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Forty Passes from Being a Human to Chanyuan Celestial

Deiform Buddha


Without the change of non-material structure of life, there would be no change of the nature of life. 40 passes must be broken through for the change from a human being to a Chanyuan Celestial.


Consciousness of human being__________Consciousness of Chanyuan Celestial



1. Materialism__________Idealism


2. Atheism__________Revere the Greatest Creator


3. Everything evolve__________Everything is created


4. Regular thinking__________Irregular thinking


5. Life is limited__________Life is unlimited


6. Death is the end of life__________Death is a leap of life


7. Life is a process from birth to death__________Life is a journey


8. Love secular family__________Love big family which is like a heaven with peace and happiness


9. Success depends on human effort and man can conquer nature________Everything runs according to Tao, and Tao manages everything


10. Man must make arduous efforts___Take things as they come, dispose things as they go, acting follow nature, achieving follow chances"


11. Everything happened is a coincidence__________Everything happened is a destiny, there is no coincidence


12. Benefactor is benefactor while enemy is enemy__________Benefactor is enemy while enemy is benefactor


13. Live for others__________Live for oneself


14. Death is the completion of life__________Going to the thousand-year world, ten-thousand-year world, the Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent after death


15. Get married and have a family__________No marriage and no family.


16. Be a member of some groups or organizations__________Be independent in consciousness and follow the will of the Greatest Creator


17. Try to be a good man, a great man or a hero__________Take it easy and be merry


18. Pay attention to other people and social evaluation__________Concern about inner pleasure and serene.


19. Behave according to norms__________Be adaptable to ever-changing conditions.


20. be lawful and follow regulations__________Be moral and follow one's consciences


21. advocate beauty and fairness__________Advocate natural and real


22. Like private ownership__________Like non-ownership


23. Money,power, fame and benefit-driven__________Be driven by perfecting the non-material structure of life


24. In pursuit of long life__________In pursuit of Buddha-fruit


25. Aiming at the satisfaction of desire__________Aiming at the sublimation of human nature


26. Value the form__________Value the essence


27. Differentiate the relationship according to ethics__________Differentiate the relationship according to the frequency of vibration of life


28. Be happy for being alive__________Be happy for being death


29. Be happy for being married__________Be sad for being married


30. Be conservative for love and sex__________Being open for love and sex


31. Doing__________Non-doing


32. Focus on color, sound, smell, taste, touch and Dharma__________Focus on spiritual pure land


33. Plan on the basis of hundred of years__________Plan on the basis of thousands and ten thousands of years


34. Be physically and spiritually at the material world__________Be physically and spiritually at the non-material world


35. Treat life seriously__________treat life as merely playing games


36. Dream to become a man with profound wisdom__________Dream to become a child


37. Strive for possessing__________Strive for abandoning


38. Learn how to live__________Learn how to die


39. Be scared of death__________Be scared of life


40. Admire Dharma and magic__________ Admire Non-form and Holography


What is listed here from the left to the right is just the process for taking flight to the land of the immortal. How difficult it is depends on your own experiences.


October 22, 2006



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