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There is no Jealousy in the Paradise

Deiform Celestial


Jealousy is the sign of a deficient nonmaterial structure, jealousy is an illness of soul, jealousy is a manifestation of the ugly human character. Jealousy will not only incur harm to the jealous person himself, but also to his family, and the group and society he lives in. Jealousy is an inexplicable

resentment of a person against others who are superior to him in talent, appearances, fame, position, housing, property, family, and environment.

Jealousy has tremendous killing and destructive power. As a poison, it can bring down a person's immunity system and make him spiritually exhausted, it will do damage to the harmony of the small family and the small group and break them up. It will pollute the whole society and lead the society to ignorance and violence.

Jealousy is a dark feeling, which is afraid of sunlight. Once jealousy rushes out the throttle valve of reason, it will take on the ferocious face and become furious, quarrelsome, insulting, hysterical, and outrageous, stopping at nothing in beating, smashing and robbing and instantly solidifying the surrounding peaceful atmosphere.

Jealousy is a sharp dagger that kills without spilling blood. It is ferocious and cruel, and will seek every opportunity to push its opponent to a desperate situation.

Jealousy is the character of a devil.

The following are some examples of jealousy:

If a person feels gloomy when seeing another person driving a car and slouches his face, then this person is jealous.

If you cast a despising look at other fashionably dressed women, then you are jealous.

If you display an overcast face when you see your husband or wife with an opposite sex, then you are jealous.

If you have a despising feeling for other people's promotion, new houses, good fortunes and new cars, then you are jealous.

If you begin finding excuses and taking the pet when your parents have bought your sisters and brothers new clothes or new toys, or have given them more property, then you are jealous.

If you feel uncomfortable when your loved one show care for other opposite sex, then you are jealous. If you are repugnant at the emergence of new things, for example, new ideas, new theories, new methods, and new concepts, then you are jealous.

If you become captious and try your best to find fault with others when they have written more articles and better articles than you, then you are jealous.

Others are always paid attention to, while you feel lonely and solitary, and this shows that you are jealous.

You are being jealous when you cast despising remarks on others when they are received by the president or have been awarded some prizes, saying ridiculously what there is to show off about being received by the president or being awarded a prize.

Jealousy is an indication of your narrow-mindedness, and your lack of self-confidence. Jealousy is a sign of one's depravity toward wickedness.

There is no jealousy in the heavenly kingdom. Anyone who wants to live in the heavenly kingdom must first of all get rid of jealousy. I can tell you most assuredly that any one with the slightest bit of jealousy will be barred from the heavenly kingdom.

To eliminate jealousy, one must practice self-refinery and self-cultivation. Since jealousy arises in collective life, one must conduct self-refinery and self-cultivation in the collective life. One can never dispel his jealousy by doing so in closed doors.

We must find a relatively perfect group for us to join in and gradually get rid of our jealousy.

In this world, the relatively perfect group is Lifechanyuan, where there is no jealousy, and where the members feel real pleasure and happiness for others' talent, beauty, and progress and for the love and praises they have received. Certainly, you need not believe or acknowledge this, because you are jealous.

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