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I Pursue No Success
I do what I like to do
I follow my inner voice
Let my nature burst like a fully blossomed flower
If god wants me to be a big tree
I will try to extend my hands to the blue sky
If becoming a wildflower is my destiny
I will do my utmost to show my beauty
I’m a stream, why bother compare with rivers
I’m a little grass, why compete with a peony for beauty
Everything is part of god’s blueprint
No one is noble or humble
Life is just a journey
The sceneries are my guardian angels
Why should I copy others and ignore my nature
Chasing after success is twisting my nature
I don’t want to be great
nor do I care success
Every day, I just want to show my true self
No matter what I achieve in the end
I only want a beautiful journey
I’m not a warrior of life
Nor a guard of some doctrine
I have no interest in competing with masters
They have their talents
I have my own fun
I just want to be a little bee
Flying through the mountains and plains
It feels so good to be ordinary
No longer lift my neck to pretend I’m tall
Tiny bridge, flowing brook, and cottages
worn road, west wind and lean horse
Even living in the remotest corner
I will find myself happiness
Let me just live in the quiet small village
Having joy with crickets and sparrows
Winter goes, spring comes,
Feeling the coolness
and softness of breeze
Please go after success and greatness
Let me stay in the Second Home
Take care of each other
with Chanyuan celestials
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