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A Beautiful and Harmonious Xanadu-Series of the Bright Spots(1)

Written by Yixian on January 13, 2014

 (Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

“People’s longing for a beautiful life is our goal.”When I read these warm words spoken by President Xi, my heart was touched by his saint-like love. Yes, is it not one’s final goal to live on earth for a happy, joyful, free, and blessed life? People are making efforts every day, every month, and every year. Why? Are they not working for an ideal life? President Xi has sent the words right into people’s hearts.

An ideal life, people have chased for thousands of years, so where is it? Sometimes we glanced at it from an immortal story, but it seemed too far to be touched; Poet Tao Yuanming (famous poet from China’s East Jin Dynasty) told us, “at a place full of fallen petals, there is a Xanadu with graceful environment, natural, simple, and kind people, everybody is happy, free, and grateful”.

When life is so stressful that we cannot breathe, we hope so much for a place where we need not worry about food, clothing, shelter, or transportation, where we have no concerns over birth, aging, sickness, or death, and where we have no anxiety for money, houses, cars, and the like, but we can live simply and work happily. We work not for money, but for our interests and special talents, and we can do that which we like, but not what we dislike.

When we feel nervous, tired, and exhausted from all kinds of personal relationships, how much we hope for a place where people get along with each other simply, and always feel relaxed and free. Even if we eat only simple foods, we do it in the company of good friends.

When we breath polluted air and eat food of inferior quality, how much we hope there is a place where we can cultivate our own vegetables, get up with the first sunshine, fall asleep along when the sun sets, and where we plant the purest fruits and vegetables, breathe the freshest air, and eat the most natural and healthy foods.

When we look at the city surrounded by high buildings made of reinforced concrete, how much we long for a nice place in a forest, on an open field, or at the seaside, where there is a simple but beautiful courtyard, and we can be so close to nature that we can enjoy a natural and serene life and our souls can fly.

Is there any place like this?

Yes, there is. It is the Second Home of Lifechanyuan.

The Second Home is the Xanadu people have dreamed of for thousands of years. It does not exist in the immortal stories, nor in the literary creations of Poets such as Tao Yuanming either, but in real life on the land of China, so close and clear that it can be touched.

In the past several years, founder of the Second Home, Xuefeng has led Chanyuan celestials and created three Xanadus in Yunnan, China with their diligence, wisdom, time, and money. — The serene 1st branch in Anning, the graceful 3rd branch in Chuxiong and the generous 4th branch in Lincang.

The Second Home is the new life mode for human beings, the most ideal lifestyle for mankind, and the Xanadu-like environment is just one of her characteristics.

A beautiful environment needs beautiful souls to create it, because only beautiful souls can create a beautiful, natural, and human environment. Therefore, another bright spot of the Second Home is, “The most important task is to perfect one’s soul garden”.


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