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The Truth about Marriage and Sexual Love


Extremely wonderful affectionate and romantic love are emotional and physical climaxes on the journey through life. The pleasure for both sexes is not only for the continuation of their ancestral lines, but a precious gift bestowed upon us by the Greatest Creator. It is the right of humanity to enjoy fully the freedom and beauty of affectionate and romantic love. However for thousands of years, people's sexual lives have been so barren that very few people have experienced the beauty of really free and abundant love of those kinds.

Why? Because of marriage!


What exactly is marriage? Marriage is essentially a Faustian contract in which people sell their freedom of affectionate and romantic love and lock their whole lives inside the cages of families. In essence, marriage is the selfish possession of sexual resources, and selfishness is the root of human ignorance and suffering. Marriage is such a selfish  procedure that it not only causes people to lose their freedom for their whole lives, but it also produces unending pain and suffering for all of them. When people fall into the trap of marriage, they fall from the freedom of the sky down to the quagmire of the ground and they suffocate in constant struggles unless they succeed in breaking free.


Marriage is a hangman wearing a sacred mask, who has strangled the freedom and romantic happiness of countless people since he was created and the suffering and tragedy caused by marriage have been demonstrated countless times from antiquity to the present. With the awakening of people's consciousnesses and the improvement of civilization, more and more people are escaping from the inertia of their traditional thinking to see the true face of marriage. In recent years, the global marriage rate has been plummeting while the divorce rate has been rising rapidly, and this trend is expected to continue. Marriage is a virus that distorts human nature but one that history will eliminate.


Now we will need to answer some new questions about how society will function when people stop marrying and raising children as couples. Where is there a life mode that is more civilized and more perfect than the traditional one with marriages and families? Of course it is the new life mode of the New Oasis for Life as created by Lifechanyuan.


The new mode of life and production of the New Oasis for Life is new on earth but it is really a copy of the lifestyle in the Thousand-year World of heaven. Its main contents and qualities are that everyone is free and independent, couples do not marry each other, and that affectionate and romantic love lives are highly free and certainly civilized within the scope of ethics. As long as two parties desire each other, people can enjoy their rich and colorful sexual lives but without forcing any control or possession over each other.


Everyone is baptized by the values of Lifechanyuan, their souls are purified, and they develop pure, beautiful, and selfless souls by following the 800 Values for New Era Human Beings. The relationships among people are as those among brothers and sisters, more distant relatives, close friends, and lovers. People love each other with freedom and equality, all resources in the New Oasis are shared, and everyone owns nothing yet has everything. Everyone works to the best of their abilities and takes only what they need, daily supplies are fulfilled by collective creation and distribution, there is no supervision or management, and everything is highly civilized and runs on the members’ own initiatives.


Each branch has a dean who is responsible for the overall arrangement of daily production and life; every person chooses a job to do at a first class level for six hours each day according to their powers and abilities; some people take charge of washing, cooking, and cleaning, so that everyone is free from tedious housework. The homestead is collectively responsible for everyone's food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death, for rearing and educating the children, and for nursing and supporting the elderly. Happy and colorful parties are held regularly during which people dance and sing joyously and play various games. Members are transferred to different branches every three years and there are no religious rituals or temples, but only festivals which glorify nature are celebrated; birthdays are not celebrated either.


Having been trapped within marriages and families for thousands of years, humanity has finally ushered in the New Oasis for Life; the paradise home for humanity in the new era. It not only solves all the problems in our daily lives so perfectly that everyone can live happy, free and joyous lives, but also makes people's spiritual quality sublimate continuously and their consciousnesses and structures evolve toward heaven. At the end of their journeys on earth, their LIVES can ascend to a higher-level space of LIFE; the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, or the Elysium Celestial Island of Continent of heaven to enjoy the boundless pleasure and beauty of LIFE eternally. The New Oasis for Life has been running successfully since it was founded one decade ago. In the future, two hundred and fifty-six branches will be created throughout the world which will lead mankind out of ignorance and suffering and into a new era of unprecedented paradise.


In traditional society, people are trapped into marriages and families throughout their lives and are made to stay busy with work, reputation, and survival, while lacking potentially abundant intimate lovers and soulmates, colorful affectionate and romantic love, and they are denied the experience of supreme love and beauty of LIFE, not to mention the tragic loss of their great and bright future LIVES.   The pleasure of both sexes joining is the most beautiful experience in life and it is our nature as men and women to desire pluralistic romantic lives, but for a long time people have been blinded by selfish and hypocritical traditions and false understandings, reversing the true nature of sex and living oppressed and distorted lives. It is only by living in a paradisiacal environment such as the New Oasis for Life, our Xanadu with green mountains and clear rivers with our relatives and soul mates who have pure and beautiful souls, creating, dedicating, playing games, and having fun, that people can have abundant and perfect affectionate and romantic love lives without any bondage, stress, or worry; where they can actually live out themselves, lead free and colorful lives, and enjoy the true pleasures of life.


In order to get off the wrong path completely and rid all of their troubles and pains forever, people’s consciousnesses need to awaken, escape from the selfish and foolish marriage process, constantly sublimate and perfect their soul gardens, and enter the highly civilized and free new home of the new era. It is only in this way that people can experience both the acme of sex and of beauty so that they can really understand what heaven is, finally achieving the consciousness and quality of celestial beings and having a more beautiful future LIFE.


If you want to experience a perfect love life in the new era as soon as possible, you can participate in the online dating game that will soon be launched by the international family of Lifechanyuan.


The game is described as follows:


· Everyone has a card with their own personal information.

· If one wants to meet someone of the opposite sex, they can put their own brand into the game space at the starting time on any day, and ten minutes later, the system will randomly match men and women.

· If you do not match, you can continue to play in the next round of the game.

· Matched men and women will read each other's information and they can choose to date or cancel.

· If both sides wish to date, then an appointment will be established and they can enter an appointment link.

· If either party chooses to cancel, the appointment will not be established.

· Each person can only match once per day, but they can continue the game on the following day.


If you want to extricate yourself from the earthly mud and live in a truly free and wonderful paradise, please come to Lifechanyuan or visit Chanyuan.org 


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