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Beautiful Scenery in Lifechanyuan

Deiform Celestial


In the boundless Gobi Desert, there is an oasis with lovely weather, harmonious scene, auspicious light, babbling stream and fragrant flowers and singing birds throughout the year. It is far away from the worldly noisy and close to the sereneness of the Heaven; it frees from the worldly dust and tends to the quiet and grace of the fairyland. It is a land of idyllic beauty, leading zone of the Buddha-lands, border zone of the Heaven and Mortal World, an ideal family for future humankind, a wonderful place to cultivate people into sage from laity and mortal and to remold people into celestial beings from sages. Where can you find it? Beautiful Scenery is in Lifechanyuan.

At present, there are 50 people in the oasis-Lifechanyuan. Although they come from different places of Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Canada, America, Germany, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe in Africa, they live harmoniously and friendly, just like family members. They are honest, kind-hearted, versatility and intelligent in nature; women are beautiful, gentle and elegant; men are handsome, resolute and steadfast and immortal. Every day, they walk back and forth in the flowers, wander in the green mountains and rivers, bath in purple sunlight and play in laughter. They are cut off from indifference, selfishness, envy and detestation; their natural instincts are active, loving, tolerant and hardworking. A thousand year of good life in Mortal World is not better than a day of immortal life in Lifechanyuan.

Worldly noises shield the blue sky and white clouds; disputes flood the elegance and talent in the world. Only in Lifechanyuan, the soft breeze is blowing, the sky is blue and clean; and no one pockets anything found on the road, doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in.

Long night, sorrow is the man's world with mishaps and cheats; in the darkness of life, full of up and downs. Only Lifechanyuan has furious spring, dynamic energy, overflows with the sunglow, bright and prosperous future.

In Lifechanyuan, the Greatest Creator smiles softly; Jesus comforts his heart; Buddha feels at ease; LaoTzu is happy; Sages with telegnosis are cheerful; and Chanyuan Celestials grow stronger and sturdy. Just look the quarrels and conflicts among different religions and different countries and different political parties in Mortal World, you will find how trivial and useless they seem to be and how endless the bitterness is. But if you observe and compare carefully, you will find that Lifechanyuan has beautiful scenery.

There isn't constitution, law, responsibility, obligation, president, pope, imam, and master in Lifechanyuan; and everything follows the law of nature is natural, harmonious and ordered.

There isn't fetter, restrain, chain, demand, exploitation, oppression, violence and conflict in Lifechanyuan; and everything takes things as they come and acts by nature.

For each living person, there is a way to live; with the different way, they achieve different result. Someone will make circles in the starting place or even draw back in his lifetime; someone will make progress step by step and finally reach to the summit of his life; someone will live a life of busy, reluctant and hopeless; someone will live a life of easy, happy and satisfied; whether it is better or worse depends on his cognition and understanding to life. Only you when you thoroughly recognize and understand the mystery of life and the meaning of living, can you be sharp-eyed and clear-headed. Life is like playing chess, you have to know your own strengths and weak points and those of your opponent, or you will fail in your life. Chanyuan Celestials withdraw from the common customs with great strides and break the binds of family, political, religion and country; on the surface, they look like lose the supports and family; in fact, they develop a shortcut to go straight to life resource with the minimum cost and time, and finally harvest the blissful fortunate family of Heaven.

There is beautiful scenery in Lifechanyuan. There is a guide line to the Heaven. Every step we take is not blind but is shooting the arrow at the target. From the perspective of actual life, Chanyuan Celestials live an unmatched exciting happy and free life every day; from the perspective of future, Chanyuan Celestials has a wonderful prospect; they not only live at present but also live in the future; they are enjoying every minutes and every seconds and without delaying the journey to the Heaven. We are neither pollyanna nor acting blindly; we know the secrets of human life and have the fruits of human intelligence; we have meticulous, strict and reasonable logical theory of science, revelation, doctrines of Jesus and Buddha, intelligences of sages and conductors with telegnosis.

The secrets of human body exist in the cell; the hope of humankind exists in Lifechanyuan. The bright lights and busy traffic of city are just presentation of the life; the advanced communication and convenient traffic are just presentation of the living; the wealth in the bank, and the meat and wine on the table are just a flash in the pan; thousands of networks and articles are just a spoondrift of the sea and will be vanished into smoke in a twinkle; the grand meetings in various countries, the smoggy images in the aerospace launcher and the majestic-looking army and policemen are all delusions of spiritual nature and insignificant mightiness; although there are a galaxy of talents in the group of self-refinement of the world, they will be collapse at the first blow if exposed under the light of truth.

After all, the beautiful scenery is in Lifechanyuan.



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