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Utopia and The Second Home



It is human being's general attribute to pursue an ideal realm, society, human life and living; which is also the everlasting resources of spiritual driving force. The sages in history whose common wish is to lead human beings into an ideal society; no matter Plato's Republic, Thomas More's Utopia, Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward, Confucius' Great Harmony, and Marxist- Leninist theory about communism, they all want to lead human beings in to an ideal society,

In fact, when we study LaoTzu, Sakyamuni, Jesus and Mohammed's aspiration, it is easy to find that they also want to bring human beings into an ideal society.

Human beings not only study ideal society in theory but also explore it in reality. From the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Brook Farm in America, Fruitlands, Shakers, Pullman's capitalism utopia to collective farm in Soviet, people's commune in China, Osho's community, and kinds of Utopia in Japan, America and Canada, they all try to explore an ideal approach for human beings.

Unfortunately, the explorations above finally come to nothing in the sense of the practice. Yet it left us huge spiritual wealth though none of them worked it out. Maybe we cannot say they were because they helped us to move to a higher level from the beginning stage. Moreover, it is these explorations that made us able to get into the channel of Lifechanyuan and finally lay a foundation for human beings to get into Lifechanyuan.

A theory, doctrine or a creed won't work in practice if it is not perfect and also can't lead human beings into an ideal society. If you conduct the practice with imperfect theory, doctrine or creed, the result is that everything is lost. We will find out the defectiveness when we study the theory, doctrine and creed in history; however we shouldn't totally repudiate them for their defectiveness but "discard the dregs and select the essence", inherit the essence of predecessors' thought, develop and bring forth new idea and finally lead human beings into an ideal realm.

No matter what theory it is, it will be useless if you can't put it into practice; and no matter what practice it is, it will be walking in the darkness without the guidance of the theory.

So far as human beings' attitudes toward ideal society, Lifechanyuan value is a relative perfect system, that is not the brag and boast but a reality. Anyone who disagrees with this idea can compare your own theory, doctrine and creed to the values of Lifechanyuan; as long as you compare them comprehensively, you have to acknowledge the values of Lifechanyuan.

If we make a summary of the theory, doctrine, creed and practice of Utopia society in history, we can find there are eight major limitations:

1. There isn't a right concept of universe and right recognition of the Greatest Creator, time and space; and there isn't a reliable belief system.

2. There isn't a right concept of life and a full-scale understanding about the origin, development and destination of life.

3. There isn't a right concept of human life and a specific realization and definition to the values and significances of human life.

4. Can't escape the restraints from the thinking of country and traditional family; and still turn over in the field of the country and the traditional family.

5. Overlook the indolence, decay and autocracy in human nature

6. Short of systemic and explicit theory interpretation; use much more threatening and frightening tone, such as "Go to hell."

7. Short of the guidance of spirit and heart; either depress the love and sex or indulge the love and sex.

8. Short of freedom; life is too dull; disciplines are too strict and impartial; human nature is suppressed.

The Home without marriage and Family is the "continuation" of Utopia and communism practice in history; it not only preserves the essence of the human intelligence but also develops a new visual field; not only avoids its defectiveness but also improves its theory and practice. Although many problems will occur in the process of concrete practice, we believe that The Home without marriage and Family can act the leading role in the process of getting into Lifechanyuan era; as long as we think actively, act practically and realistically, improve continuously and hold steady of Lifechanyuan values.


There will be eight main features in the Home without marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan:

1. Regard Lifechanyuan values as standard of living.

2. Work according to one's ability; distribution according to one's need.

3. Rid of the consciousness of family, religion, political party and country; no law and regulation, commandment and dharma.

4. Everything depends on the power of soul; act with one's nature.

5. Freedom of love and sex; follow the life-style of celestial beings in the Thousand-year World.

6. Collective activity and collective canteen.

7. No assignment, work as one's own choice.

8. There are endless recreational activities and well-off in material.

What kind of people can get into Home without marriage and Family?

1. Fully comprehend the values of Lifechanyuan and willing to follow these values.

2. Willing to sacrifice to the happiness of humankind.

3. Mentally and physically healthy, love working.

4. Generally paid off worldly obligation, having no worldly attachments.

5. Regard yourself as one of the most civilized and excellent person among human beings.

6. Enjoy entertainments; prefer to be clean and tidy.

7. Believe that you can bring happiness to others instead of worries.

8. Yearn for the lives of Lifechanyuan era, Celestial Islands Continent, Elysium world.

I would like to address the people who wish to get into The Home without marriage and Family by quoting the words of an author: "In every great revolution era, there are some authentic idealists who had great sympathy to the humankind and had fought for human beings' freedom and liberation heroically as their magnificent career. For the purpose of the national benefits, everyone is obligated to sacrifice himself; Where the Tao is, where is heart to place. Though thousands of people reject it, I will still toward it.." Regardless of success or failure, despising the high position and great wealth, they dedicate their precious youth, blood even life to fulfill the wonderful dream.

Such people are authentic lovable and respectable people and worth to be remembered and esteemed by humankind. What they have done liberate the human beings step by step, and make people gradually step into the kingdom of freedom. Their sacrifices opened up a bright future for the later generation.


Aug25, 2007

How Should We Establish the Peaceful and Warm Homeland?



Chanyuan Celestial should be the most refined, cultivated, reasonable and civilized person. The homeland constituted by such kind of people should be peaceful, warm, bright, harmonious, joyful and happy. The love of the Greatest Creator should be fully deployed here and the love of Jesus the Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni should be realized here. The beauty of nature should be deployed here. If we can't approach these, we will feel ashamed in front of the Greatest Creator, Jesus the Christ, Buddha, and the nature.

We will set up a model of life styles for human beings on earth, and build the homeland into a warm, peaceful, bright, joyful and happy place. Only by filling up the abyss of misery and bring human beings out of sufferings will we worthy the name of Lifechanyuan celestials, will we be able to pay off the debts which have been accumulated in many lifetimes, will we be able to accumulated ample capitals, so that we can come and go freely in unlimited time and space.

A peaceful and warm homeland should be established like this:

1. Revere the Greatest Creator, life and nature; follow the way of the Greatest Creator.

2. stick to 800 values for new era human being

3. Conflict resolution in human's consciousness is through love rather than promoting Lifechanyuan values through arguing, disputing, struggling or battling. Be patient with those who are unwilling to accept our value and permit them to think about this for a period of time. Be sure to carry out our practice like a Chinese saying "When a melon is ripe, it falls off its stem. When water flows, a channel is formed."

4. Do not disturb other people's belief system. No matter which religion organization, which group of self-refinement, which political party or government they might be, we will not disturb them. We only follow our own way without hurting other people. We will not criticize and disturb them; and we will not say that we are the only correct one. We advocate "let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend."

5. Fragrant flowers attract butterflies. Chanyuan celestials should set up examples for human beings through their outstanding qualities and behavior instead of highlighting themselves through preaching or arguing.

6. We revere and love life. We would hurt nobody even demons and ghosts and all sorts of evil spirits, let alone flowers, birds, insects and human beings. We refuse any forms of struggling and we would never force other life to accept our concepts in the name of justice. Other people could hurt us, but we would never hurt other people,.

7. Brothers, sisters and lovers of the homeland must be amiable to each other and no blaming. We should not educate each other; we should perfect ourselves first rather than staring other people's shortcomings, especially those celestials who contributed to the construction of Lifechanyuan a lot, the celestials of spirit level and management level and Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. We must not try to teach or instruct other celestials but should give a demonstration. Bear in your mind that in Lifechanyuan, education and instruction is the guide's business, not yours; your business is to demonstrate your genuineness, goodness, beauty, love, faith and honesty through your words and action. You just need to do your job well, trying not to be above others, trying not to be a "leader", for the homeland is neither a religion organization nor a political party; there is no leading or being led, govern or being governed here.

8. Every celestial is the baby of the Greatest Creator; and the follower of Jesus the Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial LaoTzu, and Prophet Mohammed; every celestial is the dearest of guide Xue Feng. So, in our homeland, no mental, psychological and physical hurt is permitted on the celestials, not one jot or title will be permitted. We will try to make every celestials enjoy a happy and free lifetime and a beautiful future. Any idea or practice to force one's will on the celestials is totally wrong. It is the guide's as well as everybody's duty to protect our loved ones from any mental, psychological and physical hurt. In the aspect of sex in the homeland, it is open and free, but there is no permission for any attempt to seduce, lure, threat, harass or control other people according to Chanyuan values. Making love is an advanced and beautiful dance of two souls with same values, rather than a way to release sex desire. No stable and special relationship is permitted among celestials except for some historical relationship, such as husband and wife, parent and children. The stable and special relationship will be harmful to the harmony of the homeland and it might be dragged into the swirl of secular world.

Every celestial should pay off the debts, free from worldly attachment, accumulate merits and create a beautiful future all by himself. What the homeland provides is a foundation and circumstance for each celestial rather than dealing with personal affairs in secular world. One must be responsible for his wrongdoings and take the consequences. Any intention of obtaining happiness from the homeland without personal endeavor and devotion is illusion, because it deviates from justice and fairness which is the way of the Greatest Creator. Therefore, no selfishness and laziness is permitted here; if you don't give in this home, there is no way you will have the right of enjoying the happy life in the homeland.

History has given us a golden chance for sublimating our quality of life, and this age also give us a chance of demonstrating our genuineness, goodness, beauty, love, faith and honesty. People will be facing with more and more crises and dangers and there will be a period of hard times in future. We should bring hope for people and create a beautiful future for human beings. in such a perilous and harsh moment. It is what the Greatest Creator has blessed us and what Tao has glorified us. We must hold firm faith and belief without a second changing, and devote all we have into the construction of the homeland, into this great career for human happiness. To be selfish you have to be unselfish first; to be somebody you have to be nobody first. The secret of becoming celestials lies in here.

This is way of construction of a peaceful and warm homeland; this is the way of creating Lifechanyuan for human beings; this is the way of self fulfillment.


November 20, 2009.


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