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Chanyuan Celestial



All Chanyuan-Celestials in the world belong to one family.

Chanyuan-Celestials of Lifechanyuan come from Spiritual Mountain and are born by Heaven; all of them will return to Spiritual Mountain at last.

Chanyuan-Celestial is the nurse of the Greatest Creator, is the angel coming down from the upper world to the Mortal World; and everyone bears the holy mission of initiating Lifechanyuan era.

With their bodies in the Mortal World and heart in the Celestial Beings World,Chanyuan-Celestials are out of the ordinary.

The number of Chanyuan-Celestial covers about one percent of the total human population; this means there are about 63 million Chanyuan-Celestials around the world. The definite numbers in different races are as following: the number of Chanyuan-Celestials in the white race covers about 2% of its total population; the number of Chanyuan-Celestials in the black people and Muslim people covers about 1%; the number of Chanyuan-Celestials in the yellow race covers about one in a thousand, among which Japanese covers about 5 in a thousand and the population cultivated by Chinese culture covers less than one in a thousand among the total population of the yellow race.

Each Chanyuan-Celestial is a component of the whole Lifechanyuan.

The soul of Chanyuan-Celestial will resonate with Lifechanyuan in the same frequency, which is the only magic weapon to escape from catastrophe.

There is not any jealousy, envy or hatred among Chanyuan-Celestials but only love.

There are not any concepts of families, nationalities, countries, religions and political parties but only the scenes of the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and the Elysium world in the depth of Chanyuan-Celestial's soul.

Chanyuan-Celestial does not pursue sufferings and tortures but joys and happiness.

Chanyuan-Celestial does not pursue exceptional functions but the sublimation of life.

Chanyuan-Celestial is innocent and pure as crystal, stiff and hard as diamond, powerful and flexible as the flowing water, flexible as the twigs and branches of the spring willow.

Chanyuan-Celestial is sincere, faithful, broad and level, modest, warm, unconstrained, industrious and valiant.

Chanyuan-Celestial does not like solitary life but prefer group life, does not like disorderly chaos but orderly jollification.

Chanyuan-Celestial possesses a simple, kind, elegant and tranquil heart so as to deal with people like a child; Chanyuan-Celestial owns a deep, broad, profound mind so as to get along with people like a saint.

Chanyuan-Celestial possesses the Academician Style of Lifechanyuan.

Chanyuan-Celestial respects and reveres Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu.

The real Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and Taoists are all Chanyuan-Celestials.

Chanyuan-Celestial has telegnosis and at least is a sage in Classification of Population and ranks the first five in the 18 Classifications of Human life.

Chanyuan-Celestial has entered into the non-form thinking state and possesses the abnormal thinking ability.

All Chanyuan-Celestials are equal in human dignity without any discrimination.

The words and deeds of all Chanyuan-Celestials are not driven by the worldly desires but by their own souls.

The criterion used by Chanyuan-Celestial to measure truth, goodness, beauty and faking, evil, ugliness is not to follow the moral norms but depend on one's own cognition on Tao; so, in the profane eyes, Chanyuan-Celestial is not a bad guy, neither a good guy, nor a kind guy; Chanyuan-Celestial follows the code of ethics which are different from the public moral norms.

It is not the constitutions, laws, rules, regulations promulgated by human society but the way of the Greatest Creator that constrains and controls Chanyuan-Celestial.

On the basis of obeying the basic moral principles, everything works on the whole universe fairly and selflessly in spite of race and ages; the relationship between male Chanyuan-Celestial and female is the lover relationship; the relationship between the female Chanyuan-Celestials is sister relationship; and the relationship between male Chanyuan-Celestials is brother relationship.

Chanyuan-Celestial possesses the communism thought.

Facing dangers and pressure, Chanyuan-Celestial will remain calm; facing the worldly temptation, Chanyuan-Celestial remains unmoved; facing the willful provocation and intentional insult, Chanyuan-Celestial reacts to it according to one's own feeling and bravely fight against it under the pressure; facing praise and eulogy, Chanyuan-Celestial is grateful, humble, cautious and always likes to admit mistakes and attribute glory to the Greatest Creator.

Chanyuan-Celestial understands the ways of keeping good health and the secret of life.

Chanyuan-Celestial is thankful to the Greatest Creator, life and Nature.

Chanyuan-Celestial reveres the Greatest Creator, life and Nature.

Lifechanyuan is the only homeland for the soul and spirit of Chanyuan-Celestial.

All Chanyuan-Celestials are aspiring for land of idyllic beauty and willing to devote their intelligence and wisdom for creating one's own land of idyllic beauty.


Note: This article is just a draft, which can be modified or complemented by Chanyuan-Celestials.


July 9, 2005, in Harare, Zimbabwe



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