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Chanyuan Celestials Enjoy Eight Blessings






Chanyuan Celestials enjoy these eight extraordinarily wonderful fortunes.


1. Chanyuan Celestials connect themselves to the Greatest Creator and are linked to the source of LIFE, and therefore walk on the way of the Greatest Creator. It is in this manner that they maintain the direction toward their goal of LIFE through all circumstances. LIFE is no longer trapped in transmigrations between lower levels of space and they will always have blessings and enlightenment from the Greatest Creator, and will thusly have splendid futures.


2. Chanyuan Celestials can go to the Celestial Island Continent of Elysium World to become Super Celestial Beings. Located in the back garden of the Greatest Creator, the Celestial Island Continent of Elysium World is the freest and most marvelous place in the universe, which is only provided to Chanyuan Celestials and an extremely small number of people who can otherwise gain access to it. This is one of the greatest distinct happinesses for Chanyuan Celestials.


3. Chanyuan Celestials have clear goals of life and LIFE. For a life, the most important things are to obtain joy, happiness, freedom, and blessing; for a LIFE the most important things are to go to the Thousand-Year World, the Ten-Thousand-Year World, and finally reach the Celestial Island Continent of the Elysium World. This simple outlook on life and LIFE is only intelligible to Chanyuan celestials.


4. The masters for Chanyuan Celestials are Jesus Christ, Buddha Shakyamuni, Celestial Lao Tzu, and the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). There is a guide specially responsible for instruction, who can organically integrate the teachings of these masters, reveal the mystery of time and space and LIFE, and guide Chanyuan Celestials accurately to the heavenly kingdom. This is a happiness that no one except a Chanyuan Celestial can ever dream of.


5. Chanyuan celestials all have visas of LIFE to go to the heavenly kingdom, which are open to all Chanyuan Celestials. When Chanyuan Celestials depart from the human world, they will go directly to the Thousand-Year World, the Ten-Thousand-Year World, or the Celestial Island Continent of Elysium World. This gate is only accessible to those with Chanyuan Celestial virtues.


6. Chanyuan Celestials have many close, special, and supportive friends who understand, admire, and support each other, and share the same resonance from their hearts through self-cultivation and self-refinery in Lifechanyuan. They are the most valuable wealth in life and are compatible with each other and know and care for each other. Thus, Chanyuan Celestials are never lonely, will always have a way out, and have a broad road in life.


7. Chanyuan Celestials know the most advanced way of self-refinery and can thusly achieve the most advanced self-cultivation within the shortest time. By participating in the initiation of the Lifechanyuan era for mankind, Chanyuan Celestials are conducting unconditional giving, are accumulating the greatest merits and virtues, and have stored rich wealth in the heavenly kingdom so they can pay back their debts over different generations of life and have their sins cleared, thus perfecting the nonmaterial structure of their LIFE within a short period of time. This is an ability that could not have not been achieved even through many hundreds or even thousands of lives of self-cultivation and self-refinery.


8. All Chanyuan Celestials have the Second Home, which relieves them from worries over food, clothing, shelter, transportation, living, old-age, and death, provides them with the best venue for self-refinery, and guarantees them a life in a fairyland. Chanyuan Celestials can achieve level four and level five meditation in the collective energy field within the shortest possible time without overreaching themselves. They can achieve the sixty-four (64) theurgies (invoking the supernatural powers of gods) needed by Super Celestial Beings. The good fortunes of Chanyuan Celestials are not accessible to 98% of people, therefore they are incredibly fortunate.



Sep 6, 2008


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