own different colors. Standing on the mountain in this zone, you can see the mountains, rivers and skies shining splendidly, just like you are standing on the top of the skyscrapers and enjoying the household lights in the city.


On the side of the night zone is the scene of eternal dawns. You can see the charming dawn clouds and the misty horizon producing the mysterious scenes. On the other side is the eternal evening scene. The attractive evening clouds change constantly. Beside the dawn zone is the morning scene. Here the sun is always rising above the horizon, the birds are singing, the morning dews are like crystals, the mountains, forests and streams are filled with the energy of life. The air is always fresh with fragrance. You can not help but admire for the scenes from the bottom of the heart and say, “How beautiful life is.”


Across the night zone is the eternal noon with the sun shining all the time, clouds hanging in the sky, comfortable breeze and cool weather, the blossoming flowers, flying birds, fragrant grass and trees, and abundant fruits, looks prosperous and flourishing.


In the Ten-thousand-year World, there are numerous rivers and 16 seas having the same size with the Pacific. The crystal-like sea waters, the abrupt mountains, the fairy scenes, the clouds, the old trees, the falls, the streams, the flowers, small lakes and ponds constitute the attractive landscapes. In the lakes, ponds and streams, you can see the swimming ducks and mandarin ducks, the playing partridges, the dancing cranes and lotus, the swinging water grass, the jumping frogs, the swirling dragonflies, and the swarming fish, enjoying their life in the nature.


There is rainfall in all the territory of the Ten-thousand-year World. However, there is no hail or snow. Sometimes there is thunder, lightning and wind.


The people (actually should be called as celestial beings) living here live a completely different life from the Earth people. They are all naked and capable of flying on the clouds. They have no sex life and no concept of marriage. The female celestial beings don't give birth, have no family or clan. The people living in the Thousand-year World build roads, boats, weave cloth and silk. However, the people in the Ten-thousand-year World do not engage in labor. They don't live in the houses. Instead, they live in the Hermits’ Abodes of all kinds. Their main food is the melons and fruit such as pear. In the Journey to the East, the Monk Tang and his apprentices passed by the Wuzhuang Temple of the Zhenyuan Celestial Being at the Mount Wanshou. The fruit they ate there is called the Ginseng fruit. The people living in the Ten-thousand-year World drink the stream water. They don't have private property. Apart from the meditation and silent practice, they would go out touring for the attractive scenes. There is no management here. Everything is peaceful, quiet and elegant.


The plants and animals in the Ten-thousand-year World grow even more slowly than those in the Thousand-year World. They blossom every 3,000 years and bear fruit in another 3,000 years. The average life longevity of the celestial beings is 35,000 years. The beards of some elderly celestial beings even touch the ground. The young celestial beings have the delicate skin like lotus. They die in a sitting posture (just as the Buddhists do). After death, their bodies will become a column of light smoke floating away. The living celestial beings will not grieve over the death. The dead celestial beings would go to one of the four worlds. Those who have never had the worldly thought will enter the Elysium World. Those who have had the worldly thought, after they die, will have the column of smoke gathering and taking form again, starting another cycle of life in the Ten-thousand-year World. Those who have often had the worldly thought will be degraded into the Thousand-year World. Those who have had the worldly thousand and put it into the practice will be degraded to the Mortal World.


The worldly thought refers to the desire for the power, wealth, family life, sexual intercourse, private property in the Mortal World. It also refers to the grief, hatred and jealousy.


The celestial beings in the Ten-thousand-year World look like the descendants of the hybrids between the Eastern and Western people. They are extremely beautiful and handsome. There are no handicapped or ugly people here. Their average height seem to be 180 cm. Just like the Mortal World, the lady celestial beings are smaller than the male celestial beings.


The Ten- thousand-year World can hold more than 10 billion celestial beings. But at present the population there is only a little bit more than 100 million. It is just like the Earth with only 6 million people. So if you can make diligent self-improvement as the Taoists do, you all have a bright future.


Those who love their families, the opposite sex, motherland, work, wealth, and position and those who like watching TV, listening to the radio, surfing the Internet, driving the limousines, reading, living in the luxury villas, fighting against the people, Heaven or Earth are not able to enter the Ten-thousand-year World because there is no such thing there.


The process of entering the Ten-thousand-year World is: After the flesh bodies die, the spiritual body (actually your body is complete with all organs and tissues) enters the Space Tunnel. You feel weightless. Flying on the clouds, you have great pleasure and joy. In less than an hour (the Negative Universe speed), you will see a Colorful Life Bridge. After getting on the Bridge, you will change into a column of smoke and lose your consciousness for the moment. When you come to yourself again, you will resume your body form. Now you have entered the Ten-thousand-year World.


The people in the Ten-thousand-year World can clearly remember their former cycle of life, knowing about the Thousand- year World and the Mortal World.


Some inspirations for those who intend to do self-improvement in the Ten-thousand-year World:


For the endless years we must refine ourselves and never seek fame or wealth;

Do good deeds every day, you can live longer. Engage in meditation, you will get protection from the celestial beings;


The empty space is not empty. The true color is colorless. The intangible is tangible;


The Yin and Yang, and the positive and negative exists in the unity of the opposites; the celestial world is remote, but it can be reached instantly;


Eat the sun essence and drink the moon tenet. Do this for long and you can build your celestial body;


Live simple, you get the support from the celestial beings. Live practical, you will reach the Tao;


The body is dynamic while the heart is static. Your life is limitless once you ignore the wealth and authority;


Believe it or not, the Heaven mystery is easy to be known.



 Elysium World





The Thousand-year World and the Ten-thousand-year World is part of the Positive Universe. From the perspective of the materials, they are the objective existence. They can be seen and touched. All the objects in them have life longevity. The Elysium World is part of the Negative World and everything there is fantasy. In the Elysium World, time almost disappears. All the objects exist by nature, instead of by the form. Sometimes they, based on their needs, can change into a certain form temporarily. But when they exist by nature, they are eternal.


The Elysium World is the Western Elysium World in Buddhism. They are also called the Buddha land and Buddha state.


Where is the Elysium World? It just lies in the Earth Universe. Then how big is it? It has the same size as the Earth Universe (including the Micro Universe and Macro Universe). We can understand that the Elysium Universe is located millions of billions of light years away. And everything around us, including ourselves, is also in the Elysium World.


As far as the dream is concerned, the space in the dream is the Negative Space. So what's the size of the dream of each person? No one can answer this question because the size of the dream world is determined on the dreamer’s perception, experience, the degree of spiritual nature and the thinking ability. The more perception and experience we have, the purer our spiritual nature and the more capable our thinking is, the large size our dream world will have. Some people can see the Buddha, God, Sun, and rainbow in their dreams. Some people can fly on the clouds, the Thousand-year World or the Ten- thousand-year World with colors in their dreams. These dreams mean they have very pure spiritual nature. However, some people can never have such dreams in their life. The scenes in the dreams of some people are the same as the real human society because they have low thinking ability. Some people can solve the problems in their dreams that can never be resolved in the reality because they have deeper perception and experience.


The Elysium is similar to the dream worlds because they are all the negative spaces. Whether or not we can perceive it and enter it, and how deep we can enter it depend on ourselves. To enter the dream, we rely on our perception, experience, and spiritual nature degree and thinking ability. To enter the Elysium World, we rely on our Buddhist nature, without which we can never do it.


Most of the things imagined in our brains are true realities because the human brain is part of the Universe. They are the reflections of the Universe, just like any cell and blood in the human body can reflect his entire look. The human brains can not only reflect the positive space, but also the negative space. From the perspective of the negative space, the humans cannot imagine the whole look of the Universe even if their imagination is extremely rich and vast.


Now let's come to the Elysium World. Everything of the Earth Universe belongs to the Elysium World. Then can we see the Earth where we live in the Elysium World? My answer is yes and no at the same time. We can because the Earth does exist in the Elysium World. We cannot because the Earth we see from the perspective of the Elysium World is different from what we humans know about the Earth. So can we see the Earth people from the Elysium World? The answer is also yes and no at the same time. We can because of the existence of human beings. We cannot because the people in the Elysium World do not have our looks and appearances. For example, what can we see in the dark night? We can see nothing except the luminous bodies. But does it mean nothing exists in the dark night simply because we cannot see them? No. they do exist. We can't see them because we do not have the ability to see them at night. We can only see the fireflies shining in the night, but we cannot see their entire bodies. Can we say the fireflies have no heads or wings because we can't see them? Definitely not. We can't see the running rats in the field in the dark night. But the owls can. Does it mean the owls have special functions? No. That's because the eyes of the owls have different retina structure from that of the humans. The eyes of many animals look the same as ours. But at night their eyes are shining green. In special circumstances, the objects have special expression forms. In the polar nights and polar light, the human eyes can see nothing. But it doesn’t mean nothing exists there.


In the Elysium World, the existence form of the Earth and the human beings are different from our realities. In reality, we don't see much difference between the humans. But seen from the Elysium World, the difference between humans is great. Some people almost have no form. Some people show up as a column of dim light. Some people appear as a column of red light. Some people show up in red colors with different height of light columns because the people have different mass or nature. The mass is a spiritual nature which is formed at birth and consolidated in the enduring and persistent belief, or the so-called self-refinery and self-improvement. The long-time self-improvement can change the people’s mass. The enduring self-deterioration can also change the people’s mass. The existence form of life is various and weird. In each persons bedroom, there are hundreds of millions of life invisible to us . In the surrounding space, there are thousands of flowing rivers and millions of celestial bodies. Each stone records the time lapse of thousands of years that we can’t see. Our brain waves keep emitting the information waves about the health and inner world, which we cannot see, either. The ghosts we often talk about are actually the life between the Yin and Yang worlds, which we cannot see, either. The scenes in each one’s dream is also invisible to us except the dreamers and people in the dream.


Seen from the Elysium World, there is life everywhere in the Universe. There is life not only on all the planets but also in the empty space. The life is not only on the land, but also under the land. The life is not only in the air, but also in the vacuum. There is life not only in the warm places, but also in cold weather. There is life on the Sun, in the stone, on the light rays, and in the radio waves. The life is everywhere and within life.


The Buddha land is remote at the Universe end. The Buddha land is near in front of us. To enter the Thousand-year World and the Ten-thousand-year World, we need time and have to pass the Space Tunnel. To enter the Elysium World, we can get there in an instant and become the Buddha very shortly.


Because the density and mass in different “zones” in the Universe and space are different, the 3,000 worlds have been formed. These 3,000 worlds, based on their distance and mutual dependence, are divided into 10 continents, namely, Lotus Continent, Borneo Continent, Kasyapa Continent, Yingwu Continent, Amita-Buddha Continent, Celestial Isands Continent, Three World Two-way Continent, Moon Temple Continent, Gods Continent and Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent.


It is impossible to describe in detail the 3,000 worlds and 10 Continents. Till now, human beings have been living for thousands of years. Today the science has development nanometer and cloning technologies. But it still can’t describe the life body of humans, let alone the vast Elysium World. What I can show you is just an outline.


The Universe (the Earth Universe) where we live is just a “particulate” in the large Universe. To pass the Space Tunnel we have to walk through the “particulate”. It will take us 1,860 years (about 5.85 billion and 57 million light years). The “particulate” is an organic integrity revolving around the Heaven World. We call this revolving body as the Law Rotary System, which has over 3,000 Rotary-river World (the large worlds). Each Rotary-river World has almost 3,000 Milk Way Systems (the middle worlds). In each Milk Way System, there are almost 3,000 Solar Systems (small worlds). (Please note that the so-called “system” is a relatively independent celestial “clan”) It is not that one sun-like star constitutes a Solar System. In some zones several hundred suns form a Solar System. In some Solar Systems there are several thousand stars, or even tens of thousands of stars. The Earth is just a member of the Solar System of the small worlds, not ufficient to constitute a world.


From the angle of the Buddha land, we divide the 3,000 large worlds into 10 Continents, namely, the 10 Buddha states. Such division is not even division of the Earth Universe or based on the number of planets and galaxies. Instead, they are divided according to the features and mass of life, or the level of Buddhism. The “Buddha” in common sense is just a general concept. As a matter of fact, the Buddha has 10 levels of powers. Each level constitutes a Continent.


There are strict regulations in the 10 Continents prohibiting the Buddha from going from one Continent to another, just like the Monkey King draws a circle for Monk Tang with his Monkey King Bar. But we don’t have the power to enter that circle.


Before coming to the Mortal World, Sakyamuni used to live in the Lotus Continent. Later he passed the Three World Two-way Continent to enter the Mortal World. After fulfilling his mission in the Mortal World, he was then upgraded to the GodsContinent. The senior monks in the Buddhism, after dying, will go to the Lotus Continent.


Hereby I will explain the 10 Continents from the high level to the low level. The lowest level is the Lotus Continent and the highest level is the Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent.

Hereby I will explain the 10 Continents from the high level to the low level. The lowest level is the Lotus Continent and the highest level is the Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent.

Lotus Continent

In the eyes of the mortal people, the Lotus Continent is an empty world in which there is nothing. In the eyes of the people living in the Thousand-year World, the Lotus Continent is a vast sea.In the eyes of the celestial beings living in the Ten- thousand-year World, the Lotus World is a vast world of lotus blossoming on the sea. In the eyes of Buddha, numerous Buddha are sitting on the lotus blossoming, the head of each Buddha is surrounded by a light circle of about 1 meter in diameter, which is called the Buddha Light. So the Lotus Continent is a world emitting the green Buddha light.

Borneo Continent

At first view, the Borneo Continent is a world of emptiness. Another look, it is a vast plain. Look one more time, it is a world of hills with the same height. On the fourth look, these hills keep changing the forms. They are like the 6-month-old babies playing the small colorful balls, the coiling dragons, the crouching tigers, the young pine trees swinging in the breeze, or the eagles about to fly into the sky. On the fifth observation, we can see the Buddha sitting in meditation eyes closed, emitting the blue light from their heads. It is a world of the blue Buddha light.

Kasyapa Continent
It is the “hometown” to the Kasyapa Buddha with stretching mountains and ridges. Each cluster of mountains circles to form an elegant “residence”. The pavilions and buildings hide in the trees and orchards. The herbs of birds fly in the sky. The rabbits and roe deer run on the fields and in the mountains. The streams flow on the plains with delicate bridges on them. The children play in the yards. The women pick up grapes and pears under the grape trellis or in the orchards. Some of the men eat watermelon in the field, some play chess in the pavilions or buildings surrounded by bamboos, some drink wine or tea, some read poems or play musical instruments, etc. It seems that it is some place in the Mortal World. Actually, all these scenes come from illusion. If you keep looking, you will find the flying birds will alight on the trees and become leaves or fruits, the playing kids will become the blossoming flowers, the chasing animals will become the stones with various forms, the bridges on the rivers will suddenly become the trees, the rivers will become the clouds and mists, the smiling women and men who are playing chess, drinking, reading poems, or playing musical instruments will disappear, and the pavilions and buildings will become hills. All of these are the incarnations of Buddha.

Yingwu Continent
On the first look, Yingwu Continent looks like a rolling air mass, which later grows into a round ball with rough surface. The “ball” keeps expanding and enlarging. The rough surface gradually forms the mountains, rivers, and lakes. You can see all the animals, plants, and nature on the Earth and in the Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World. On the clouds, you can see the temples rising with soft celestial music and bell sounds. Accompanied by the celestial music and bell sounds, the plants, animals, humans, celestial beings and birds gradually rise and change into the forms of Buddhist monks and nuns flying to their temples. In these temples, the burning incense produces smoke and Buddhist masters give the Buddhism lectures. After the lectures are over, the Buddhist monks and nuns return to the ground and are transformed back to their original forms. The temples in the air disappear slowly. The land contracts and becomes a “round ball”, which later becomes a rolling air mass.

Amita-Buddha Continent
Seen from the distance, at the end of the horizon there is a bright spot. The circles of colorful halo expand from the bright spot. As we approach nearer, we can find it is a crystal-like transparent planet bigger than the Earth. Through the halo, we can find a splendid palace in the center of the planet. In the middle of the palace a Buddha who is sitting is Amita Buddha. His body emits the colorful halo like the water ripples, which always runs through the palace, the transparent planet and gets into the vast Universe. The halo even reaches the Earth where the humans live, protects and cleanses the life of those with Buddha nature. When people say Amita Buddha and repent, the frequency of the Buddha light complies with that of the human mind. These people can get the protection from the Buddha. This is the so-called “Buddha shines everywhere”.

Celestial Islands Continent
Seen from 10,000 light years away, there is a disc, composed of the mist and dust moving slowly. The diameter of the disc is about 300,000 light years. The mists are the flowing Heaven River and the dusts are the planets in the Heaven River. These planets have the similar size with the Earth. They float in the Heaven River just like the Sea Islands. The total number of these planets is 80 billion, on 30 billion of which live 1 Buddha, or the celestial being. That’s why it is called the Celestial Islands Continent.

On the Celestial Islands Continent, there are 80 billion islands and each has a name. The Buddha living on these islands have their own names too. Apart from the 30 billion islands resided by the celestial beings, the other 50 billion islands are still yet to be resided, waiting for the “people” upgraded into the Buddha from the Mortal World, Thousand-year World and Ten- thousand-year World.

Now let’s have a look at the Snow Peak Island. On this island there is a peak with 10 levels. The first level is in the amber color. The second level is in the green color. The third level is in gold. Level 4 to level 10 is in light blue, grey, milk white, purple, red, black and snow white respectively. Because the top level is shining in snow white, it is called the Snow Peak Mount.

On the Snow Peak Island lives a fairy (Buddha) called Yu’e. One day she succeeded in practicing a fantastic spell and invited some celestial beings to appreciate it.

We know that this island is nothing special except the snow peak. On the vast, empty and dry land, there is no animal, plant or human. It is a lonely island producing nothing but loneliness.

Then this day a common stone at the foot of the Snow Peak moved a little bit and changed into an extremely charming lady, who was Yu’e Celestial Being, the owner of the Snow Peak Island. She stood up straight and then sat down with her legs crossed. The illuminating fire balls flew from her head and into the sky. We followed one of these fire balls and saw it flying across the vast Heaven River and sea and reaching the Coral Castle Island. It got into the brain of a dolphin which was resting on the beach. The dolphin swung a little bit and changed into a handsome young man, who was called Dolphin Celestial Body, the owner of the Coral Castle Island. He touched her head, smiled and waved to the sea. Then the waves became violent and a flying horse with wings flew from the waves. Dolphin Celestial Being got on the horse and flew towards the Snow Peak Island.

On his way, he met the Green Island Flute Buddha riding on a black cow, the Flower Fairy sitting on a lotus from the Flowers Island, the Crane Celestial Being riding on a crane from the Thousand Birds Island, the White Man Buddha riding on a 9-head beast from the Ten Thousand Beasts Island, and the Gold Wheel Celestial Being riding on the fire-wind wheel from the Fire and Wind Island, who were also on their journey to the Snow Peak Island. When they were about to reach the Island, they saw thousands of celestial beings in the sky. Some of them were riding the fish, some on the peacock, some on a penholder, some on a blanket, some on a dog sledge, some on a big leaf, some on the arch bridge made of hundreds of birds, some on the clouds, some on tornado, and some on comet with tails. When reaching the Snow Peak Island, they all descended to the ground and their transport became the colorful cloth on their bodies or walking sticks in their hands. These Buddha and celestial beings have weird appearances. Some are dwarfs, some are tall and strong, some are handsome, some are ugly, some have cold eyes, some have long ears stretching to the shoulders, some have the face of kids but white hair, some have beards touching the ground, some have 3 eyes, some have 18 hands, some have bald heads, and some talk like 6-year-old kids. But the lady celestial beings are pretty and fascinating.

On the empty land of the Island, there were thousands of celestial beings saying hello to each other. Then all of them turned to Yu’e Celestial Being to congratulate her on another spell. When everybody was talking happily, a thunder-like voice came from the crowd, “Sister Yu’e, we are all your guests. Do the guests have to stand on the wild filed like this?” The celestial beings traced the voice and saw a celestial being waving to Yu’e. He was more than 2 meters tall with rough black hair, red face and large head. He was the Red Face Buddha, the owner of Black Canyon Island. Yu’e smiled and said, “Please.” She spread her long right sleeve in the air and there appeared a palace made of red bricks and green tiles in front of them. In the palace there were many buildings and pavilions connected by dozens of meters of corridors. The celestial beings were amazed and voiced their admiration. Then Yu’e Celestial Being spread her left sleeve into the sky and said, “Please”. Suddenly more than thousand kinds of grass, plants and trees such as the bamboo, pear trees, willows, pine trees, berry trees and red wood grow beside the pavilions and buildings and on the wild fields in the palace. The trees and plants swing in the breeze and give out fragrance. The fruit hangs on the trees. The celestial beings cheered again for the wonder. Then a skinny celestial being with only 1 eye on the forehead said, “Sister Yu’e, what do you plan to place in the open space?” Yu’e giggled and gave a wave into the air with her two hands. There appeared a pond in the space. In the middle of the pond there was an artificial hill with water rushing out of the top. The fragrant lotus, swimming swans and mandarin ducks, the jumping gold fish and frogs made scene attractive. Another round of cheers came. Then a bare-foot Buddha with big belly and mouth said loudly, “Sister Yu’e, your spells are excellent. But would you like to serve us something to eat because we have travelled far to your Island.” When saying this, he touched his big belly protruding out of his clothes. The other celestial beings also agreed with him and looked at Yu’e Celestial Being.

Yu’e gave another smile and jumped on the cloud 10 meters above the ground. She extended her right hand with 5 fingers stretched and pointed to the peach tree beside her. The peaches in the tree were all absorbed into her hands. She closed her hands, threw out the peaches suddenly and said, “Please have a look.” The peaches rolled into the crowd and grew larger, turning the delicate and old-fashioned square table and back rest chairs. The celestial beings took their seats happily. Then Yu’e said loudly, “Attention, please”. She blew a mouth of celestial mist covering a pear tree. Moments later, the mist disappeared and the pears began to drop onto the ground, turning into the pretty fairies in colorful silk cloth. Holding fruit plates with strange fruit in their hands, the fairies came to the tables and settled the fruit plates, saying to the celestial beings gently, “Please”. Then they turned and stood behind the celestial beings. Before the celestial beings ate the fruit, Yu’e said loudly for another time, “Please look.” She bowed to the pond and clapped her hands. The frogs in the ponds jumped out and turned into the handsome young men in black holding the long-mouth kettle made of the glazed pagoda and amber luminous cups. These young men walked to the tables and poured the wine in the kettle into the luminous cups. The wine shines in the cups with fragrance. The celestial beings admired, “This is the most fragrant wine I have ever smelled”, “Excellent”, or “My heart is drunk”. Yu’e, holding one cup in her hand, said, “It is my great honor to have your presence on my Island. The wine is specially prepared for my distinguished guests. Cheers.”

The celestial beings were about to drink when they saw the spiritual light ripples in the cup. At the bottom of the cups something special appeared. Some cups had the swimming gold fish. Some had the little dragon flying. Some had small tortoise moving. Some had sea horse running. Some had starless fish moving. Some had pearl shining. Almost all the sea fish and animals could be seen in the cups. The celestial beings understood that these are the miraculous drug given by Yu’e. The celestial beings laugh or said thanks to Yu’e. They raised their cups and drank the wine. The waiters filled their cups again and the celestial beings drank for another round of cheers. When they were enjoying themselves, a celestial being said loudly, “Yu’e, we know your spells have almost reached the peak. But can you show something more to us?” The celestial beings followed the voice and saw 8 elderly celestial beings sitting under the grape trees. One of them was a kindly-looking and bald-headed one with long white hair and dragon-head stick. He waved hands to the celestial beings. He was the highly respected Empty Buddha from the Infinitude Island in the Elysium World. Out of respect, the celestial beings put down their cups and became quiet. A kid celestial being asked the Eagle-nose Celestial Being beside him, “You don’t know him because you have just come from the Ten-thousand-year World after self-refinery. He is most of the most competent celestial beings in the Celestial Islands Continent. His has multiple and wonderful spells. In his eyes, the spells of Yu’e are just the games of the kids. Keep quiet and let’s see.” Yu’e Celestial Being, with her hands together, bowed to the Empty Celestial Being and said, “Master Empty, hope you can enjoy my trivial spells”. She then shouted to the pond, “Kids, it’s time for you to give the dance”. Suddenly, the ducks in the pond jumped to the air and became musicians. Some played pipa, some played flute, some played bamboo flute, some played violin some played drum and some played hammer. At the same time, the swans in the pond also flew to the cloud and turned into the pretty fairies. In a short moment, the fascinating music began to echo in the air. The fairies began to dance and show their youthful energy and sexy posture. The celestial beings laughed happily. The performance lasted for about 1 hour. Then the fairies and players went back to the pond in the form of swans and ducks.

When the celestial beings had enjoyed themselves, they stood up. An elderly lady celestial being, with purple hair on the head, gave a Zen posture (with her palms together) and said to Yu’e, “Yu’e Sister, thank you for your hospitality. I want to go back home now because I have to handle some business on my Island.” The other celestial beings also said, “We will have to leave now, thank you for much”, “Next time I will host you on my Sufficient Treasures Island. See you” or “See you next time”. Then they all rode on their animal vehicles and flew in the sky. Celestial Being Yu’e bade farewell respectfully with her hands joined, looking up in the sky and said, “Thank you for your presence on the Snow Peak Island. ” When all the celestial beings were not seen in the sky, she waved her right hands and left hands, gave a Zen posture with her palms staying together and gave out a mouthful of white mist. Suddenly all the buildings, pavilions, trees, flowers, grass, mandarin ducks and ducks all disappeared. The land returned to the wilderness. She was then transformed into a golden ray, which merged in the snow peak immediately.


Three Worlds Two-way Continent


The Three World Two-way Continent is a mysterious one. From the perspective of the material world, it cannot be found at all in the Universe. The Continent is just like a miniature of the Earth Universe. That is to say, the Earth Universe is the multiplied version of the Three Worlds Two-way Continent. However, it is not the plain multiplication because the God of the Heaven World going to the continents for inspection, the Buddha or God from the celestial world going to the Mortal World for survey or another cycle of life, or the people of the Mortal World heading towards the celestial world due to their successful self-refinery, have to pass the Three Worlds Two-way Continent.



Only after entering the Space Tunnel can we see the outline of the Three Worlds Two-way Continent. But it doesn't mean that each person, Buddha or God who has entered the Space Tunnel can see its overall outline. In most of the cases, they just pass by the Continent. For example, the people of the Mortal World who have had the perfect human nature enter the Space Tunnel after their death. At the end of the Space Tunnel, they will see a Colorful Life Bridge, the passage to the Three Worlds Two-way Continent. After they pass the Colorful Life Bridge, the “administration” of the Continent will, in accordance with their spiritual nature, send them to the Thousand Year World just like sending a fax. The people cannot stay in the Three Worlds Two-way Continent. If the Heaven World decides to send a celestial being to the Mortal World to accomplish a mission, they will first summon him or her to the Three Worlds Two-way Continent before “faxing” the celestial being to the Mortal World.


The Three Worlds Two-way Continent is like this in my eyes. After passing the Colorful Life Bridge, we can see a rainbow heaven gate. Looking into the gate, there seems to be a colorful tunnel. After walking into the gate, we can find there are 36 doors along the tunnel standing opposite to each other. At the end of the tunnel is a brilliant radiance.



Looking into the first door, I saw the burning fires with the extreme heat. Many people were in the fires crying and moaning, suffering from the scorched skin and flesh, which was really brutal. The angel said to me, “This is the Inflaming Layer. They are suffering because it's their retribution. All people who had been killing or torturing others have to endure the sufferings here.”


Seeing into the second door, I found the ice blocks and cold winds inside. Many people were frozen in the ice layers, unable to move or cry. The chilly cold air penetrated their skins and bones, causing severe pain in the body. The angel told me timely, “This is the Frozen Layer. One good turn deserves anther. They had done many bad things in the Mortal World and they deserve it. You don’t have to show mercy to them.”



I looked into the 3rd door and was firghtened. It was really a horrible world. I saw a man trying all the means to hide himself when numerous monsters, devils, goblins and ghosts were chasing him. He rushed to a tree and stood against it, trying to hide himself from them. Unexpectedly, the tree stretched out its hairy, bloody and thin hands in front of his eyes, then towards his neck. He ran away scared and came to a rock, standing against it. Suddenly he felt someone scratching his back. He looked back and cried, “Oh, my God”. A bloody head was on his shoulder with the green eyes looking straight at him. He was so scared that he rushed forward. Nevertheless, the ground where his feet stood cracked and sunk him. He looked down and saw thousands of poisonous snakes and centipedes were gazing him at about a dozen of meters below him. Many snakes began to climb towards him.



I got sweated and dared not to see any more. The angel said, “This is the Hell World. Those who had domineered and forced people out of their living have to endure the sufferings here after their death. Otherwise the spirits of the people prosecuted by them would cry in front of the Heaven World gate, making a lot of noise and chaos.”



In the 4th door, I saw many scenes. In one scene there was thunder, lightning and strong wind. The grass and flowers trembled in the wind and the trees swung trying to keep its branches unbroken. In one scene there was scorching sunshine that made the land crack. The trees, grass and flowers curled in the heat trying to keep alive. In one scene there was comfortable sunshine and breeze. All things were flourishing. But when I looked carefully, I found the grass, flowers and trees were suffering human chopping, house treading, sheep and insect biting. In the last scene there was heavy snow and the grass and trees were withering. The angel explained, “This is the Plant World. The trees, grass and flowers in the World are transformed from the life in the Inflaming Layer, Frozen Layer and the Hell World. In the Plant World, they will have leaves, blossom, have fruit, reproduce and serve the insects, animals and humans. In their past cycles of life, they had consumed too many natural resources and had done nothing good for the insect world, the animal world and the human society. So they have to compensate for what they have done in the past in the Plant World.”



In the 5th door, I saw the brutal scene where the law of the jungle was working. Everyday all the animals were afraid of being eaten by other animals. Even those on top of the chain had to be cautious of being attacked by the humans or eaten by the same kind of animals. Meanwhile, they had to suffer from the old age and the enduring death from hunger. The angel said, “The people in the Mortal World who had been domineering, bullying others, showing no sympathy or mercy, love to fight or rob, and don't sustain their parents would have to enter the Animal World after their death and receive the punishment.”


I walked into the 6th door and saw people riding on the horse, the cows plowing or milking, the donkeys carrying goods, the dogs guarding the house, the cats hunting rats, the hens, ducks and geese laying eggs, the sheep providing wool, and the pigs supplying meat. The angel explained, “All the livestock are providing the most service as they can with the lowest demand. They do so because they had owed others when they were the humans. They had occupied others property or land, received bribery, cheated others of their wealth with lies or fake goods, or failed to repay the debt. After they died, they would change into the animal husbandry and make compensations in the debtor’s homes.”


I entered the 7th door and saw the scene in the Mortal World. The people were noisy on the streets, some were crying and some were laughing. They were restless with nothing in their minds. The angel explained, “The Mortal World is a transit station between the Heaven and the Hell. The wise people would engage in self-refinery and self-improvement. After they die, they would enter the Heaven World. The unwise people lived with their mind blocked. They just followed the trend and kept breathing. In the next cycle of life, they would become human beings, too. The foolish people spent their days blindly busy, trying to gains things at all costs. But they don’t know the loss is gain and the gain is loss. The consequence is that they have overused their fortune and would be downgraded into the lower world. ”


I asked the angel, “What behavior makes the best life?”


The angel answered, “The wise life with the behavior of the spiritual nature makes the best.”


I asked again, “What is the wise life the behavior of the spiritual nature?”


The angel explained to me, “The Jehovah's Witnesses live ordinary family life without lust. They don’t engage too much in the worldly grudges and concentrate on the pursuit of the future grace. This is the wise life with the behavior of the spiritual nature. The Buddhist and Taoists refining themselves in the temples also purse the highest spiritual nature at the lowest demand. They have seen through the vanity of the world and desire the Buddha state. This is the also the wise life with the behavior of the spiritual nature. And the Muslims and Christians tolerate the dissidents and behave modestly. This is also the wise life with the behavior of the spiritual nature.”


“Then what about the other people? Does it mean only those who believe the religions can live the wise life with behaviors of spiritual nature?”


I continued to ask.


The angel answered, “To live the wise life with behaviors with spiritual nature, the people don't have to believe or join a religion. Those who become religion believers want to listen to the teachings, get into a proper environment, and strengthen belief through some rituals. If they have strong beliefs, they don't have to be confined by the rituals. Indeed, those who will become celestial beings might not think so in their mind and those with the highest wisdom are often not the religion believers.”


“Do the kings, emperors, ministers, heroes, great people, the rich, the dignitaries, the specialists and scholars in the Mortal World live the wise life with the behaviors of spiritual nature?”


“It depends on their heart and behaviors. In general, those who purse the worldly fame, wealth, position and welfare are not living the wise life with behavior of spiritual nature. The more they have gained in the Mortal World, the less they will reserve in the celestial world and less probable they will enter the celestial world.”


“What about the common people?”


Most common people have no time to consider the deep life meaning because they are busy making a living. So their time is engaged in handing the daily affairs. Strictly speaking, their life is no difference from that of the busy worms. Due to the shallow perception, it is difficult for them to establish the firm belief. Only a few common people know how to follow their nature, lead a natural life, and keep their mind at peace. If they can be educated properly, they can also live wise life with behavior of spiritual nature.”


Before I continued my question, the angel said, “You have stayed here too long. I can't explain too much otherwise I will violate the Heaven laws.”


“Please, this is my last question. Can we see the Celestial World from the Mortal World?”


The angel answered, “In general, you can’t see the Celestial World from the Mortal World. Only a few designated people can see it. That's the mirage seen by the people in the Mortal World.”


After that I made rush visit to the Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World and the Elysium World. In the Elysium World, I visited the Cathode Black Hole Body, the Heaven World, the Zero World and Holographic Order World. Upon arriving at the 7th door, the angel pushed me into the door before I knew it. I felt faint and dropped into a black hole with my head down. Gradually I lost my perception and memory.


Moon Temple Continent


This is where the celestial beings listen to the teachings by the Allah, ancestor of the Buddha and Yahweh.


Gods Continent


This is where the God of the Celestial World arranges the events for the celestial beings (Buddha).


Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent


This is where the apprentices of the Ancestor of Buddha with the highest Buddha nature live.



Apart from the above-mentioned Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, the Elysium World, Inflaming Layer, Frozen Layer, Hell World, Plant World, Animal World, and Livestock World, the other worlds include:

Holographic Order World: It refers to the protective outer layer of the Earth Universe (just like the eggshell). It seems that it is composed of the high-energy cloud cluster. In the Chaos World, once you have understood it, the thinking can enter the state of chaotic thinking. And you can have full perception of complete freedom and the God. At that time, everything you do is right, even if you kill hundreds of people because you have been integrated with Tao.

The Zero World: It is where the Allah, Ancestor of the Buddha and Yahweh stays.

The Heaven World: It is the core of the Earth Universe and where the God moves about administering the Universe.

The Cathode Black Hole Body: It is the planet with the highest energy in the Universe and where the Gods violating the heaven laws are imprisoned.

The Anode Black Hole Body: It is the womb of the females or women.

The Dream World: It is the negative space entered by the spiritual nature of the life in the sub-consciousness. It is the vast space without the existence of time-space. The space reflects the history and current situation of the dreamers. In fact, it mainly reflects the future of the dreamer in metaphors instead of directly. Sometimes the reflection is reverse. All life will have dreams, not only the humans, but also the animals, plants and celestial beings.

The Insect World: The world of the insects.

The Bacteria World: The world of bacteria.

The Landscape and Climate World: The space where the mountains, stones, rivers and weathers operate.

The Zero World, Heaven World, Elysium World, Cathode Black Hole Body, Thousand-year World and Ten-thousand-year are the senior spaces of life.

The Livestock World, Animal World, Plant World, Hell World, Inflamed Layer and Frozen Layer are the junior spaces of life.

The Holographic Order World, Anode Black Hole Body, Dream World, Insect World, Bacteria World and the Landscape and Climate World are the intermediate world.


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