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American Friend Joel (Kaer celestial) in the Second Home (2)
Conglong Celestial
(translated by Tongxin celestial)
After spending ten days in the 4th branch, Kaer (Joel) went to the 1st branch on November 5th.  He was there for two days before going back to America. As he knew about Konohana Family from Ailian’s reports and had a very good impression of KF before his visit, he enjoyed this opportunity to meet with Michiyo (Lingqiao), and consulted with her for more specific information about the community. Recently, after reading the news that the Second Home and Konohana Family united as one big family, he was very happy and said that he hopes that the 6th branch will soon emerge. During his stay in the 4th branch, beside taking part in the physical farm work, Kaer also did quite a lot editing jobs for us.
After being given the chanyuan celestial name, Kaer was as excited as a child, and changed his signature on our English website into Kaer celestial immediately. He also plans to continue studying Lifechanyuan values after returning to the US, and contribute himself by proofreading the English articles and posts online.  At the same time, he would like to spread Lifechanyuan Values and the Second Home in the US whenever the opportunities come.
Two days before Kaer left the 4th branch, we held a small evening party especially for him, and he enjoyed it wholeheartedly. He told me that when he heard Fengxing celestial sing “ Bless lifechanyuan forever”, he was deeply touched and tears came to his eyes. At that moment he had a true feeling that he belongs to this big family.
We send our sincere blessing to you dear brother Kare, we hope your dream will come true soon!
Please enjoy these photos of brother Kaer from when he was in the 1st and 4th branch.
The 1st branch